Tuesday, August 5, 2014

[Walkthrough] Corpse Party -ever after-

This is for demo v3. I will update this post when the next demo or the final game gets released.

Chapter 1

- quickly run inside the nearest classroom when you get ambushed
- use holy water on the red spirits around
- go inside the classroom where Haru is
- go to infirmary and examine candle
- head towards the beds
- let Yuzuki catch you~

Chapter 2

- go left and head for the stairs
- go up the stairs
- examine door on the 3rd flr
- go down to the second floor and keep heading right
- examine statue in the art room (right side, 2nd floor)
- examine piano, get hammer
- break statue
- get shiny thing from corner
- head to the 1st floor (don't pass the nearest stairs)
- go upstairs to the infirmary
- choose 'Wait.'

Chapter 3

- go up to the restrooms
- answer 'No'
- go downstairs, head left, go upstairs and approach the reference room door on the 3rd floor

The new master: Yuki
Lock Passcode: 9854

- go out and examine door beside the reference room
- go down to the 1st floor, head left
- run inside the first room when you turn left
- take the loose boards at the bottom left corner
- exit through the south door
- read papers on southwest table
- examine all corpses
- examine 3rd shelf from the left
- exit room and head right, give tongue to Ryou
- head south, turn left, go to the pool
- get loose board
- go to the pump room, pick up tongue
- go back to the hallway and head all the way right, go outside, give tongue to Tokiko
- go to the underground bomb shelter

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