Saturday, February 20, 2016

[Translation] ロボットやめたい I Want to Stop Being A Robot - A mobile game that will give you nightmares

My friend Tatsu requested this translation. It's such a creepy and disturbing game by COCOSOLA despite its simplicity.

If you're interested in the game, you can check it out here. It's made by the same person who did Alpaca Evolution (a less creepy game, but still gets creepy later on).

I want to stop being a robot.
I want to become human.

Even if it's just my form, I want to change.
Even if it's just my outer appearance, I want to become human.

I want to get along with humans.

If everyone works together,
I can surely become human.

What's it like to live as a human?

(From the game description in Google Play)

No. 1

Year 2013. When the robot woke up, he longed for humans.
He wanted to become close to being human. He wanted to get along with humans.
He thought he should start by making himself look more human.
He intended to get the cooperation of humans of the world, remodel his body, and become a bit closer to being human.

No. 2

The robot now is planning out the control circuit in his neck.
To have a more human-like appearance, first he must attach a head.
His moving ability may become a bit affected.
That is where his whole control circuit is gathered.
However, because his neck and head aren't connected well, it can easily become disconnected.

No. 3

A robot with an attached torso.
Because his data on balancing still isn't enough,
It was uneasily decided, but he feels pretty good.
"Am I human?" he asked the system. Without an answer of "No", he felt relieved.
At present, he is in the middle of testing out his walking motion.