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[Review] Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient - Chapter 1

Title: 「コープスパーティー2DEAD PATIENT Chapter1」
Release Date: May 2013
Deveoper: TeamGrindhouse
Genre: Horror

I'm a huge Corpse Party fan, so I was quite excited to play Corpse Party 2. It looks amazing and creepy in 3D. The character models are also very adorable, despite being low poly. I love the music, which I think improved a lot. It boosts the creepiness level of the game by 3x. The sounds too are of good quality. Some sounds fade as you walk away from the area where they originate from. It's amazing how the quality developed into the way it is today from its original 90's version.

As someone who loves the whole creepy horror game atmosphere, the previous Corpse Party games really didn't satisfy me as much in that aspect. I've been looking for that atmosphere that will actually scare me or make my palms sweat as I play it in the middle of the night even if the character I'm controlling is just walking through the hallway and not being chased. I think this game scores well in that aspect.

Storywise, I find the events taking place in the game quite random. It has its good points such as giving you an element of surprise and confusion, but it makes the plot seem very random and messy.

Despite my love for horror games, I hate chase scenes (cause I suck at them lol). This game has a LOT of chase scenes, so if those aren't your cup of tea and you're planning to play Dead Patient, good luck with this game.


Ayame Ito (伊藤 あやめ) - A white haired high school girl who lost her memory.
Satomi Ritsuko (里見 律子) - A press photographer
Homura Chiyomi (穂村 千代美) - Ayame's classmate
Yoshinaka Masami (芳仲 雅巳) - Ritsuko's fiance
Shimazaku Ryuji (島崎 竜司) - Ayame's classmate
Hiyami Masato (氷海 真里) - A boy who's helping an old man
Teshimizu Kurara (手清水 くらら) - Ayame's classmate

*Warning! Spoilers ahead.*

The game begins with a short scene with a guy typing on a keyboard and this girl is Shinozaki who just keeps staring into space. The guy checks his mail box and finds a lot of e-mails with the same subject: 『Spiritual Investigator・*****'s Spiritual World Correspondence:Consultation Form』.  He asks her, "A lot came in. What do I do with this……?" and she just stares blankly into space like a mindless person. The scene ends with him telling her that they should close the window so she won't catch a cold.

Woopsie! *one of
.... my bad.

Ayame, the girl you play as, wakes up on an operating table and finds herself tied to it. She struggles and manages to get free. She realizes that she lost her memories. With the help of a medical chart nearby, she was able to remember her name. The door's card recognition machine thing's wires got cut so she fixes it and gets out of the room. She enters the hallway and finds this pool of tar-like liquid in the hallway. (I'm glad it doesn't cut into leg muscles like green bile)

So she walks out of the hallway and finds out she's on the 2nd floor. The hospital's name, Amare Patriarcha Crucis Hospital, is also posted up on the wall.

Later, she spots a ghost of an old man going down the stairs, so she follows him to the first floor where he disappears into the X-ray room, which is locked. Ayame then passes the Medicine Info Desk where she sees a shadow of a lady inside. She goes inside the dark room to check it out and finds the lady in a corner muttering a bunch of incomprehensible stuff. (Better get away from her, Ayame, before she suddenly stabs you!)

So, Ayame goes into the next room where there's this drawing of a black spider cat thing up on the wall. Suddenly, it laughs and moves! But nothing dangerous there... so Ayame just leaves it alone and finds a flashlight. When she gets back to the room with the cray cray lady, the lady just.... jumps off a chair and hangs herself! Wew.

Time to get out of there, Ayame. But NO! Door is locked. As expected. Then some deformed spider cat monster from the drawing appears and starts to pounce on Ayame. Liek wow. So random! It was a huge pain to run away from it at the first five tries cause I didn't know where to find the keys. It turns out you just have to turn on the lights. OK. (Makoto Kedouin, why you do this to me?!)

So Ayame takes the keys from the dead lady and escapes. She heads to the main entrance and finds this wall of metal blocking the view outside. It's like the hospital is being quarantined or something. Congratulations, Ayame! You are still stuck inside the creepy hospital. Might as well look for another exit...

The lights suddenly flicker then go off, making Ayame feel worse that she ends up wetting herself. Then she gets a flashback about a little girl screaming in panic. As she tries to recall the whole memory, her head starts hurting and she ends up feeling nauseous. Then, some SWAT guy with a flashlight shows up and keeps asking "Are you ok?". Ayame is overjoyed to find another person (who's not a ghost or some cray cray suicidal person) around. BUT THEN. She notices that something is off. He goes nearer and starts whacking her with a flashlight (with blood splattering effects and all). She runs away from him and bumps into zombie lady, so she runs away from her too.

Back at the waiting area, she obtains the keys to a door on the 2nd floor that leads to another floor. Behind the door is a stairway that's outside. It's raining really hard. The weather is so terrible that she decides to just go back inside... where she bumps into zombie lady again! The lady chokes her but some other lady appears and flashes light on zombie lady, which scares her away.

The lady who saved Ayame is Ritsuko. She tells Ayame that the zombie people appear when there's no light, so they'd better stay in a lighted area and introduce themselves there. They go inside the MRI room. Ritsuko tells her she's a press photographer. When Ayame asks what exactly is happening in the hospital. Ritsuko replies that she doesn't know. She then tells Ayame that she went to the hospital because she had a terrible cold. As she was sitting down and waiting in the lobby, she looked up and saw a mother throwing her child down from the 3rd floor. The mother then jumped off afterwards, making everyone who saw the incident panic. Ritsuko stood up in confusion and moves to where the bodies were. She was about to run, but she realized that it's a huge scoop, so she pulled out her camera and took a picture. She started to cough violently. Suddenly, the little girl who got thrown off the 3rd floor just stood up and went "RAWR!" (Seriously, it sounded like rawr to me xD). THEN! Out of nowhere like a teleporting ninja or something, some SWAT guy showed up and whacked Ritsuko on the head, making her lose consciousness. When she woke up, she found herself on a stretcher on the second floor hallway.

That's one bloody mess.

As Ayame and Ritsuko continue to talk, Ayame notices something in the room covered with a bloody white sheet. Ritsuko tells her that she's better off not looking at it, but Ayame examines it anyway and finds a dead body of a man underneath it. Ritsuko tells her that they were together a while ago, but his face "got eaten" by the zombie people so now he's dead. Ayame starts to cry. Ritsuko then suggests that they go to the Nurse's Station and stay there until help comes.

They leave the MRI room and take the elevator to the first floor (This is the route I played). When they get out, old man ghost appears and starts chasing them. Once they lose him, they head to the Nurse's Station where they see a girl being attacked/sucked on/eaten/raped by a zombie guy. Ayame goes "We have to help her!" So Ritsuko tries to get the door of the Nurse's Station opened while Ayame whacks zombie guy with a crutch she finds nearby. Chiyomi and Ayame hurriedly run inside the Nurse's Station. Apparently, Chiyomi (girl attacked by zombie guy) is Ayame's classmate so they were happy to see each other.

As they wait for help to arrive, Ritsuko suggests that they have coffee. So she makes coffee for the three of them. Ayame mentions that she lost her memory and Ritsuko suddenly gets all angry going "Why didn't you tell me? Aren't we comrades?" (Like.. chill out, Ritsuko).

Later, they receive a call from the MRI room and it sounds like there are other humans in there. Ayame wants to go check it out, but Ritsuko is extremely against it. This ends up in an argument between Ritsuko and Chiyomi. So, Chiyomi leaves the Nurse's Station.

True End

Ayame and Ritsuko continue to stay at the Nurse's Station. Ritsuko receives a message on her phone and they hear sounds of the door being sealed. It turns out, they really were getting sealed in. Soon, white gas fills up the room so they hurry into the vent. Ritsuko's all like "Go ahead. I'll catch up." so Ayame heads in first. Ritsuko barely has the strength to get herself up, so Ayame goes back and helps her. Ritsuko is humbled by Ayame's heroic act, so she decides to call her Ayame-sama. Ayame tells her it isn't necessary, but Ritsuko insists. They crawl through the vent and enter the X-ray room.

A short scene with an old man and a boy called Masato plays out. The old man thanks Masato for helping him out. The place they're in looks like a dilapidated hospital room. After that scene, it jumps back to Ayame and Ritsuko entering the X-ray room.

After unlocking the door, they head towards the MRI room. They find another classmate of Ayame's who's in panic. He runs out of the room. Ayame and Ritsuko continue down to the south of the MRI room and find that the dead body that was covered by a bloody white sheet is gone. They leave the MRI room and hear sounds coming from the Operating Room. They unlock it and find the missing dead guy there. He's now a zombie! He attacks Ayame. Ritsuko saves her then tries to get the door open because now they're locked in. The zombie chases Ayame around and she weakens it using the lights in the operating room. Once the zombie collapses, two people emerge from the closet inside the room. They're Ryuji and Kurara, Ayame's other classmates. They leave the Operating Room and decide to go find an exit.

As they step out of the hallway, they find that all the lights on the 2nd floor are off and there are zombies all over the place. They run down to the 1st floor where the situation is also pretty much the same except there are dead SWAT people all over the place too. So they run through the bloody mess while getting chased by zombies and arrive at the Main Entrance.

Best screenshot I can manage while getting chased. lol

At the Main Entrance, a gas bomb is launched at Kurara so Ryuji jumps in to protect her and they both get captured by SWAT people. Ayame and Ritsuko run through the hall dodging gas bombs and attacks from SWAT people. They reach the Main Entrance Door and manage to get out. Success!

.... but not quite a success.

Outside is Masami, Ritsuko's fiance. Behind him are more SWAT people. He gives an order to restrain them and goes "I won't let you escape!" Ritsuko is shocked to find out that the attack at the Nurse's Station was planned by Masami. He refuses to let them out because they're "Dead Patients". Ayame is confused, so Masami decides to show her by lifting her blouse and bra (Masami you perv.) to reveal a gaping hole in the area where her heart should have been. The game ends with Masami's maniacal laughter.

Bad End

After Chiyomi runs away, Ayame apologizes to Ritsuko and runs out of the room. She searches the place and finds Chiyomi inside the first floor west restroom inside a stall. Chiyomi is stuck there cause there's no tissue, so she asks Ayame to hand her a roll. /facepalm After Chiyomi finishes up with her restroom business, they chat for a while about childhood memories and stuff because Ayame wants to know more about herself. Once they finish, they decide to check out the MRI room.

They find nothing unusual inside the MRI room, so they go check out the Operating room and find nothing there too. However, when they go back inside the MRI room, the dead body that used to be there went missing. This makes them feel uneasy, so they decide to head back to the Nurse's Station.

When they arrive at the Nurse's Station, they knock on the door but there was no Response from Ritsuko. The door is unlocked, so they go inside and see a bunch of zombies feasting on Ritsuko. Instead of running away in panic or something, Chiyomi and Ayame just watch her get eaten. Ayame crouches down going "It's all my fault!" Then, more zombies go inside and feast on Chiyomi. Ayame just stays in place. After the zombies are finish feasting on Chiyomi and Ritsuko, they go after Ayame and eat her. The End!

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