Friday, January 16, 2015

Black Diary Case 2 Released! Plus Case 1 Update!

Case 2 Released!

Case 2 is finally out! This time, Colette has to deal with an obsessed stalker who is out to get Andrew! Besides having to deal with that, a new rival, the self-proclaimed #1 school detective Jean Bellerose also appears before her. Will Colette stop the stalker in time before more kidnapping incidents happen? Why is Ayase acting suspicious? And who is that mysterious creepy girl with a voodoo doll?

Download the PC version here:
(Note: It's under the ecchi site of dlsite, but it doesn't contain any ecchi.)

- The iOS version has a few seconds of black screen load time. So, just so you know, it's working properly.

Updated Case 1!

In addition to the release of Case 2, we also have the updates for Case 1 available!

We re coded the whole script for Ren'py. Here are screenshots of our previous version and the new version side by side:

... not too different, but there's a small menu now at the bottom area of the new version.

What's new?
- Runs much smoother now thanks to Ren'py
- New Save/Load Screens!

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