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[Translation] Dot Kareshi -We're 8bit Lovers! 1 - Mahoutsukai

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Mahoutsukai's Route~

H = Hero
P = Priest
M = Magician
T = Thief

Magician (Pick this)

M: You're choosing me? I wasn't really expecting it. I'm glad.

H: How lame. Why isn't it me? I'm this game's main character.
Go look for that grimoire in the library nearby. It doesn't seem like a mission at all. Ah, I don't get why you'd want to do this.

P: Losing against Magician... It's as if life is already at a troublesome level.

T: I get it. When someone else gets chosen, you just can't agree with it.

M: What do you mean by that? I'll send you flying before the quest starts. If it's here, I can easily replenish my MP.
Heh. If you want me to stop, then I'll let it slide.
Ah, Master, we'll take this quest.

Master: Got it. Here you go. Obtaining the legendary grimoire quest, right?
The quest details are written on this paper. If something you don't understand happens, use this to confirm it.

M: Thank you very much.
Well then everyone, let's depart.

H: Eh...

T: Booring.

P: I wanna go home.

H: So, what exactly is that so called "obtaining the legendary grimoire quest"?

M: Umm... yes.
At a place a bit far off from here, there appears to be a mansion.
It seems that the legendary grimoire is sealed there.

P: Is there even a chance for us to break that seal?
If we go check it out but can't do anything about that seal, it'll be a waste of time going there.

M: I can't say for certain, but I think it will probably be alright.
They say that legendary grimoire seems to have a connection with the underworld.

P: I get it.

M: Humph. It's fine. You never had that much interest in me so it's obvious you don't get it.

T-That's not true! (+0)
From now on, I want to get to know you more! (pick this +20)
I'm sorry... (+10)

M: P-Please don't say such nice things at the spur of the moment. Though you've been neglecting me all this time...
I've been studying literature related to the underworld since the beginning.
And... That sealed grimoire could have been left by a magician who came from the underworld.
From the beginning, you've been ignoring me a lot.
A person goes through great lengths to fire a huge magic spell, but you just calmly switched the effect movie off.

H: Well, that's... uhh...

T: That's kinda... how should I put it... Don't blame her for that.

M: What?

P: Your magic effects are too painstakingly long.

H: If it was me, I'd end the battle with just one blow. On the other hand, your magic's effect movie takes several minutes.

M: Isn't it fine?! I usually don't stand out! It's the only scene where I'm highlighted!
I'm a magician so I have to wear this hat. Because of this, you can't even see my face properly!
Argh... whatever. Let's go!

T: So this is the house where the grimoire is sealed~ The atmosphere is kinda perfect.

H: Let's hurry up and finish this. I want to quickly say goodbye to this weird mansion.

M: Right. First off, let's look for the room where the grimoire is sealed.

T: Do you know?

M: There's a considerably deep magical power hanging in the air. If we follow that, we'll immediately find out where the room is.

H: Then please lead the way.

M: Got it. Well then, let's go.

P: Hey, Magician...

M: Yes. What is it?

P: You have something you need to say to me, don't you?

M: As expected of Priest. You can sense the sinister magic's vortex.

H: Wait, wait. What do you mean by that?

M: Actually, because this mansion continued to seal the legendary grimoire for a long time, its influence became stronger.

T: The grimoire's influence?

M: I hear undead monsters are summoned by it. This place is famous in this neighborhood for being the mansion of death.

H: You..!! You should tell us things like this earlier!

P: I happen to have purification white magic, you know.

M: Isn't it fine? With our level and physiology, it won't be a hard fight.

H: Isn't that the number one problem we have?

M: Come, let's move forward efficiently. The grimoire is waiting for us.

H: Ahh... I don't want to go.
I hate smelling bad from fighting zombies at close range.

T: Agreed...

P: You vanguards, do your work. I'll be backing you up from behind.

T: Hiiii..!!! A zombie jumped down from the ceilinnnngggg!!
And even if I know they're not carrying good items for me to steal, I thoughtlessly stole another cursed item!!

P: Just throw that thing away, you idiot!

Zombie 1: AaAaaA...

P: When one of these guys catch sight of you, the rest come swarming.

H: Hey, hey... They're rapidly appearing.

Zombie 1: AaAaaaA....

Zombie 2: AaAaaaA....

M: I'd like to save up a lot of MP. I'll leave this to Hero and Thief.

H: It can't be helped then...!! Let's go, Thief!

T: Got it!

M: Yes, I want to go home.

Don't push yourself... (+20 - pick this)
You really want the grimoire that much? (+0)
Are you ok? (+10)

M: Fufu.. Are you worried about me?
It's very unusual of you to be concerned.
For the sake of my own research, for you to get to know me more.
The two main reasons why I want the grimoire sealed here.
In addition to that, there's something I'm concerned about.
If we leave alone the magic that can interfere with the underworld, I don't know what influence it will have on this world.
If that's the case, we can't just leave it alone.
Ah, that's right. Everyone who's a hindrance, will you cooperate on an MP recovery while subjugating zombies?

-to be updated.. I'm hungry...-

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Papina's Otaku Life Update #6: Translations Projects and Other News

I don't know if I'm late on hearing things or if the news is fresh, but this is what I've picked up lately from lurking in the HHE forums, and talking to Skybird, who seems to be updated with things.

First off, some Corpse Party news!

New Corpse Party Dead Patient Chapter 1 translation 

Iarumas and L3Z4 just announced that they are working on releasing an English patch of the game. Now that's some competition for Crimson_Flame and Red, who are also working on a patch for it (There are some heavy criticism in the CP community though about the quality of their translations).

Weell, whichever patch you pick in the end is up to you.

ME!ME!ME! already up on sale? I still can't find the official lyrics anywhere!

That viral video's music is already up on sale in 3 parts in iTunes and other sites like this. If you haven't seen the MV yet, then here's the video (though a little warning... it contains some NSFW stuff). NSFW aside, the animation was done wonderfully.

Black Diary Case 1 Update and Case 2 Coming Soon!

We've completed both of them, so we're just waiting for Apple and Dlsite to finish reviewing them and we'll be able to place them up once they're approved. Yay!

Translation Projects Status Update

For the Corpse Party manga translation collaborations, you can get updates from the forums or my tumblr site. Our pace is going a bit slow (considering the people I'm working with, L3Z4 and Iaru, are giving more attention to the game so even if the translations are done it's still left unchecked and unedited).

Hakozume vol 4 is still definitely on my list because my friend Toru requested it.

As for Dot Kareshi, I will resume translations soon, but I am unable to release an Eng patch because of the font. OTL If you'd like to see what the problem is, here is a screenshot:

And lastly.....

Happy Holidays to Everyone~! 
(yωy*) мёггу снгisтмдs゚・*:.。. ☆

[Lyrics/Eng Translation] Sawada Itsuki - Kegashi no Mori

Special thanks to Skybird for using his magical searching skills to find a copy of the lyrics albeit with blurry kanji. Well, it's still somewhat readable. Thanks to L3Z4 for helping me find the kanji lyrics as well!

This song is the ending song of Corpse Party: Dead Patient Chapter 1. I'm translating this for the love of Corpse Party and cause it sounded cool paired with the game's wtf ending.

穢しの森 (Kegashi no Mori)
The Forest of Filth


Life. The eyes open within emptiness
Hurt. Where is the hand being torn apart?

The flaws that are becoming impure are connected
I wish for a positive reaction

Tortured Soul. The opened future is being destroyed.
The corrupted "pure hand"
I am drawing closer to [DEAD PATIENT]

Silence. The cage that stands
Touch. The restraints of prohibition are unfastened

A "new century" is reflected in your eyes
On the day everything crumbled, cruelty arrived.

Totured Soul. It's fine if you burn the grief in my heart.
The ruined "despicable hand"
I can no longer see [DEAD PATIENT]

The "desired days" are reflected in your eyes.
I want to meet you. The blurring sky.

Tortured Soul. It's fine if you burn the grief in my heart.
The ruined "despicable hand"
I can no longer see

Tortured Soul I look for the opened future
The pure "corrupted hand"
I can't bear to look anymore [DEAD PATIENT]



Sei utsuru ni me o ake
Kizu hikisaku te wa doko

Tsunagareta nigoru hibi
Sukui no hi motometeru

Tortured Soul hiagareta mirai yaburi
Kegashite "kirei na te" boku wa
Mou chikazuku [DEADPATIENT]

Sei tachiagaru ori kaki
Shoku imashime no kase toku

Me ni usturu "shinseki"
Horobi no hi koku wa kita

Tortured Soul yakereba ii mune no itami
Kowashite "kirai na te" boku wa
Mou mienai [DEAD PATIENT]

Me ni utsuru "nozonda hi"
Aitakute nijimu sora

Tortured Soul yakereba ii mune no itami
Kowashite "kirai na te" boku wa
Mou mienai

Tortured Soul hiagareta mirai sagasu
Kirei na "kegareta te" boku wa
Mou mietakunai [DEAD PATIENT]



生(せい)虚ろに 眼を 開け
傷(きず)引き裂く 手は 何処

繫がれた 濁る罅(にごるひび)

Tortured Soul 開かれた 未来 破り
ケガシテ "きれいな手" 僕は

静(せい)立ち上がる 檻(おり)掻き
触(しょく)戒め の 枷(かせ)解く

眼に映る "新世紀″

Tortured Soul 焼ければいい 胸の 痛み
コワシテ "嫌いな手″ 僕は
もう 見えない [DEAD PATIENT]

眼に映る "望んだ日″
逢いたくて 滲む 空

Tortured Soul 焼ければいい 胸の 痛み
コワシテ "嫌いな手″ 僕は
もう 見えない

Tortured Soul 開かれた 未来 捜す
キレイナ "けがれた手″ 僕は
もう 見たくない [DEAD PATIENT]


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[Lyrics/Eng Translation] Soutaiseiriron - LOVE Zukkyun - LOVEずっきゅん

I still don't get the connection of this song's music video to the actual song.

LOVE Zukkyun


Vocals: Theory of Relativity
Lyrics: Mabe Shuichi
Arrangement: Mabe Shuichi


What universe is this?
I realized I rode past the Chuo Line. Tomorrow is the opening ceremony.
That hateful guy's time machine disappeared to yesterday in the space-time gap

Who are you? Want you. I am an adventurer girl.
A late teen in love returning to the Amazon
It's full of openings. That guy is definitely clever.
A secret diary I fail to make

Love love love zukkyun, Love zukkyun
Look, my heart is squeezed tightly from thinking of you

Huh? Huh? A sudden cerebral hemorrhage
I collect seashells all year round walking in Yuigahama
Both of us quickly became intimate from that day
I stopped collecting seashells


I left ラブずっきゅん (love zukkyun) as is, since there's no better Eng translation for it. ずっきゅん (zukkyun) is basically something like.. your heart being squeezed from emotions, usually it's used in the context of love.

I translated 君にほらラブずっきゅん in a more liberal way "Look, my heart is squeezed tightly from thinking of you" which is closer to what the line means to say. The literal version would go: "To you, look, love zukkyun"

由比ヶ浜 Yuigahama is a beach near Kamakura in the Kanagawa Prefecture

Also, I know this song has a lot of repeated words, but it looked awkward if I made it that way for the translations too. So, I didn't repeat them for the Eng translation except for the 'love zukkyun part'.


Koko koko koko wa doko uchuu
Watashi chuuousen orikoshite kizuita ashita wa shigyoushiki
Niku niku niku nikurashii aitsu no TAIMU MASHIN wa
Jikuuma hitootobi ni kinou e kiete yuku

Kimi kimi kimi wa dare want you watashi bouken shoujo
AMAZON kaeri no koisuru HAITEIIN
Suki suki suki sukidarake aitsu hatsumei KIIDO
Kagasuzu tsuketeru himitsu no DAIARII

RABU RABU RABU zukkyun RABU zukkyun da ne
Kimi ni hora RABU zukkyun

Are? Are? Ikinari nousocchuu
Watashi nengaranenjuu kaigara atsumete aruku no Yuigahama
Futa futa futari ga kyuusennkin ano hi kara
Kaigara atsumete aruku no yamemashita


ここ ここ ここはどこ 宇宙
わたし中央線乗り越して気付いた 明日は始業式
にく にく にく 憎らしいあいつのタイムマシンは

きみ きみ 君は誰 want you わたし冒険少女
すき すき すき 隙だらけ あいつ発明キッド

ラブ ラブ ラブずっきゅん ラブずっきゅんだね

あれ? あれ? いきなり脳卒中
わたし年がら年中 貝殻集めて歩くの 由比ヶ浜
ふた ふた 二人が急接近したあの日から

[Lyrics/Eng Translation] 相対性理論 Soutaiseiriron - Moonlight Ginga ムーンライト銀河

I love this band so I'll slowly work on translating their songs. Soutaiseiriron songs go so well with Haruki Murakami novels!

Moonlight Milky Way
ムーンライト銀河 (Moonlight Ginga)


Vocals: Theory of Relativity
Lyrics: Tica・α/Seiichi Nagai
Composition: Seiichi Nagai


I sing at the moulin rouge of the Milky Way's end
Tonight I feel the sensation and dance
The child that gradually falls in love. You can tie dreams together.
The mood tonight is decided and the pulse jolts

Midnight. 3 hours of the unknown. I run on the bay coast road.
Tonight I feel the sensation and connect time together
The child with a quick and hostile temper completely fell in love with later's festival
Tonight is my free time? And the chime resounds.

Two people looking down from a skyscraper
The bell signals the end of the show
The stage is painted with color. Attention!
The one night curtain opens

The moonlight of the Milky Way's end shines carelessly
Tonight I feel the sensation and dance
The child that fell completely in love noticed the curtain call
Thought about it at the end. Perplexed by the pulse.

A dizzying-like halation
The bell signals the end of the show
Just like a repeating motion
The moment I yearn for always arrives without fail

Please take my hand
And goodnight, farewell

TN: This song had a lot of chopped up sentences. I find those types the hardest to translate because there are so many ways to translate a single line. For this one, I did not bother connecting them together because it suits the song more that way and its ambient feel.


ぎんぎん銀河の果ての ムーランルージュで歌う
わたし 今夜は気取って ダンスを踊る
段々恋するあの子 You Can Do 夢つなぐ
気持ち 今夜は決まって パルスを揺らす

Midnight 3時の破天荒 湾岸道路を走る
わたし 今夜は気取って タイムをつなぐ
たんたん短気なあの子 散々恋した後のまつり
今夜は暇?って チャイムを鳴らす

ショータイムの終わりを 告げる
ワンナイトの帳を 開ける

ぎんぎん銀河の果ての Moonlight ルーズに照らす
わたし 今夜は気取って ダンスを踊る
散々恋したあの子 カーテンコールで気付く
思い 最後にしてって パルスに惑う

ショータイムの終わりを 告げる
会いたい時必ず 会える

そしておやすみなさい、 さようなら

[Lyrics/Eng Translation] Soutaiseiriron - Peperoncino Candy ペペロンチーノ・キャンディ

I wonder how peperoncino candy tastes like.

Peperoncino Candy


Vocals: Theory of Relativity
Lyrics: Mabe Shuichi/Tica・α
Arrangement: Mabe Shuichi/Yakushimaru Etsuko


Pe-pe-peperoncino candy
You are even more dandy

After-rain Wednesday
Early afternoon Thursday

I didn't say it's definitely impossible?
March 3 is Girls' Festival
I didn't say it's definitely impossible?
Isn't that a lie?

That girl is definitely a real young lady
Even if she strays from the right path, she is definitely a real young lady
That girl is definitely a real young lady
Even at home she is definitely a real young lady

Pe-pe-peperoncino candy
Tomorrow is definitely Sunday

I didn't say it's definitely impossible?
A three nights and four days disappearance
I didn't say it's definitely impossible?
Isn't that a lie?

That girl is definitely a real young lady
Even if she strays from the right path, she is definitely a real young lady
That girl is definitely a real young lady
Even at home she is definitely a real young lady
Ahh A young lady

That girl is definitely a real young lady
Even if she strays from the right path, she is definitely a real young lady
That girl is definitely, even at home she is definitely
A real definite young lady
That girl is definitely, even if she strays from the right path she is definitely
Her heart is definitely a young lady


ペ ペ ペペロンチーノ・キャンディー
あ あ あなたはもっとダンディー

あ あ 雨上がりのWednesday
ひ ひ 昼下がりのThursday



ペ ペ ペペロンチーノ・キャンディー
あ あ あしたはきっとSunday




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[Review] Yanderella

Title: Yanderella
Developer: CHARON (Nekofuji Kaoru)
Genre: Eroge-styled Horror Adventure


Yatarou, the main character, is a handsome hikikomori.
One day, he has a reunion with his former best friends Honoka and Hinata.
However, a warped love triangle lurks behind the happy days the three of them spend together.


I really expected this to be the usual RPGmaker horror game with chase scenes and puzzle solving, but it turned out to be something near a visual novel dating game with some killer yandere girls. Pretty refreshing I must say.

What caught my attention for this game was the paint-esque art. I still don't know how to magically manipulate paint to create two moe anime girls, so I've come to appreciate the art style of this game. I find it hilarious that Yatarou's face doesn't change all throughout.

As far as I know, there are 3 endings: one where you don't get killed, one where Hinata goes cray-cray, and one where Honoka goes cray-cray. You unlock these by choosing whether you give the bear to any of them or keep it to yourself.

Despite this being lighter than the usual horror, there are still a bunch of things that scare me in this game. One moment it's all normal and lovey dovey then-- BOOM. Yandere horror comes in like a jump scare. The last scenes in the game were the best. The music that plays is just perfect (For Honoka's ending, a very familiar song plays). I enjoyed it too much. I still can't decide which ending is better/the lesser evil, but I'd have to say Hinata's was more brutal.

What to expect:
- Lots of choices, hilarious ones
- Story/Dialogue-heavy because it's like a VN
- Zero chase scenes (Ok, maybe there is one but you don't have to control the character)
- Dramatic lovey dovey music
- Dramatic yandere music
- Ero scenes?! (Not really.)


The most difficult choice in the game.

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[Translation] Brothers Conflict Short Stories #1: Ryoute Ni Ani, Sore Wa Hana No You Ni

Brothers Conflict
Side Tsubaki and Azusa: Brothers in Both Hands, Just Like Flowers

(TN: The title is a play on the proverb Ryoute ni Hana or "Flowers in both hands", which means having 2 lovers at once.)

Note: I arranged the text into sections so it's easier to locate them if you happen to have a copy of the book.


Christmas draws near and the city transforms completely into a refreshing ambiance.

However, the me right now has no time to stop and gaze at the scenery.

"Ah! Look at that!"

"Kyaa...!! A girl with two lovers?"

"Eh? Which one is the real one?"

I hear different voices, not just those of women but also those of a group of men.

I couldn't bear it, so my gaze fell on the ground.


"Is something wrong?"

Azusa, who was holding my left hand, said.

"If you don't watch where you're going, you'll stumble, you know!"

I heard the voice of Tsubaki, who continued to hold my right hand.

It's only four days before Christmas eve.

Tsubaki-san, Azusa-san, and I were at Omotesandou (T/N: An avenue in Shibuya and Minato) together.

With both of them holding my hands...

Why did this sort of thing happen?


"Azusa-san, what's wrong?!"

About an hour ago, after finishing some shopping, I saw Azusa at the mansion's entrance.

His movements were kinda weird.

His steps were shaky. He was somehow walking while holding on to the wall.

(... Don't tell me he caught a cold?!)

I ran to him in panic. Azusa-san slowly looked at my direction while moving as if he was looking for something.


"Umm... Ah! It's you. What's wrong?"

"I should be asking you that. Are you alright?"


"I mean... you were shivering that much."


Azusa-san gave an anxious smile.

"Don't worry. I'm not sick. It's just that... my glasses broke."

"Your glasses?"


Now that you mention it, Azusa isn't wearing any glasses.

"My eyesight is bad. Without my glasses, I can't see my surroundings properly."

"So that's what it was about..."

"Yeah. My spare one also broke. I have a recording session tomorrow so I thought of buying a new one today."

Having said that, Azusa walked away.

However, no matter how you look at it, his manner of walking was dangerous.

"Umm... Will you be ok on your own?"



With a distorted look from spending a short while thinking, Azusa said:

"You're right. It looks like it's impossible. I'm sorry, but do you think you can accompany me?"

"I understand."

I nodded and Azusa-san held out his hand.

"Sorry. Please take care of me."

I unconsciously gripped his hand.

p. 12

At that moment, the temperature of Azusa-san’s hand was transmitted to mine.

(… ah)

Now that I think about it, I’ve never held hands with Azusa this tightly before.

Suddenly, my heart starts beating fast.

At that moment—-

"Ah! It looks like they’re holding hands!"

We heard a loud voice from inside the elevator. Tsubaki stood up.


"What’s this? What are the two of you up to?"

Azusa: “We’re not up to anything. We’re just off to buy a new pair of glasses.”

Azusa-san answered calmly.



"Huh? But Azusa, don’t you have a spare?"

"About that… right now, someone is holding on to it at his own convenience."



Suddenly, Tsubaki-san said in a loud voice.

"Alright! I’ll also accompany you. Let’s go there together <3"

And then he suddenly took my hand.

"U-Um.. Tsubaki-san?!"

Tsubaki: “I know a good store in Omotesandou.”

Azusa: “No, I’d prefer somewhere nearer…”

"What are you saying, Azusa? It will be shameful if you show up at the studio with cheap looking glasses."

Tsubaki-san said. And so Azusa and I started walking to Omotesandou against our wills.



"Ah! W-Wait, Tsubaki-san!"

I was pulled by Tsubaki-san. Azusa-san was also pulled along in that state.

And so, the three of us walked through Omotesandou while holding hands.

Tsubaki: “Ah, over here! See? This place gives you a nice feel, doesn’t it?”

After constantly looking at the scenery while walking, I looked up upon hearing Tsubaki’s voice.


I could see an expensive-looking shop right in front of my fashion-conscious eyes.

"Tsubaki, an ordinary shop is fine."

Although Azusa-san said that, Tsubaki-san shook his head sideways.

"No can do. That’s because it’s my present."

"Present? Tsubaki… Aren’t you just saying that to compensate for borrowing my spare glasses?"

"Like I said… I also feel regretful."

Tsubaki said slowly in a clear and admirable way.

However, Azusa-san answered in a final tone.


Azusa: “As I though, it’s fine. I’ll buy what I need on my own.”

Tsubaki: “Oi, Azusa…”

Azusa: “Wait. Instead, buy her a present since it’s almost Christmas.”

Azusa-san turned to look at me.

Azusa: “Well? Won’t you get one for her?”

"Um.. but my eyes aren’t really…"

Azusa: “It’s fine. It’s alright if you just wear them for style.”

Tsubaki: “Uwaa! That one is cool! Not bad!”

Tsubaki shouted happily.

p. 14

"Then… since I’ll pay for them, you pick one too, Azusa."

"Me too? Why?"

"Both of us will pick out a good pair for her to choose from. That will be our present. The one who loses will have to buy Christmas cake."

"Tsubaki, you’re making things more complicated."

"Then how about some sweets? Aren’t there a lot of good stores in this area?" Tsubaki smiled as he said.

Azusa-san looked at his face and let out a long sigh.


"… I got it. Then, let’s do that."

And then we entered the store.

Not even five minutes passed and Azusa already decided on a pair of glasses for himself.

"Huh? You already decided? Wait… Isn’t that exactly the same one as your last pair?"

"Eh. How boring. There are a lot of glasses here. Think about your choice more carefully."

"Well, well. I was thinking Tsubaki-san wanted to hurry up and choose glasses for her."


After hearing that, Tsubaki-san laughed.

"Well, if you say so. Then, shall we start?"


At that signal, they both split up inside the store.

…. 30 minutes later…

Tsubaki-san and Azusa-san brought back cases to me.

Tsubaki: “Then this one… and this one…”


p. 15

"It’s fine."

The two cases were handed to me in front of my eyes.

"One.. two… three!"

They were both opened.


Inside the two cases were the same pair of glasses.

Tsubaki-san and Azusa-san were both in blank amazement and exchanged glances with each other.
I was also at a loss for words.

(Amazing… As expected of identical twin brothers.)


After a blink, Tsubaki-san started to smile happily.

Also, Azusa-san, who seemed troubled gave a bitter smile.

"What do we do? We won’t know whose present won."

"Then… how about this?"

And so, I received two pairs of glasses, and two boxes of donuts from a famous shop as Christmas presents.


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[Review] Stray Cat Crossing Demo

Title: Stray Cat Crossing
Developer: Jurlo & Jetpackgone
Released: 2014
Console: PC (RPGmaker)
Version: 0.2
Genre: Puzzle, Horror, Adventure


While searching for a stray cat, the protagonist finds herself trapped in a mysterious red room, unable to leave until she solves the puzzles and riddles of a babyfaced figure.


This game has really interesting graphics and animations. That's what caught my attention throughout the game. I love how it's all weird and bizarre. The sprites and animations looked like they were painstakingly made. They even included short animated video clips in there, some of them are jump scares. That creepy saw-like baby face too is a pretty cool concept. I'm also seeing a bunch of original concepts which is refreshing (cause I play too many RPGmaker horror games and so many things are already getting old).

Considering it's still the demo, there isn't much plot to it yet. I'm hoping for a good plot to accompany the attractive graphics and nice music. I'd love to play more of this game.

Recommended for:

- People who love carnival-like themes
- Those who don't want any chase scenes (This demo didn't have any)
- Those who just want to do puzzle solving

Walkthrough over here!

Download here. And follow them on tumblr for updates on the game.

It's not the dead bird?

.... the fox say?! *gets shot*