Games List

Games Reviewed
* = short review

Aura Kingdom
Ayakashi Ghost Guild *
Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Chapter 1
Fantasy Maiden's Odd Hideout
Patty and Mr. Miles
Rune Factory 4
Seven Mysteries
Shikihime Garden *
Stray Cat Crossing
Sword Girls Online *
Tobari and the Night of the Curious Moon
Toilet in Wonderland
World End Economica Ep1

Doujin Circles
Kanagawa Electrotechnics Laboratory

Walkthrough/ Tips

Akiba's Trip Plus PSP
Aura Kingdom Monster Drops
Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Chapter 1
Corpse Party -ever after-
Fate Extra CCC
Patty and Mr. Miles
Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising/Path of Heroes - General Tips
Rune Factory 4 - Town Events - Arthur's Events - Assorted Tips
Stray Cat Crossing
Zettai Meikyuu Grimm

Game Translations

Dot Kareshi
         - Part 1
         - Magician's Route

Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Chapter 1

Corpse Party -THE ANTHOLOGY- Sachiko's Game of Love ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U
- Yoshiki and Morishige Costume Play Scene

Uta no Prince-sama Music - Character Scenes

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