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[Walkthrough] Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient - Chapter 1

「コープスパーティー2DEAD PATIENT Chapter1」

Operating Room

- Get the scissors from 1. And the ID card from 2.
- Take the key from 3.
- Equip key and unlock the cabinet in 5 to get the gloves.
- Equip the scissors and examine 6
- Equip the gloves and examine 6 again

Patient Cards:
No. 24 - south west corner of the hallway
No. 3 - on a table in the operating room (see area 4 in the pic above)
No. 12 - under a plant right beside the huge "2F" on the wall

Locker Room

- Go to the other room/ the laundry room and examine the clothes basket thing  above to get a small locker key 1

- Equip the small locker key 1 and examine the locker indicated above to get small locker key 2

- Equip small locker key 2 and examine the locker above to get the Office Key

Patient Cards:
No. 26 - underneath a plant in the laundry room
No. 15 - on a table in the locker room


- Equip Office Key and unlock the door beside the save point/candle
- Examine the desks until you come across this document:

So this is a list of the office workers with their birthdays (year-month-day) and respective departments.
If you examine the computer screens, there's one message that tells you that the 部長 (buchō) or department chief's birthday is the password for the door, and another message (the one seen in the pic below) that tells you that the department chief's coffee mug is colored red.

Once you get the department chief's name, check his birthday (month-day) and input that into the lock.

If you're too lazy to do all that, here's the password: 0221

Medicine Info Desk

So after you did your exploring and followed old man ghost guy down to the first floor, go inside the room right beside the candle. There's a light switch at the left wall. REMEMBER ITS LOCATION. I don't want to spoil what happens next, so go do your exploring and when something bad starts to happen, run for the light switch. And then take the keys from the dead girl.

Main Entrance

Once you get out of the Medicine Info Desk room, a new area will become accessible, so go explore there and head to the main entrance.

Oh, at this point, you can also take the shoes out of the elevator so you can use the elevator later to get to the 2nd floor. (Note: The route with Ritsuko later will differ depending on whether you take the shoes out or not. Right now, I've only covered the route where you do take the shoes out.)

Anyway, so after the cutscenes and stuff, move the... what do you call that blue thing with wheels? Yeah. Just move that and take the 100 yen coin under it. AND SAVE. This is a horror game. You'll never know when something will appear and try to kill you.

I thought those were rose petals at first. lol

On your way out (or back in rather), there'll be a cut scene. Just run and get out of that place.

Now that you have money, go use it on the vending machine with a key stuck inside. The key is for the door on the 2nd floor, which is an emergency exit. That's located in the far right of the 1st hallway you enter in after getting out of the operating room. There's an exit sign right above the door.

Meeting Ritsuko

So unlock it and go outside. A cut scene follows where Ayame meets Ritsuko. Then you follow her to the MRI room, and another cut scene follows.

After all those cut scenes, Ritsuko will tell Ayame that they have to head to the Nurse's Station, which is located at the southeast area of the first floor. You just follow Ritsuko until you get to the elevator.

Once you exit, an old man ghost will appear and start chasing you. I just ran all the way to the 2nd floor (just to be safe) though I think it disappears or stops following you once you're halfway through the hall. I didn't really bother to check. lol

Nurse's Station

So now you go back to the first floor using the stairs and just head all the way to the right/end of the long hallway where a new area is accessible.

There, you'll find a girl being raped  eaten or sucked on by some zombie guy. So go grab the crutches and whack him once. Talk to the girl, whose name is Chiyomi. She'll start to run into the Nurse's Station, which is the door Ritsuko just opened. So you run in there too. Be careful not to get caught though because it takes around 2 times before Ayame starts to die.

A long cutscene follows. Later, Ritsuko will start to say something like "We must find a TV!" so you regain control of Ayame again. The TV is located at the northwest corner of the room.

After the cutscene with the TV, examine the blinking red light. Another cutscene follows and Chiyomi runs out of the room. This is where the story branches out, so I suggest saving here.

Good End

- Equip 10 yen coin and examine the vent (northeast of the room)
- Talk to Ritsuko twice and answer "I understand" 「わかります」
- Walk around the room, which should trigger the cutscene
- Walk around again and approach Ritsuko to trigger the next cutscene
- Walk around again
- Run to the vent and examine it!
- Exit vent (just go all the way left, dead ends have patient cards)
- Take the note from the north table and X-ray result No. 3 from the south table

The note you find on the table will tell you that the password to the door lies in the X-ray results

- Examine the area with computers and answer "Yes"「はい」 (It's a switch)
- Take X-ray result No. 1 from underneath the machinery that moved
- Examine the machine to the left to get X-ray result No. 2

If you want to try a hand at getting the password yourself, switch off the lights (beside the screen), equip the X-ray result and examine the screen.

Again, if you're too lazy to do everything, here's the password: 3268

- Head to the MRI room. Cutscene follows.
- Head to the Operating Room and remove the lock "取り除く"

To kill the fat zombie guy chasing you, make him land on his stomach and turn on the lights. Do this like... 3 times. To get him to land on his stomach, just stand there and make him run to you. When he tries to attack, dodge at the last min.

- Head to the main entrance

Note: The doors blocking the hall at the west area of the 2nd floor are not in their original places. So go south of the gurney (the one at the right of where the Office door is) and head left.

- Dodge everything in your path like a boss.
- Examine entrance door
- Examine it again

GOOD END! ......... but is it really a good end?

Patient Cards:
No. 23 - In the vent
No. 22 - In the vent
No. 13 - In the vent
No. 17 - Inside the room you get out of, right beside X-ray result no. 1
No. 9 - On the table in the MRI room
No. 27 - Underneath gurney in MRI room
No. 16 - Appears after the dead body disappears in the MRI room

Bad End

- Go out the door
- Answer "Yes" 「はい」when Ritsuko asks you something
- Run all the way west and enter the Girls' Restroom
- Talk to Chiyomi
- Go to the northwest corner of the restroom to get Toilet Paper
- Go to the MRI room
- Go exit the south door and go to the Operating Room
- Go back inside the MRI room (Cutscene follows)
- Go to the Nurse's station
- Submit to your fate and let yourself get eaten

-Patient Card list still needs updating-

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