Saturday, January 31, 2015

Aura Kingdom: Normal Monster Drops

These are the estimated drop rates of the normal monsters. The list is still currently incomplete and will be updated as I calculate the data.

Helonia Coast

Lv12 Forest Beetle
Broken Scale - 7.78%
Secret Stone of Despair - 8.89%
Crystallized EXP Dust - 1.11%
Valuable Chest - 1.11%
Crystallized EXP Fragments - ???

Lv14 Fruit Beetle
Crystallized EXP Dust - 12%
Secret Stone of Despair - 6%
Broken Scale - 4%
Crystallized EXP Fragments - 4%

Lv14 Wild Parrot
Secret Stone of Despair - 15%
Yellow Bone - 8.33%
Crystallized EXP Dust - 5%
Valuable Chest - 3.33%
Crystallized EXP Fragments - ???

Lv15 Bandit Tanuki
Coarse Cloth - 14.29%
Secret Stone of Despair - 10%
Crystallized EXP Dust - 5.71%
Valuable Chest - 2.86%
Crystallized EXP Fragments - ???

Crescent Hill

Lv21 Lunar Flower Dryad
Strange Smelling Nectar - 10%
Glimmering Secret Stone - 8.75%
Crystallized EXP Fragments - 3.75%
Valuable Chest - 2.5%
Small EXP Crystal - ???

Lv22 Drunken Flower Beetle
Scattered Petals - 11.32%
Crystallized EXP Fragments - 7.55%
Glimmering Secret Stone - 5.66%
Valuable Chest - 3.77%
Small EXP Crystal - ???

Lv22 Crescent Sprite
Little Explosion - 10%
Glimmering Secret Stone - 4%
Crystallized EXP Fragments - 2%
Valuable Chest - 2%
Small EXP Crystal - 2%

Cactakara Forest

Lv31 Moss Crab
Limpid Blood - 14.29%
Shining Secret Stone - 7.14%
Small EXP Crystal - 7.14%
Valuable Chest - 4.76%
Armor Fortification Scroll - 2.38%
Medium EXP Crystal - ??? (Most likely less than 2%)

Lv31 Grass Sprout
Dry Flat Seed - 12.73%
Shining Secret Stone - 7.27%
Small EXP Crystal - 5.45%
Medium EXP Crystal - 1.82%
Valuable Chest - 1.82%
Armor Fortification Scroll - ??? (Most likely less than 1.82%)

Lv33 Leathery Crocodile
Coarse Scale - 12%
Shining Secret Stone - 8%
Small EXP Crystal - 4%
Valuable Chest - 2%
Armor Fortification Scroll - ??? (Most likely less than 2%)
Medium EXP Crystal - ??? (Most likely less than 2%)

Lv37 East City Hunter
Magic Parchment - 10%
Shining Secret Stone - 10%
Small EXP Crystal - 7.5%
Valuable Chest - 2.5%
Weapon Fortification Scroll - ??? (Most likely less than 2%)
Medium EXP Crystal - ??? (Most likely less than 2%)

Demarech Mines

Lv41 Angler Bug
Viscous Sap - 12.12%
Armor Fortification Scroll - 9.09%
Medium EXP Crystal - 6.06%
Valuable Chest - 6.06%

Lv43 Ruins Parasite
Rotten Chitterlings - 11.5%
Medium EXP Crystal - 9.73%
Flawless Secret Stone - 4.42%
Armor Fortification Scroll - 1.77%
Valuable Chest - 0.01%

Thursday, January 29, 2015

What I Learned from RPGmaker Horror Games

1. There will always be a locked door.

2. Even if there's a knife or anything that could be used to stab and kill the antagonist, the protagonist will not pick it up and will use a less useful object instead.

3. There's almost always something useful in the library.

4. If there's an incinerator in the game, you will most likely use it to burn the antagonist, but you probably either have to do things to get it to work or go through a huge amount of trouble just to get to it.

5. In-game characters seem to have the habit of leaving notes filled with secrets for the protagonist to find.

6. When a statue or human-like object that used to be there suddenly disappears, it's probably gonna show up and chase you.

7. There's probably a secret passageway in the fireplace.

8. If it's a shiny object on the ground, it's probably useful.

9. It ain't a proper RPGmaker horror game without a chase scene.

10. When stuck, examine EVERYTHING... and save in between.

11. Being able to save the game anytime is a wonderful thing.

I'll add more to this if I think of other stuff. xD

Sunday, January 25, 2015

[Review] Tobari and the Night of the Curious Moon

Title: Tobari and the Night of the Curious Moon
Developer: Desunoya
Genre: Fantasy, Platformer


In this platformer, the heroine Tobari wields a Keystaff with which she can whack foes to get their magic. Use a wide variety of spells to help her unravel the mysteries of the Night of the Curious Moon!


I'm not into platformers, but I decided to try something new for once. Here, you get to play as Tobari and whack your way to the goal. If you manage to whack mages, they drop spells which you can use to freeze or fireball enemies in your way. You complete stages and slowly move up to higher stages. There is also a shop which lets you purchase useful items to help you complete the goal.

This game was rather relaxing for me when I played it after a day of stress. I sucked terribly at this game at first (mostly because I'm so used to having the space bar as jump and the X button as cancel). I don't recall seeing a guide on the controls (unless I just missed it), so here they are before you accidentally kill yourself on your first try because of the controls:

Space = Pause
Attack = Z
Jump = X

Saturday, January 24, 2015

[Doujin Circle] Kanagawa Electrotechnics Laboratory

From now on, I'll also be featuring doujinshi circles from Japan to get you acquainted with other great games that aren't very popular outside of Japan. Just to familiarize you with the terms of what doujins and doujin circles are...

Doujinshi are basically works like manga, music, and games made by independent groups or individuals called 'circles'. They can be totally original works or based off a popular series. Doujin works are usually released at the Comic Market, a popular convention in Japan that focuses on doujinshi.

Circle: Kanagawa Electrotechnics Laboratory
Types of Games: Action, Arcade

They are a group of developers who mainly work on original action games. Though they did release a few fan works such as Homu Homu Cannon Blast (Puella Magi Madoka Magica), Gun Star (Lucky Star), and ROADROLLER! (Vocaloid).

The group is composed of four members: isao, the circle representative and programmer; NOCHI, the one in charge of directing routine activities; Gosuji, the previous representative who is currently away; and edge, the one who supports isao's unknown programs and who is also currently away.

Games Released:


Frenetic yokai-shooting action with 5 pixel heroines! 

Miko Blaster

This game is a side-scrolling shooter where each stage has a 3 minute limit. 
The journey to Surprise-Shaped Island takes place over 30 parts. 
Blaze hard through all 30 levels before each of your 3-minute boosters run out!

Homu Homu Cannon Blast

More Puella Magi fun! xD (That anime is so popular in Japan.. I swear I keep seeing doujins of it.)
Homura wields a massive gun! Help her blast enemies in this 2D Puella shooter.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Building a Corpse Party Book Collection

The Corpse Party Series has a lot of released books including manga, fanbooks, and light novels. It can get pretty confusing while you're starting out with the series and you're not sure which book is supposed to go first in terms of events. I'll attempt to sort them out and provide information on each one of them here, so you (and I) can have a quick guide/master list on which books to get next for your collection.


Corpse Party Blood Covered
No of volumes: 10 (Complete)
Artist: Toshimi Shinomiya

This manga series follows the events in the game Corpse Party: Blood Covered

Corpse Party Book of Shadows
No of volumes: 3 (Complete)
Artist: Mika Orie

The events here happen after Blood Covered. It follows the events in the game Corpse Party Book of Shadows.

Corpse Party Blood Drive
No of volumes: 1

The events here happen after Book of Shadows. It is a prequel to the game Blood Drive and comes with the limited edition of the game.

Sometimes, you'll find them sold individually by those who ordered the limited edition.

Corpse Party Hysteric Birthday 2U
No. of volumes: 1 (Ongoing)
Artist: Tsubakurou Shibata

The events here take place in an alternate timeline. Full of fanservice and comedy.

Corpse Party Another Child
No of volumes: 3 (Complete)
Artist: Shunsuke Ogata

This is a spin-off manga with Tamaki Minase as the protagonist. Characters from the original Corpse Party also make cameos.

Corpse Party Musume
No of Volumes: 3 (Complete)
Artist: Mika Orie

Events here happen in an alternate timeline. This time, with a new character included and much ecchi. If you're not into fanservice, you might want to skip this one out. Otherwise, go get the whole collection

Corpse Party Coupling x Anthology
No of volumes: 1

A collection of short stories by different artists. More focused on comedy and on certain pairings like NahoxKibiki, etc.

Magi-cu 4-koma: Corpse Party
No of volumes: 1

A collection of romantic comedy 4-komas (4 paneled comics) done by different artists.

Corpse Party Cemetery0 ~The Creation of Ars Moriendi~
No of volumes: 3 (Complete)
Artist: Ichihaya

This manga is a prequel to the series. The main protagonist is Naho. The story focuses on her investigations.

Note: This manga is the hardest to find in the series. (Besides that limited edition Blood Drive manga) I suggest checking eBay. I spotted the whole series being sold there once.

Light Novels

Corpse Party: Blood Covered... Repeated Fear (Top)

This is the first volume in the set.
Main characters in this volume are Naomi, Seiko, Yoshiki and Ayumi.

Corpse Party: Blood Covered... Repeated Fear (Bottom)

This is the second volume in the set.

Main characters in this novel are Naomi, Satoshi and Yuka.

Corpse Party Blood Covered... Repeated Fear "Truth and Falsehood of Relationships" 

Corpse Party Cemetery0 

Another hard to find light novel. For this one, I also suggest checking eBay. Sometimes, this book pops out there.

Fan Books

Focuses on the game Corpse Party Blood Covered... Repeated Fear

Focuses on the game Corpse Party Book of Shadows

Corpse Party Blood Drive

Focuses on the game Corpse Party Blood Drive.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Papina's Otaku Life Update #8: Tokuen Ranbu, Fodder for Your Otome Heart

So my friend Toru, who frequently swims in the vast ocean of tumblr posts made by bishie-loving fujoshis, came across this Japanese browser game called Tokuen Ranbu where you fight with swords who are bishounens. Now she's getting the rest of our circle of friends to play it. The game is still new, around a few weeks old. If you're interested in playing it, there are instructions over here in this post.

You get to select a starting sword and they're also voiced! Yeesss! Here's one of them:

If you've played Kancolle before, you'll notice that they are sorta similar (probably because they're both browser games from the same site). You repair the swords, gather materials, collect more swords, and keep upgrading things until you have a powerful harem-- I mean--- swords who will fight for you.

There are a lot of swords to collect. Including traps. Who knows what other swords are out there?

As of the moment, that's all I can say about the game. I still have to check out the rest of its features. xD

Friday, January 16, 2015

Online Anime TCG Games! My Deck Can't Be This MOE!

Ok, so at some point I was bored and had the strangest urge to go play a Trading Card Game (TCG) online. (Cause real TCGs cost lots of money Dx) Anywho, I traversed the interwebs in search of the perfect game to cure my psychic emptiness.

My first stop was an old game I used to love: Sword Girls Online. But... to my dismay, the old site closed down. There's a new site, this time you're required to download the software. Before, you didn't have to. You'd just play it directly on the browser. I probably tried it out at a bad time cause their server was down, so they made the players use a backup server. The lag was terrible.

Anyway, game play wise, I find it pretty good because you can develop your own play style, combos, and you're required to actually have a good strategy to defeat dungeon bosses. It's challenging, just the way I like it. And to add to that, the art is just simply adorable! I wouldn't mind spending money on the real cards if I ever make a visit to Korea. ... if they still sell them that is.

Next up! I found Shikihime Garden. The art is pretty simple, but cute nonetheless. I love how you can decorate your garden and feed your himes. Early game, you don't need much strategy, just kill and lvl your himes. Mid game, you'd need to start balancing your team by putting enough of each type of hime. You'd also need to learn when to switch out a hime during battle.

What I don't like about this game is the grinding. If you want good cards, you need to grind, grind, and grind. I have no patience for grinding. Well, Sword Girls needs grinding too, but at least you're entertained with trying to come up with the next move and all.

This time, I went looking for games for android. I wanted to download Million Arthur, but nooo.. it's unavailable in my region, so I ended up with Ayakashi Ghost Guild.

If you're too lazy for lots of strategy and you just want to collect pretty cards, then perhaps you might like this game. Battle happens in just a second. Barely any strategy. You might argue that ayakashi have skills and all, but that barely helps unless you have moolah and went off to buy cards with super useful skills.

What I like about the game is the story. I must admit. I found it entertaining, especially for that one event with the carnival. Another thing I like is the art and music. I really love the music. When I first played the game, it was what caught my attention first. Those I mentioned are pretty much the only things that are keeping me playing occasionally. I mean, it's a game designed to make you buy stuff to increase power. Playing without buying makes the game way harder and often just discourages you from continuing. If you've been playing free browser games like those, you'd get what I'm talking about.

And so, after playing 3 games, I didn't want to play any more online TCGs. Some people recommended Hearthstone, which sorta reminds me of Magic: The Gathering, but I'll probably save that for later. Right now, I'm contemplating on trying out Weiss Schwarz and building a Madoka deck.

Black Diary Case 2 Released! Plus Case 1 Update!

Case 2 Released!

Case 2 is finally out! This time, Colette has to deal with an obsessed stalker who is out to get Andrew! Besides having to deal with that, a new rival, the self-proclaimed #1 school detective Jean Bellerose also appears before her. Will Colette stop the stalker in time before more kidnapping incidents happen? Why is Ayase acting suspicious? And who is that mysterious creepy girl with a voodoo doll?

Download the PC version here:
(Note: It's under the ecchi site of dlsite, but it doesn't contain any ecchi.)

- The iOS version has a few seconds of black screen load time. So, just so you know, it's working properly.

Updated Case 1!

In addition to the release of Case 2, we also have the updates for Case 1 available!

We re coded the whole script for Ren'py. Here are screenshots of our previous version and the new version side by side:

... not too different, but there's a small menu now at the bottom area of the new version.

What's new?
- Runs much smoother now thanks to Ren'py
- New Save/Load Screens!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Papina's Otaku Life Update #7: Aura Kingdom

I've been sick this week, which sucks cause I can't do any work. Now that I recovered, I am once again distracted from my work. Buuut, at least I get to talk about it here since this is a game blog.

So I've been playing Aura Kingdom lately. I'm currently hooked, probably because it reminds me of Dragon Nest so much except without the overly repetitive dungeon. I can't help but compare the two because of all the similarities in graphics, game play, and character upgrades.

I don't want to get into long boring details, so I'll just summarize them into points:

Stuff I Find Awesome

1. Quests galore! 

Hidden Quests, Main Quests, Daily Quests, and Achievements... Will I ever run out of things to do? (Still too early to tell.)

2. Loyalty Points

You know how you really need this item but it's only sold in the cash shop so you're either forced to use real money or spend a lot of in-game cash just to obtain it? The game uses Loyalty Points, which you earn from quests and achievements, as currency for a separate shop that also sells cash shop items. It may be harder to obtain costumes, but hey... I'm able to easily expand my inventory slots so I'm pretty happy.

3. Easy Leveling

I feel like this game makes leveling easy. I know it usually is easy to level at early stages, but this game provides so many opportunities to speed up leveling with the many daily quests (including repeatable hidden quests that don't require much work) and XP bonus charms included in the daily login.

4. Convenient Auto Run

Are you too lazy to look for this NPC or monster for a quest? Just click on the quest objective and it takes you there automatically. So convenient.

5. Free Permanent Costumes

Well, costumes are basically your actual clothes. If you take them off, then your chara is left in his/her underwear. At early levels, you already have access to some nice costumes to add to your wardrobe.

6. Interesting Quest Objectives

It's not just the usual "Kill 500 slimes" or "Talk to this guy" then "Talk to this other guy". There are actually minigames (more like sneak missions) that come with some quests

7. Eidolon Buddies to Kill Stuff for You

Eidolon are like your pets that follow you around. They have skills which you can control. You actually can sit back and let them do the killing if you're that lazy.

Stuff I Don't Find Awesome

Before I go off into a rant about how they nerfed my class, the Ranger. I will point out the things I have observed from my end. Do note that it is possible that some of the things I mentioned is caused by lag.

Most of my complaints have to do with the battle system. I find it annoying that most of the Ranger's skills have to be charged for max damage. Uncharged attacks barely hit hard. In my previous experience playing as an archer in other games (except Monster Hunter), most skills don't necessarily have to be charged to deal good damage. Maybe charging would have been fine if they didn't require 4-10 seconds. Also, I find it really annoying how you have to click on a single target to do AoE skills. It's not a highlighted area you can select. Having to select a target before you can even use the skill causes a delay, which sucks cause I want aggressive hoards to die fast. So far, I only have a few AoE skills. I'm hoping the rest aren't the same way.

Additionally, the cooldowns are also annoying. There's a cooldown after I use the skill AND after the shot is released. And if that's not enough to annoy you, once you activate the skill there's a delay between the time you activate it and the moment it hits the target. That makes it hard to time things for combos with other party members.

Shorter version of above: Many things about the game's battle system slows you down (at least for the ranger).... that or I'm so used to fast-paced battle systems.

And now for some screenshots....

And here's my eidolon friendzoning another eidolon lol

I want to get on that ship