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Corpse Party: Yoshiki Bento Recipe!

Does it really look like Yoshiki? Idk. I did my best.

 Anyway, so I'll be making dinner for myself from now on cause night classes. I'll mostly be making onigiri for myself, but of course, I'll do game-themed bento designs every now and then. I went for Yoshiki first cause forming him seems easier than forming everyone else out of food.

Warning! I have a lazy cooking style so... I tend to just improvise recipes and modify them. Ahaha. You might notice that I added less or extra ingredients or switched some.

And now for the recipe....



Japanese Rice (Grocery ran out of this so I had to use regular rice but using Jap rice will give you an easier time forming the shapes neatly)
Furikake (dry rice toppings)


Note: I simplified the recipe for this cause I kinda lacked ingredients. lol

1 egg
1/4 tsp sugar
Pinch of salt
1/4 tsp rice vinegar

Cheese Croquettes

You can go crazy with the croquettes and just add in extra ingredients like fish, chopped carrots, meat, or mushrooms.

Bread crumbs
White Pepper
Flour or Corn starch


Romanian lettuce

I'm not specific on quantity for some ingredients cause I'm lazy  it really depends on how much of it you want to make.



Cook rice using a rice cooker or the more traditional way by boiling it.

Mix the furikake with the rice. Add as much furikake as you want.


Break egg. Mix everything in a bowl. Get a frying pan and just fry it. Doesn't matter if it's not smooth or something, cause it's for Yoshiki's hair anyway.


Beat egg in bowl. (You can actually just use the uncooked tamagoyaki for this but be careful not to get potato bits into it)

Important note on potatoes: Peeled potatoes will start to oxidize (a.k.a. turn dark and taste bad) if you don't put them in a bowl of water right after peeling them.

Peel potatoes, cut them into cubes so they'll soften faster, then boil them till they're soft. Then place them in a bowl and mush them up with a fork. Get a grater and grate the cheese on top of the mashed potatoes. Sprinkle some pepper. Mix them, then form them into balls. Cover them up in flour or corn starch after. Then, dip them in the egg mixture. Lastly, coat them in bread crumbs.

And then... FRY!

~Forming Yoshiki~

I guess this is the tough part. Since the rice I used wasn't Japanese rice, I had a harder time forming it into the shape of a person. I found that using a slightly wet spoon to form it was effective.

For the hair, I used the tamagoyaki, which I shaped into hair using a knife.

Yoshiki's face is mostly made out of nori. The blush on his cheeks are small tomato bits. For the clothes, I cut up a thin piece of cucumber for his shirt and used nori again for his black uniform.

To fill in the extra space, I placed in a tomato and some lettuce (I just ripped off a small portion of the top part).

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[Translation] Corpse Party 2U Scene: Yoshiki and Morishige's Costume Play

Because I must share this scene with the world.

From Corpse Party -THE ANTHOLOGY- Sachiko's Game of Love ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U - Chapter 0

I thank a.doosth for providing me with the raw text.

【Yoshiki】「After crossing this wooden board…… is another classroom, huh?」

On top of the classroom's desks are several mysterious cardboard boxes.

【Yoshiki】「What kind of trick could it be this time…… Hm? Morishige…… What are you doing?」
【Morishige】「So it's you, Kishinuma.」
【Yoshiki】「You're not going to proceed? Is this some kind of quiz?」
【Morishige】「No、it's something that makes you use your body rather than your head. Well, have a look.」

Morishige grabbed the box nearest to him、and showed its contents to Yoshiki。Placed inside it is a maid costume set 。

【Yoshiki】「What the hell is this? There are cat ears included with the maid outfit?Morishige... you... have this kind of hobby?」
【Morishige】「Of course not! That's why I'm troubled!」
【Yoshiki】「Troubled……then it's something else? When I open these boxes, they all contain costumes……」
【Morishige】「If we don't put on those costumes……」
【Yoshiki】「So this is why you couldn't proceed earlier.」
【Morishige】「It's according to Sachiko's explanation」
【Sachiko】「So that's how it is。Now, now, please face the next room and quickly choose one, Kishinuma.」
【Yoshiki】「Because it's her、she won't be kind about the clothes.」
【Morishige】「That is a huge possibility」
【Yoshiki】「Can we really not proceed unless we put these on?」
【Morishige】「I tried to get the door opened, but it doesn't budge.」
【Yoshiki】「As expected……」
【Yoshiki】「(It looks like we really have to follow Sachiko's rules……)」
【Yoshiki】「(Although it's for Shinozaki's sake、if I pull out an embarrassing maid outfit……)」

Yoshiki tried opening the lid of the box nearest to him。

【Yoshiki】「……wha.. 」

A white wedding dress was inside。

【Yoshiki】「Why do I have to wear this!!」
【Morishige】「Although I'm wondering if this was to see what choice we'd make if girls will come……It seems like this is just sexual harrassment.」
【Yoshiki】「You're also calmly analyzing the situation!?」
【Morishige】「Kishinuma。Between the maid outfit and the wedding dress, which would you prefer?」
【Morishige】「I think the wedding dress is preferrable.」
【Yoshiki】「Is... that so? Though I don't think the wedding dress is preferrable.」
【Morishige】「Then、how about we exchange costumes? I still feel reluctant to wear it but、we should change into the costume we prefer to wear.」
【Yoshiki】「Exchanging costumes huh……」

Morishige proceeds to exchange the costume he chose.

【Yoshiki】「No wait, isn't there some kind of rule that says exchanging costumes is pointless?」
【Yoshiki】「You're right。We're better off not doing that.」
【Morishige】「The rule definitely stated that it's absolutely necessary to wear the costumes we chose.」
【Yoshiki】「Ugh。So that means I have to wear this wedding dress no matter what.」
【Morishige】「As for me, this maid costume with cat ears……」
【Morishige】「……I knew it、we really have no choice but to put on the costume.」
【Yoshiki】「That's right。We should just hurry and give up。We can think of it as if we're doing some kind of play.」
【Morishige】「Drama, huh。If it's that, I suppose it solves our problem a little……」
【Morishige】「Although I'll probably commit suicide if Mayu sees me wearing this.」
【Yoshiki】「Well……I kinda understand how you feel.」
【Yoshiki】「(I'd also do the same if Shinozaki sees me……)」

【Taguchi】「Good morning, everyone。I'm Taguchi the assault reporter.」
【Taguchi】「Right now, I'm inside the room where the dress-up contest is taking place.」
【Taguchi】「Although I don't know how many female participants remain、Taguchi's heart is beating fast.」
【Taguchi】「Taguchi's heart is racing、Taguchi's heart is racing。It rhymes yet doesn't rhyme.」

【Yoshiki】「Wait, how do we even put on these clothes?」
【Morishige】「It looks like putting it on alone is impossible.」

【Taguchi】「Uh-oh、I've already entered the room。I think the voices I'm hearing sound male?」
【Taguchi】「Unfortunately, they seem to belong to two boys。And these two appear to be Kishinuma Yoshiki-kun and……Sakutaro Morishige-kun.」
【Taguchi】「Let's be still for a short while and see what happens.」

Meanwhile、at that moment。
The screen of the TV inside the auditorium continued to broadcast what was happening。

【Mayu】「S-Shig-nii!? Wearing a maid costume……What in the world happened!?」
【Morishige】「Kishinuma, sorry but could you pull up the zipper on my back?」
【Yoshiki】「Guess it can't be helped。Although I said I'll do it myself、I can't even put it on.」
【Morishige】「Ah。I'm almost done putting mine on, so I promise to help you put on yours when I'm done.」
【Yoshiki】「That's pretty exaggerated for a promise.」
【Mayu】「(W-Why are the both of them changing clothes together? And what's more, the costume Kishinuma-kun is putting on looks like a wedding dress?)」

The Yoshiki displayed on the TV stepped on the hem of his skirt and tripped。

【Morishige】「Be careful, Kishinuma.」
【Yoshiki】「S-Sorry。I've never worn clothes with a skirt this long before.」
【Morishige】「Well, you have a point。It would be scary getting used to these clothes……」

【Mayu】「Eeeh!? Why are they hugging each other?」

【Yoshiki】「Didn't something like this happen before? Except our circumstances now are reversed.」
【Morishige】「Reversed? There was a time when I fell over and you helped me?」
【Yoshiki】「Of course there was!」
【Morishige】「Ahh, you mean that time……The situation this time is exactly the same……」

【Mayu】「W-What do you mean? Shig-nii and Kishinuma-kun were that close!?」
【Mayu】「(Now that he mentioned it, there was a time when I saw both of them huddled close together on my way home……)」
【Mayu】「(I wonder if this is something I also shouldn't see like that time……)」
【Mayu】「If I'm not supposed to look, then I won't look! I won't look, ok? Shig-nii!」

If I close my eyes, I won't see anything scary。
Mayu closed her eyes。

【Morishige】「I knew it……Wearing these cat ears is also necessary?」
【Yoshiki】「Looks like it.」

【Mayu】「(C-Cat ears!? What in the world are you doing, Shig-nii!)」

【Morishige】「I'm thinking about how a respectable human would wear these…. Umm...Is this how it should feel like?」
【Yoshiki】「What's wrong, Morishige?」
【Morishige】「Come Ojou-sama、let's get you changed! I shall assist you!」
【Yoshiki】「Huh? What the hell are you saying……」
【Morishige】「My! What is with your language!」
【Morishige】「If you were discreet with your words at any time and place like a lady should be、you would always have nothing to say!」
【Yoshiki】「……hey。What happened to you?」

【Mayu】「(Shig-nii!? Could this be part of his acting? ……Uuu~、It worries me!)」

【Morishige】「There's nothing wrong with me! Why I am here is for Ojou-sama's sake!」
【Yoshiki】「Who are you calling an ojou-sama! The feeling of wearing a maid outfit makes you completely a maid?」
【Morishige】「What do you mean 'maid'! Don't say things I can't understand!」
【Yoshiki】「Hm? Have you come back to normal?」
【Morishige】「Ojou-sama, why do you say such mean things? Haa! Could it be that I've angered Ojou-sama!?」
【Yoshiki】「Huh? You've become weird again? No.... Well……However, I was thinking that it's disgusting.」
【Morishige】「Then please punish me!」

【Mayu】「S-Shig-nii, what are you saying!?」

【Morishige】「For hurting Ojou-sama's feelings, please punish me to your heart's content!」
【Yoshiki】「Even if you say 'please'...」
【Morishige】「My gosh! What in the world are you planning to do!」
【Yoshiki】「You……what the hell have you been saying since a while ago? I'm also thrown into confusion.」
【Morishige】「Ahh……how kind of you! Worrying about me in that manner……」
【Morishige】「Please do as you wish with me。I'll accept whatever punishment you give me!」
【Morishige】「Please, Ojou-sama! Punish me!」
【Yoshiki】「Err.. no, a punishment is kinda…… Gosh! Give me a break!」
【Morishige】「Please do something like that to me!」
【Yoshiki】「That's why……」
【Morishige】「Aah……Please。If I don't receive punishment from Ojou-sama, I think I'll go crazy!」
【Yoshiki】「Don't you think you're moving towards a different direction?」
【Morishige】「Uuu……To irritate you this much, this lady is cruel!」
【Morishige】「From receiving punishment from Ojou-sama just through imagination、an exciting feeling runs through my body even though warmth overflows from my heart……!」
【Yoshiki】「Y-You're crazy! What the hell is this... an S&M play!?」
【Morishige】「Kishinuma, what do you intend to do?!」
【Yoshiki】「N-No, I don't have that kind of hobby or anything……You've been all "Please punish me!" since a while ago!」
【Morishige】「Please……spank me on the butt!」
【Yoshiki】「You want me to spank your butt so you'll feel satisfied?」
【Yoshiki】「(Wait, could this be that? Like when Shinozaki started acting strange……)」
【Yoshiki】「Morishige, could it be that there's something possessing you?」
【Morishige】「Yes, it looks like it。Since a while ago, my actions don't seem to match what I intend to do……」
【Yoshiki】「It's that, huh.」
【Morishige】「Come, hurry up with my spanking! Come on!」
【Yoshiki】「Is it really ok to spank you?」
【Morishige】「Don't screw around with me, Kishinuma!」
【Yoshiki】「But if we satisfy the spirit through spanking, it might unexpectedly be able to rest in peace.」
【Morishige】「Hurry up with my spaaaaanking!」

【Mayu】「W-W-W-W-What happened to you, Shig-nii! You're not the same Shig-nii I know!」

【Yoshiki】「Morishige, it really is the maid costume's fault, huh?」
【Morishige】「I also... agree!」
【Yoshiki】「Then if we tear the maid costume, won't you go back to normal?」
【Morishige】「It's not the costume! Please spank me! Quick! Hurry up and spank my butt!」
【Yoshiki】「You kept talking about getting a punishment, but you just really want to be spanked, huh!」
【Morishige】「Who the hell would want to be spanked! Let's just go with your idea and tear this costume off!」
【Yoshiki】「Alright, I understand! Don't get mad at me for being a little rough, ok?」

【Mayu】「(I knew it. Closing my eyes makes me worried.)」

As Mayu struggled to open her eyes, she saw a terribly strange sight before her。
Yoshiki in a wedding dress is tearing the cloth off the chest of Morishige, who was wearing a maid costume with cat ears……!

Mwhahaha. The infamous CG.

【Mayu】「!? Shig-nii has……Nooooooo!!」

【Morishige】「For a moment, I thought about what might've happened to me……It's thanks to you, Kishinuma, that I'm saved.」
【Yoshiki】「After all, I'm also a victim of this。Getting your sanity back also really saves me the trouble, you know.」
【Morishige】「However, I don't think I'd recover if anyone else saw me act like that a while ago.」
【Yoshiki】「You did say you wanted your butt to be spanked、Hahaha」
【Yoshiki】「I understand。I'm not supposed to tell anyone, right?」
【Morishige】「If you understand, then everything is fine.」

There was a sound。There was a clear sound of something alive that's moving。
Morishige and Yoshiki simultaneously stared at the direction of the sound。

【Yoshiki】「Is someone around?」
【Yoshiki】「Is it just my imagination?」
【Morishige】「No, I'm certain there was a sound.」
【Yoshiki】「I see. Come out! I know you're hiding in here!」
【Taguchi】「A-A-Ah! I'm sorry。I didn't mean to provoke you or anything.」
【Morishige】「Who are you?」

Papina's Otaku Life Update #4: Kenshin Movie and More Corpse Party

I should be doing more important things right now like making the CGs for Black Diary case 2

The opening song of Mekakucity Actors is stuck in my head (hence the title). I really like the art style of that anime so I'll probably make some fanart soon.

I'm still switching between playing Corpse Party 2U on my PSP and playing Rune Factory 4 on my 3DS. xD At this rate, I'll take even to longer to finish both games. /facepalm

I just watched the new Kenshin movie (Kyoto Inferno) yesterday night. I ended up going home at 1am because there was a storm and the movie ended pretty late too. Nevertheless, it was a good movie. The fight scenes were really cool, though I think they made it too dramatic. I guess I 'm just so used to watching old samurai series like Zatoichi. Comparing the new samurai movies with the old ones, I can say ”Wow. There's a lot of improvement!” Though I feel that the new ones are drifting a bit farther from reality. And what's with the excessively dramatic background music during normal scenes?

I can't wait for the next part of the movie!

Now let me fangirl for a bit.... (´,,•ω•,,)♡ Ahh. Souji is so adorable!

As for translation stuff I'm working on, my friend Tsuki lent me her Brothers Conflict Short Stories book so I can translate it for her. I'll be prioritizing that though I can't help but do random short scenario translations from Corpse Party 2U because the scenes are just really hilarious and I want to everyone else who loves Corpse Party to understand it and laugh with me. xD

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Rune Factory 4 - Hidden Items and General Tips

I'm getting pretty obsessed with this game. But meh.. *shrug*

This is the info I gathered from spending a lot of time playing the game. xD

Hidden Items and Free Items

- When Volkanon asks you if you've been eating everyday, say "No." and he will give you a free Fruit Sandwich
- Examine the two plants near the entrance inside Porco's Restaurant while Porco is around.
- Examine the shelves/kitchen beside the entrance (the one with fruits) while Margaret is around.
- Examine the northwest area on the 2nd floor of Blossom's house while Blossom is in the room.
- Examine the southwest and northwest shelves at the General Store with Doug and Blossom around.
- While having people in your party, go take a bath. There's a chance of them giving you a free item. (Credits to Toru for discovering this)

Increasing Crafting Skill

This is how I boosted my crafting skill and earned some cash early game:

Equip clippers and head to the forest. Start clipping wool off woolys until you gather a bunch of yarn. Go to your crafting table and start making a ton of yarn. Those sell around 80g each so if you ship 10, that's around 800g which isn't as much but it can still get you around 80 turnip seeds. Your crafting level should slowly increase if you keep crafting yarn everyday from your own monster wooly's fur (you can get around 2-3 per day from just having 1 wooly).

It gets less effective as you increase your level, but then by the time you reach 15+ you'll probably have a bunch of other recipes you can randomly craft and upgrade. I guess upgrading is another way to speed up your leveling.

Shop Guide

I suggest selling cooked meals in the shop. I noticed that they usually end up getting sold at a higher price. Here's a comparison:

Item -------- Price if Shipped --- Prices Sold in Shop

Glazed Yam ------ 644 --------- 1078, 1058
Boiled Spinach --- 95 ----------- 160, 169
Fried Eggs ------- 536 ---------- 628, 790
Milk Porridge ---- 380 ---------- 580
Heavy Spice ----- 180 ---------- 200, 207

Pink Cat --------- 110 ---------- 113
Yarn ------------- 80 ----------- 84

When an offer is made, just accept it for the sake of leveling. As you increase your level in bartering, you'll get the Sell with a Smile skill which lets you use RP to increase the prices. It's a handy skill to use when you want more profit.

The best time to sell is during festivals when everyone is gathered at the plaza. They will all flock to your shop. xD I love festivals.

I hate it when it rains though. >_> Barely any customers.

Defeating the Mamadoodle

Special thanks to Toru for discovering this strategy while borrowing my game. lol

Early game, you're still too weak to do significant damage to the Mamadoodle but there IS a way to defeat it. Though it works better when there's just one Mamadoodle.

First, make a bunch of failed dishes. You'll need at least 5, but carry more just to be safe. Next, find 2 people to join your party who will be your meat shields (Yes. MEAT SHIELDS.) Toru used Clorica and Nancy. Since you're planning ahead, I suggest equipping them with weapons that do continuous attacks like double blades or fists. DO NOT take Bado with you. He is the laziest companion ever. He won't attack at all.

Now you head to the cave where there's just 1 Mamadoodle. If you chose the right people for your party, they'll attack it. The Mamadoodle usually attacks only when you're not attacking it, so the weapons that do continuous attacks should buy you some time. Your role is to throw failed dishes at it until it dies. Do it as fast as you can because your meat shields can get knocked out any minute.

I will end this section with a quote from Toru: "Failure will lead to success!"


- At the buddy battle festival, don't pick a wooly to be part of your team. >_> They don't fight at all.

Random Fun Things to Do

Here's my to-do list for Rune Factory 4:

- Mass produce cat ears and give them to everyone in town so they'll all wear cat ears
- Upgrade equips with stat-decreasing stuff and give them to Bado cause I hate Bado.
- Collect boss monsters and make them do farm work for me

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Rune Factory 4 - Arthur's Events

I accidentally ended up dating Arthur. How did that happen? I pressed 'I love you' for the lolz while he was at 7 hearts expecting him to think I was kidding but he ended up accepting. LOL Well, I planned to marry him anyway. xD Mehehe...

OMG. He says the cutest things. My heart melts every time he says stuff that makes him embarrassed. (/∇\*)。o○♡ Argh. Mah heart!

He gets embarrassed a lot cause he has no experience in dating, which isn't surprising since he spends most of his time doing business and other paperwork.

Date Events

Porco's Restaurant

Porco greets Frey and Arthur and treats them to a meal. As both of them sit down and eat, Frey notices that Arthur seems kinda nervous. She decides to tease him and asks him to go 'Aaah'. He then shyly goes 'Aaah' and she feeds him. He decides to feed her too and enjoyed seeing her turn red and stuff. (Ermergerd so cuteヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ)

Ahaha... uhh... yeah. ( ・ㅂ・")

He really is embarrassed~ 

OMG so adorable. WHY. \(//∇//)\


Flower Shop

Frey and Arthur head to the flower shop where Arthur suddenly says that he'll try to look for his own favorite flower. Frey decides to give a gift (there's also an option not to), and it turns out they were both thinking the same thing.

So dere! I'm getting a heart attack! (ෆ`꒳´ෆ) ˡºᵛᵉ❤⃛


Frey and Arthur head to Bado's shop where they make badges. Bado decides to leave them alone in the shop. They tell him that he doesn't have to leave. Then Bado's all like:

Once Bado is out, Arthur makes a joke that they should show him what they're made of. Frey gets surprised. Arthur then becomes embarrassed and tells her that he's just kidding.

So, they proceed to make badges. At the end of the date, they exchange badges.

Daily Conversation

- Arthur says he went on a business trip and picked out a present for Frey, which is a pair of spectacles (Ahaha... not surprising).

- There was also another time where he just suddenly went "I love you." then "Are you surprised by my sudden confession?"

*To be updated as I progress through the game

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Rune Factory 4 Town Events

Note: Town events are random.
This post will be updated as I unlock the other events.

Shiny Memories

So there's this bird that built a nest on top of the entrance to Frey's room. Soon, the bird causes trouble for residents by stealing their stuff. Blossom recognized the bird as Twinkle, who used to stay in town years ago when she was still a little girl. Since it's impossible for Twinkle to still be alive, Blossom thinks it's Twinkle's grandchild.

At the general store, the bird swoops down and steals Blossom's pendant, which was one of her treasured heirlooms. Doug gets angry and says he'll get it back for her, but Blossom insists that he doesn't go after the bird because he might get hurt. Doug goes to the nest to retrieve it anyway. As he climbed to the top, his foot slips, making him fall. Suddenly, a mysterious force catches him, saving him from injury.

Blossom scolds him and says that Doug's safety is more important than the pendant. She adds that she did the same thing as Doug when she was still a little girl when Twinkle stole her mother's pendant. She fell and got injured, which was why she insisted that Doug leaves the pendant alone.

The Running Sign

One night, the townspeople notice that there is vandalism all over the houses. Everyone starts to suspect that Dolce might be behind it. After Frey talks to Dolce, a talking signpost suddenly appears and greets them. Dolce immediately suspects that Pico is the one behind all this, so she chases the signpost around town.

The vandalism outside the inn.

The townspeople get amused by Dolce's attempts at trying to catch the signpost that they don't find Dolce as hard to approach anymore.

Soon, Dolce finally corners the signpost that runs to the lake. Suddenly, Pico appears to Frey and Forte who are standing outside the clinic. They're surprised  to find Pico with them when Dolce ran all the way to the lake. Pico then tells them that she just threw the signpost for Dolce to chase after. lol In a short while, Dolce appears and puts on a "What would I do without you, Pico?" drama, touching Pico's heart and making her show herself to Dolce. Then, Dolce goes:

Smart move, Dolce! xD

She proceeds to squeeze Pico, who goes "I'm dying! I'm dying!" but Dolce just replies "You're already dead. You can't die a second time." and doesn't stop. Forte then says that Dolce and Pico aren't as scary anymore. Funny thing. She still denies the fact that Pico is a real ghost. xD

Don't Fall For It, Vishnal!

When Frey wakes up in the morning and talks to Vishnal, he mentions that he's sad about knocking over a bucket while cleaning. He wonders why he ends up messing up when he tries so hard. Frey either cheers him on or tells him he sucks (I picked the cheer him on option). lol

When Frey heads to Bado's shop, he tries to sell her a statue that supposedly makes you awesome at stuff. No matter how much Bado tries to convince Frey, she just doesn't buy it so he gives up.

Later, Frey talks to Vishnal and finds out that he bought the statue from Bado. He actually fell for it and believed that owning the statue would make him better at what he does. So, Frey breaks to him the news that he's been tricked. Vishnal gets shocked and goes off to find Bado.

You're right. I won't believe it.

I'm sorry, Vishnal. It's a scam.

When Frey catches up, Vishnal is smiling again, so she assumes that everything has been settled. However, Bado only told him that the statue houses a guardian spirit. (Bado WHY?! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ) So Vishnal happily runs off with his statue.

Someone please arrest Bado.

I am thinking of ways to kill you.

Frey tries to convince Bado to take the statue back and give Vishnal his money back, but he refused. After a few days, Vishnal suddenly becomes better at doing things. OMG. He actually managed to make non-failed dishes!


So Vishnal enjoys a few days of failure-free activities. He believes that the statue really caused his success, so he offers flowers to it and stuff as if it's some kind of religious icon. One morning, he accidentally breaks the statue, and then... he's back to sucking at things again. He's devastated but Frey tells him that it was because of him and not the statue that he was able to succeed. He immediately recovers and goes "I'll do my best!"

A Performance Without an Audience

Margaret tells Frey that she wants to have a big performance on stage one day. Later, Dolce tells Frey that there's someone who wants to hear Margaret perform, so Dolce requested Frey to bring Margaret to Obsidian Manor. Frey brings Margaret there and Dolce shows up suddenly soon after, which scares Margaret.

Margaret wonders why no one else is around, but Dolce tells her that the one who requested her performance is already there. Suddenly, a lady appears onstage and tells Margaret that she was the one who wanted her to perform, but the score for the song seems to be missing. Frey doesn't know how a score looks like so she brings Margaret along, who is apparently really afraid of ghosts.

As they look for the score, Frey hears two people talking. One is a girl named Marina and the other is a guy named Julius. Marina approaches Julius, who is a violinist, and tries to talk to him. Frey and Margaret move to another location and hear them again.  Marina tells Julius that she's glad that they're able to easily converse now.

As they, keep moving, they hear Marina and Julius once more except this time, they're having an argument. Marina is complaining about how Julius is always busy with his music. Julius tells her to leave because he has to finish this one composition. Marina storms out feeling hurt.

Finally, Frey and Margaret find the score. Margaret recognizes the piece. Apparently, it's the same one she always plays at Porco's restaurant. She learned the song after leaving the Elven kingdom.

They return to the stage and Margaret starts her performance with a speech, saying that the song she's about to play is made for someone special to the composer. As Margaret plays the song, Marina says something like "So this is the piece you wanted me to hear". Julius appears and tells her that the song conveys his feelings for her. They happily thank Margaret and disappear together.

Dolce then fills everyone in on what was happening. Julius was a composer who made a song for Marina's birthday. He was to pick her up and perform for her onstage then tell her something important after. Unfortunately, he died in a landslide as he was on his way to pick her up. For centuries, Marina waited to hear the song Julius made while Julius waited to let Marina hear the song. Dolce tells Margaret that thanks to her help, she finally reunited the couple.

Margaret feels embarrassed about being afraid of them. Dolce tells her that she could keep the original score and take care of it. Margaret then asks Frey if she could stay in the concert hall for a while. When she finally exits the mansion, she tells her that she wants to compose a song for someone special one day like what Julius did.

Someone Has the Wrong Idea

Arthur and Frey talk about how things are going with princess duties. Volkanon happens to pass by and hears their conversation. He misunderstands what he hears and assumes that Frey wants to give up the throne. Determined to not let that happen, he does a bunch of things to keep Frey's motivation: pretending to be a villager asking for directions (though it was sooo obvious that it was just him), leaving cans everywhere for Frey to pick up, and hanging on to the cliff where Margaret's house stands so Frey can "save" him (though he was the one who pulled himself up). Finally, he tells Frey that she shouldn't give up the throne. Frey tells him that he misunderstood the conversation. Happy to hear that she had no plans of giving up on being princess, he sheds manly tears in relief.

[Review] フリーゲーム「bury」

Title: フリーゲーム「bury」
Genre: Horror, RPG
Developer: 4段目の猫 (4cat)
Playtime: 2-3 hours
Console: PC


Bury is a game that has a lot of nursery rhyme references, so if you know your rhymes well, it will be an advantage for you in the game.

If you liked Ib or The Witch's House, you'll probably enjoy this game. It has similar puzzle solving stages where you meet strange characters like a cat with a fiddle, talking deer heads, and other talking inanimate objects. The game atmosphere and music really do remind me of Ib a lot. I love the music. It's very suitable for a riddle-solving exploration game.

As you progress through the game, the mystery behind the mansion deepens and you'll probably end up making theories as some stuff starts to become quite complicated.


Coco loses her most treasured notebook.

"Perhaps it's in that place..."

"But that place is somewhere I definitely shouldn't go to, right?"

Relying on those words, Coco goes off to look for her notebook.

You play as this girl named Coco who goes inside a mansion to look for her missing notebook. When she steps inside, she sees a shadow and follows it. As she searches for the shadow, she starts to meet strange characters who ask her to solve riddles. Soon, she encounters a little boy and an older man who join her in her quest for her notebook. Could these two be a key to solving the mystery behind the strange mansion?

After playing several games like these, 
it's not surprising anymore that inanimate objects are talking.

I've learned from every other RPGmaker game I've played
that red lips are dangerous. This one is no exception.

"Oh hey there, stranger! Let's go on an adventure together!
....Just don't suddenly stab me in the back."

Monday, August 11, 2014

[Review] Rune Factory 4

Developer: Neverland Co.
Genre: RPG
Released: Oct 2013 (English)
Platform: Nintendo 3DS

I finally got around to playing the game. Yay. Ahh~ So much nostalgia.

Like in nearly every Rune Factory game, the main character, Frey, gets amnesia again and falls out of an airship after being ambushed, then lands on the dragon Ventuswill. The people assume she's a princess, until Arthur comes along. Arthur, the Prince of Norad, leaves his duties to her so Frey ends up having princess responsibilities.

Soon, strange things start happening so you explore dungeons, and defeat the boss there to get a new bachelor/bachelorette to add to your harem. I won't spoil so much because I want you to feel the feels when that certain scene happens while you're playing the game. I swear this game had the most feels out of all the Rune Factory games.

New things I noticed:

The most obvious new thing there is the extra responsibility you have as a princess. So, you need to earn princess points to draw in tourists and develop the place. Thanks to that, this game has a lot of goals you can slowly fulfill, so it's hard to run out of things to do. You also need a licence before you can purchase cooking ware, a forge, and a crafting table.

They added in a new shop feature where you can sell your items at a stall. So you talk to customers and try to convince them to buy your product. Customers tend to pay higher than the item's shipping price.

The battle animations and stuff look a bit cooler now compared to Rune Factory 1, 2, and 3. It totally motivated me to go kill more ants and woolies and other weak things (bully mode). There's also the 'gloves' as a weapon that lets you beat things up with your fists.

There are also more skills this time?! Were the skills this many before?! And it's recommended that you eat everyday so you'll grow stronger. I quote Volkanon: "YOU... MUST... EAT! Repeat after me!"

The choices are more hilarious too. Ex. "Bow down before me, peasants!"


Oh, and you can also confess to random people in town... except for a few people like Volkanon. (I wish I could have Volkanon in my party though. That guy's strength is insane!)

One last thing, there's more SPACE! *tears of joy* (。┰ω┰。) I had problems with having too many times in Rune Factory 3, now I have like... so much space! I don't care if I have to chop wood and crush rocks to get it!

Thoughts on characters:


Ventuswill is the native dragon that lives alongside the people of Selpha. She just sits around all day in the palace.

I really like her personality. One moment she's all stiff and formal, then later she acts like a best friend you've known for a long time. lol I've grown attached to her through the game... ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚


Doesn't he look like Hayate the combat butler to you? I mean... butler + blue hair. Yeah. It's so adorable how he's always trying his best to become the ultimate butler. I like the expression he has with the fire in his eyes. He's always going "I'll do my best to win at this festival!" And so far... he hasn't won a single one. lol Poor Vishnal.

Vishnal, I will train you to become a combat butler!


Personally, I like meganekkos so Arthur's appearance totally appeals to me. He has an air of mystery and nobility around him (well, he's a prince so... yeah). He's also a workaholic. Every time I ask him to join me in an adventure, he declines cause he's busy. ╭(๑¯д¯๑)╮

What's bothering me is that he sometimes spouts out lines related to enjoying pain. Could it be he's a...?!

I'm so tempted to give him cat ears so he'll wear them all day. LOL

What about the ones on your face?!


He's like a more active Gaius. I ship him with Dylas...!!


He's a shota who reads books. For some reason, the fortune teller person said our compatibility level is uber high.


Her appearance reminds me of Daria, but her personality is definitely not similar cause Daria isn't as afraid of so many things as Margaret is.

I ran out of space to put all my cooking and crafting tables in my room, so I just placed half of them in her house cause it's spacey. Ahahaha... So Maragaret's house became a sort of extension of my house. Well, she's not complaining~

Xiao Pai

For some reason, she reaally reminds me of Colette from Rune Factory 3. That build! That affinity for food!


Reminds me of Karina from RF3 and my real life friend Toru. In fact, any lazy girl I encounter in anime, manga or games reminds me of Toru.

Clorica has the sleeping ability that can rival Nanaki-sensei from Hatoful Kareshi. She can also cook delicious food while sleeping?! What madness is this?!


She looks like Saber!! And her personality reminds me of Kuruna from RF3!

She really really looks like Saber.


This girl is so tiny! And cheerful! Take all my apple juice, Amber! (∩˃o˂∩)♡

Doug once said that if the world was full of Amber, then there would be no war cause they'd just chill out and drink juice. lol


Another tsundere! This game is like... tsundere heaven! Ahh.. Dolce is so adorable!


She's the ghost who haunts Dolce. Pico is like... the most awesomest ghost friend ever. She even wrote this outside the inn:

You don't want to know what anime her name reminds me of. Seriously. To those who can relate,... uh... yeah... I should just shut up.


Why is he taken?! lol I blame Atelier Elkrone for making me like older meganekko guys who are doctors or alchemists. No, wait. Now that I think about it. He looks kinda like Clemens sensei. Nuoo!

Clemens sensei, is that you?! ((((;゜Д゜)))


OMG. I tried confessing to her once and she actually said she would have considered me if she hadn't married Jones. LOL

Badass Nurse Nancy.

Lin Fa

She's so pretty. Why isn't she date-able? Then again, I'm playing as a girl. lol

Lin Fa's character reminds me a bit of Shino (Sakuya's mom from RF3), except Lin Fa is really clumsy yet has enormous luck that her mistakes turn out well.


This guy is amazingly strong. I mean, how'd he break all those gargantuan stumps by just running through them?! And how did he jump to the other cliff and build a bridge in mere seconds?! #game logic



I swear. All this guy cares about is money. And, he's even lazier than Clorica if you take him in your party. He's like... level 35 but he NEVER attacks. Like... EVER. If you try confessing to this guy, all he talks about is money! (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . \)


Tea-loving detective who points at people and go "You're the criminal!"

Other Comments:

This game requires you to go chop wood and break stones more than any Rune Factory game. If you want to progress faster in the game, you have to go chop wood or break stones. >_<

Another annoying thing is that each cooking utensil has its own table. What?! They take up so much space! But then you can like... exploit others' houses. Mehehe...

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[Walkthrough] Corpse Party -ever after-

This is for demo v3. I will update this post when the next demo or the final game gets released.

Chapter 1

- quickly run inside the nearest classroom when you get ambushed
- use holy water on the red spirits around
- go inside the classroom where Haru is
- go to infirmary and examine candle
- head towards the beds
- let Yuzuki catch you~

Chapter 2

- go left and head for the stairs
- go up the stairs
- examine door on the 3rd flr
- go down to the second floor and keep heading right
- examine statue in the art room (right side, 2nd floor)
- examine piano, get hammer
- break statue
- get shiny thing from corner
- head to the 1st floor (don't pass the nearest stairs)
- go upstairs to the infirmary
- choose 'Wait.'

Chapter 3

- go up to the restrooms
- answer 'No'
- go downstairs, head left, go upstairs and approach the reference room door on the 3rd floor

The new master: Yuki
Lock Passcode: 9854

- go out and examine door beside the reference room
- go down to the 1st floor, head left
- run inside the first room when you turn left
- take the loose boards at the bottom left corner
- exit through the south door
- read papers on southwest table
- examine all corpses
- examine 3rd shelf from the left
- exit room and head right, give tongue to Ryou
- head south, turn left, go to the pool
- get loose board
- go to the pump room, pick up tongue
- go back to the hallway and head all the way right, go outside, give tongue to Tokiko
- go to the underground bomb shelter

Saturday, August 2, 2014

[Translation] Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Chapter 1

I dropped the translation for this game when I found out Memories of Fear is working on it. I'm pretty sure they'd make a better English translation, so... yeah. I'll just post up the stuff I managed to translate over here while the translated game isn't released yet.

If you want the partially translated maps, please PM me or leave a comment.

Note: While looking through the game script, there's a narration there that isn't displayed in the actual game. I just translated those too. I'll place them in italic so they can be identified. I won't add in the usual "The door is locked" and short translated stuff in this post.

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Major Cutscenes

First Scene:

Inside the dimly lit room, the message tone of a cellphone resounds。
A person typing on a keyboard opened his mail box、,the e-mails received lined up in a row。
All of their subjects were、,『Spiritual Investigator・*****'s Spiritual World Correspondence:Consultation Form』。
The man with short black hair sighed and turned his head towards one of the room's corners。

Man: A lot came in. What do I do with this……?

He was obviously troubled but he spoke in a gentle and worried tone。
Light from the window illuminated the room's corner. There was a woman who didn't, move an inch。Her eyes were focused on a white cardigan、while his eyes were focused on her。He sensed no purposeful effort。She was like a plant underneath the sunlight。

Man: ……Now、why don't we close the window? You might catch a cold、Shinozaki――。

First time reaching the main entrance:

It can't be helped that Ayame has to check every room in each floor and return to the lobby.
...while the lobby's lights start to flicker。

Ayame:! ……please wait! Stop……!
Hoping is futile. Eventually, the lights go out. It becomes pitch black.

Ayame: Uugh……
As her misfortune continues, she unintentionally cries and feels angry at the same time

Ayame:! Ah……
Ayame:! Ah……
And she senses an uncomfortable feeling between her legs。

Ayame:……I soiled my clothes again……
Ayame's eyes were downcast。

She is unable to endure it with the anaesthesia making her muscles relaxed。
She was unaware that she lost control of her bladder。
Ayame: Uuugh……I'm sorry……,Stupid me……getting mad at a person from this hospital,
Ayame: If I'm able to do it、I'll have to clean this mess up after……
She proceeds to half run stealthily through the lobby.

Ayame: It's been replaced……with a T-belt (Note: A T-belt is uh... some kind of underwear. Please google it to have a better image. lol)
Ayame replaces it rustlingly.

At that moment
Suddenly, a young girl screams and draws near……triggering a flashback。

Far into the darkness a girl with white clothes is running towards Ayame。
Ayame:?! ……What's……wrong?Are you alone……?
The young girl cries in exhaustion、,In the blink of an eye her face is tainted with panic
The girl immediately screams violently and Ayame wakes up from the flashback。
Ayame: Hii!
Ayame presses herself against the floor with a 'plop'

Ayame:……who was that? That girl just now……

It's like the memory exists yet doesn't。
It's as if her consciousness is protecting her――

Ayame:The memory……won't come out……!

……when she tries to access the protected memories、her brain throbs and she feels nauseous.
She staggers through the hallway and knocks down a decorative plant。

Ayame: Haa、haa、haa……,What……happened to me……
Ayame:,! ……nn
Ayame:! ……nngh
She makes an unpleasant face as she stared at the area between her legs。

From looking at her legs,she remembers the uncomfortable feeling
Ayame: Nnnn……,That's right、I have to replace it……the T-belt
She rethinks then starts changing the T-belt. Suddenly light from a flashlight appears。
Immediately it illuminates the room:,
Ayame:,! ……(I……It's a person!)
Ayame:! ……(I……It's a person!)
Ayame: Excuse me! Please help me!
However her companion gives no response and continues to shine light on her。(The light subtly shakes as it is aimed at her)
She is unable to see the person's face because of the strong light。

Ayame:……! It's so bright
The person's face can't be seen because of the strong light.
step、step……The person draws near。The light also approaches。

However right now she is in the middle of changing the dirtied T-belt。

Ayame:(……Not good、Right now my butt can be seen……, I should hurry and change the T-belt)
Ayame: Please wait、Right now that……!

Ayame: Umm、that radiant……!
However the person said nothing,
No reply returned
Ayame:……?,(It smells like incense……again?)
Ayame: Kyaa!

Man: Are you ok?

Ayame:(It really is a normal person……Thank goodness……!)
Ayame: Umm……umm……,I……don't know anything……
Ayame: Where is this hospital located?
Five seconds passed after she asked the question。

Ayame:(――? Did he not hear?)
She thought back upon it、

Man: Are you ok?

Ayame: Yes、umm……mm……,My head hurts.
Ayame:I don't know why I'm here. I can't remember anything……,I feel like vomiting when I try to remember
Man: Are you ok?
Ayame: A……ghh……

Ayame squirmed as the person struck her head。
The light went out and the man's figure is nowhere to be seen。

Man: Are you ok?
Ayame desperately ran for her life to get away from the man trying to kill her、
「Ahahahahahahaha」In the opposite direction、there was a woman in a red dress laughing madly。
In the first floor west hallway, she was unable to stand due to fear.
The west area corridor's lights is on。However the sound of footsteps and laughter were approaching。
Ayame frantically takes refuge inside the examination room.
What examination room is almost pitch black。Ayame's nervous breathing echoes。
Her breathing becomes normal after a while when the sounds died out。

Sometime later..

Ayame:(……He's gone……?)
Ayame slowly enters the corridor。

Ayame: I-I have to hurry and leave this hospital……Or I'll get killed……
Ayame: If only I can find a window which lets me see what's outside……Perhaps I can get out……

Ayame: I should……investigate

Rescuing Chiyomi:

Ayame: R-Ritsuko! ……that girl,We have to help her!
Ritsuko: It's impossible! This way won't do!Darn these limitations of old age!
Ritsuko: Aaaaah~~~Gosh!!!!!
Ayame: Waaaaa!
Ayame: Let go! Get away from her!
Ayame: Ritsuko! H-Hurry with the key……!?
Ritsuko: Wait! This thing is hard!!It's all rusty!
Ayame: Uuugh……!
Ayame:A-Are you ok?
*:Uuu……my elbow was hit, *hic*……*hic*
Ritsuko: It's open! Hurry!

*I will update this portion in a bit cause I forgot which map the event where Ayame meets Ritsuko is located.

Examining things:

A pair of men's shoes is stuck in between the elevator doors.
The doors repeatedly open and close.

Ayame: No wonder the elevator doesn't come when you press the button.


There's a sticky tar-like liquid on the floor.,It spreads all over the floor。
Continuously breathing in its smell induces symptoms of heartburn,
Its terrible stench fills the room。


On the wall, an installed vending machine is uneven and damaged.
A large quantity of canned juice spills out of it。
Ayame notices a strange kind of thirst,affecting her throat。

Ayame: Gulp……
Ayame: I want to drink but…… I didn't bring any money……


Ayame: No good……I can only get outside through the first floor,Looks like I can't.
Ayame: This is troubling……

In looking for an “Exit” Ayame approaches the west stairs on the 1st floor and enters the 2nd floor with determination。
From the guide map、there's an emergency exit noted across the 2nd floor's southeast (lower right)operating room。
Ayame decides to focus on that。

Ayame: The exit……the exit is…………ah
Ayame: Southeast on the 2nd floor、across the operating room……There's an 『Emergency Exit』


On the wall is a large picture meant to heal the patient's heart.
Cute animals and their motto are on the poster affixed on the wall。
However, there are no images of humans free of their desolate circumstances.
Instead, there are inorganic and ominous images。

Other Events:

Ayame:(What's happening……? What in the world is this……?, If this is a dream, I should hurry and wake up?)
Ayame:(……Nothing……I can't remember anything……, I feel weird……)
She can't remember her own identity, even her family。
She furrows her brows and thinks as hard as she could。
She still couldn't remember anything。

Before long, she gets off and staggers as she walks.

Ayame: Anyhow……I should find a way out……of this hospital
She leaves the hallway。


Ayame: There are……a lot of people……
Ritsuko:……Those guys are terrible!――Look at……their clothes
Ayame:……!This hospital's mark is there
Ritsuko: These people were certainly staff members of this hospital
Ayame: That's!
Ritsuko:……A “patient”!
Ritsuko:……Looks merciless……
Ayame: L-Let's go Ritsuko. I'm starting to feel sick……

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Black Diary Case 2 Coming Soon!

I can't say when it will come out really. We don't have a stable schedule for our releases yet-- *gets shot for making excuses* (×_×;)

Anyway, case 2 will focus on the 'Obsessed Admirer'. Colette and Ayase help out a student named Andrew who refuses to go to school because he's being stalked by an obsessed admirer. After some attempts to try and capture the creepy stalker, Colette ends up getting targeted too, so everything ends up in a cat and mouse game.

At this point, the game slowly starts to get dark, so there'll be some *surprises*, though I suppose they won't be very noticeable until the next case.

And now for some sneak preview screenshots! “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

Cello makes a reappearance in chapter 2.

Now there's a shota in the game too.

Tune in for more updates~ Time to get back to writing the rest of the case 2! _φ( ̄ー ̄ ) Mehehe...

[Translation] Jibun Wo - Tamurapan

This one of my favorite songs, so I decided to try translating it cause I haven't found a translation for it yet.

Title: 自分を (Jibun Wo)
Artist: Tamurapan
Album: Koko

HitoGOMI ni mada narenaide ita ano koro
In those days, I wasn’t used to crowds

Ari no mama no jibun de
Through my current self

Tsuranu iteku koto mo koeteku koto mo
Even when persisting and crossing over

Yume ga arutte omotteta
I believed dreams exist

Are kara dore dake tattandarou
How long has it been since then?

Ano oka ni kaze ha fuiteru ka?
Does the wind still blow on that hill?

Kawaita kuchi wo hirogete mita
I try opening my parched lips

自分を信じて 終わらない答えをまだ探している
Jibun wo shinjite owaranai kotae wo mada sagashiteiru
Believing in myself, I still search for an unfinished answer

だから待って もう少しだけここで立っていて
Dakara matte mou sukoshi dake koko de tatteite
So wait just a bit more. I will be standing here. 

Jikan no sasame ni ma ni awaseru you ni sakende iru
In the fate of time, I manage to cry out

Dakara katte ni makenaide
So don’t give up as you please

Not yet

HitoGOMI ni mou naresugite ita kono koro
These days, I’ve already gotten used to crowds

Ari no mama ni mieteta
I saw everything as it was

Kasanari au hito no tooi kokoro wo
People’s distant hearts that piled up

Nanigenaku omotteta
I calmly thought of them

Sekai no nani ka janai
It’s not something from the world

Motto chikaku no basho ga itai
A much nearer place brings me pain

Kawaita tsuchi wo sukutte tobashite mita
I tried flying to rescue myself from a parched land

自分を抱いて 忘れかけていた日の心の声は
Jibun wo idaite wasure kakete ita hi no kokoro no koe ha
I bear it on my own, the voice of the spirit of those days I’m starting to forget

まだ舞ってる ああやってまだ笑っていて
Mada matteru aa yatte mada waratteite
Still flutters about and laughs

Jidai no irome ni tobasarenai you ni aruiteiru
I won’t fly away from the leer of those days so that I can walk.

Dakara katte ni yamenaide
So stop doing things as you please

Haruka tooi machi no kaze ga nani wo hanashiteru ka ha
What would the wind from a far and distant town talk about?

ima wakaranai kedo
However, I don’t know the answer right now.

Ano machi mo kono machi mo zujou no ikkan
That town, this town too, the link overhead

itsuka kono basho kara mo kikoeru no kana
I wonder if I’ll hear the answer from this place someday.

HitoGOMI ni mou naresugite ita kono koro
These days, I’ve already gotten used to crowds.

Ari no mama no
As I am now

自分を信じて 終わらない答えをまだ探している
Jibun wo shinjite owaranai kotae wo mada sagashiteiru
I believe in myself, still searching for the unfinished answer

だから待って もう少しだけここで立っていて
Dakara matte mou sukoshi dake koko de tatteite
So wait for just a bit longer. I’ll be here standing.

Jikan no sadame ni ma ni awaseru you ni sakende iru
In the fate of time, I manage to cry out

Dakara katte ni makenaide
So don't let yourself be defeated as you please

Haruka tooi machi no kaze ha fuite iru kana
I wonder if the wind blows in the far and distant town.