Wednesday, December 3, 2014

[Review] Stray Cat Crossing Demo

Title: Stray Cat Crossing
Developer: Jurlo & Jetpackgone
Released: 2014
Console: PC (RPGmaker)
Version: 0.2
Genre: Puzzle, Horror, Adventure


While searching for a stray cat, the protagonist finds herself trapped in a mysterious red room, unable to leave until she solves the puzzles and riddles of a babyfaced figure.


This game has really interesting graphics and animations. That's what caught my attention throughout the game. I love how it's all weird and bizarre. The sprites and animations looked like they were painstakingly made. They even included short animated video clips in there, some of them are jump scares. That creepy saw-like baby face too is a pretty cool concept. I'm also seeing a bunch of original concepts which is refreshing (cause I play too many RPGmaker horror games and so many things are already getting old).

Considering it's still the demo, there isn't much plot to it yet. I'm hoping for a good plot to accompany the attractive graphics and nice music. I'd love to play more of this game.

Recommended for:

- People who love carnival-like themes
- Those who don't want any chase scenes (This demo didn't have any)
- Those who just want to do puzzle solving

Walkthrough over here!

Download here. And follow them on tumblr for updates on the game.

It's not the dead bird?

.... the fox say?! *gets shot*

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