Tuesday, July 15, 2014

[Review] Toilet In Wonderland

Title: Toilet in Wonderland
Release Date: Jan 2010
Developer: Team Nonsense
Genre: Horror
Translator: Memories of Fear

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If you're up for strange and extremely weird games, I'd definitely recommend Toilet in Wonderland to you. If I had to describe this game in a single phrase it's "Yume Nikki on crack". Yes. It's as if the developer was high while making this game. Weirdness factor aside, I did enjoy playing it and getting killed by Mario.

You control this constipated girl with orange hair named Mira. The objective of the game is to find all toilets in the "Wonderland". You can reduce her constipation rate by collecting laxatives spread out in the world. As MJ puts it:

Seriously... what's he doing in that game?

The game also has this thing called "Actions" you can set like "Punch" and "Become Bald". When you set a certain action, the person or object you interact with might react differently or an event might happen. Personally, I like setting "Punch" and just punching everything I see because some things do end up exploding and leaving a pool of blood. In other cases, like Mr. Cow, he just starts shouting.

There's a cow blocking the way.

Most of the time, you'll be exploring and stopping and staring and digesting all the weirdness you encounter. On some portions (Well, this game IS categorized as a horror game) you WILL get chased.... like several times. Oh, and this game has one of the most annoying type of jumpscares too (If you've played The Witch's House, it's kinda like the jumpscares there where they come when your guard is down.)

At some point in the game, you'll just start to wonder what the point of the game is. However, if you've played Yume Nikki before, then you'll realize that you'll just have to keep exploring and collect everything to see if something really does happen.

Err... Who's this guy? O.o

I just made friends with a fire extinguisher!

Some Trivia: This game won 2nd place at the VIP RPG Red-and-White 2010 festival

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