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[Translation] Dot Kareshi -We're 8bit Lovers! 1 - Mahoutsukai

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Mahoutsukai's Route~

H = Hero
P = Priest
M = Magician
T = Thief

Magician (Pick this)

M: You're choosing me? I wasn't really expecting it. I'm glad.

H: How lame. Why isn't it me? I'm this game's main character.
Go look for that grimoire in the library nearby. It doesn't seem like a mission at all. Ah, I don't get why you'd want to do this.

P: Losing against Magician... It's as if life is already at a troublesome level.

T: I get it. When someone else gets chosen, you just can't agree with it.

M: What do you mean by that? I'll send you flying before the quest starts. If it's here, I can easily replenish my MP.
Heh. If you want me to stop, then I'll let it slide.
Ah, Master, we'll take this quest.

Master: Got it. Here you go. Obtaining the legendary grimoire quest, right?
The quest details are written on this paper. If something you don't understand happens, use this to confirm it.

M: Thank you very much.
Well then everyone, let's depart.

H: Eh...

T: Booring.

P: I wanna go home.

H: So, what exactly is that so called "obtaining the legendary grimoire quest"?

M: Umm... yes.
At a place a bit far off from here, there appears to be a mansion.
It seems that the legendary grimoire is sealed there.

P: Is there even a chance for us to break that seal?
If we go check it out but can't do anything about that seal, it'll be a waste of time going there.

M: I can't say for certain, but I think it will probably be alright.
They say that legendary grimoire seems to have a connection with the underworld.

P: I get it.

M: Humph. It's fine. You never had that much interest in me so it's obvious you don't get it.

T-That's not true! (+0)
From now on, I want to get to know you more! (pick this +20)
I'm sorry... (+10)

M: P-Please don't say such nice things at the spur of the moment. Though you've been neglecting me all this time...
I've been studying literature related to the underworld since the beginning.
And... That sealed grimoire could have been left by a magician who came from the underworld.
From the beginning, you've been ignoring me a lot.
A person goes through great lengths to fire a huge magic spell, but you just calmly switched the effect movie off.

H: Well, that's... uhh...

T: That's kinda... how should I put it... Don't blame her for that.

M: What?

P: Your magic effects are too painstakingly long.

H: If it was me, I'd end the battle with just one blow. On the other hand, your magic's effect movie takes several minutes.

M: Isn't it fine?! I usually don't stand out! It's the only scene where I'm highlighted!
I'm a magician so I have to wear this hat. Because of this, you can't even see my face properly!
Argh... whatever. Let's go!

T: So this is the house where the grimoire is sealed~ The atmosphere is kinda perfect.

H: Let's hurry up and finish this. I want to quickly say goodbye to this weird mansion.

M: Right. First off, let's look for the room where the grimoire is sealed.

T: Do you know?

M: There's a considerably deep magical power hanging in the air. If we follow that, we'll immediately find out where the room is.

H: Then please lead the way.

M: Got it. Well then, let's go.

P: Hey, Magician...

M: Yes. What is it?

P: You have something you need to say to me, don't you?

M: As expected of Priest. You can sense the sinister magic's vortex.

H: Wait, wait. What do you mean by that?

M: Actually, because this mansion continued to seal the legendary grimoire for a long time, its influence became stronger.

T: The grimoire's influence?

M: I hear undead monsters are summoned by it. This place is famous in this neighborhood for being the mansion of death.

H: You..!! You should tell us things like this earlier!

P: I happen to have purification white magic, you know.

M: Isn't it fine? With our level and physiology, it won't be a hard fight.

H: Isn't that the number one problem we have?

M: Come, let's move forward efficiently. The grimoire is waiting for us.

H: Ahh... I don't want to go.
I hate smelling bad from fighting zombies at close range.

T: Agreed...

P: You vanguards, do your work. I'll be backing you up from behind.

T: Hiiii..!!! A zombie jumped down from the ceilinnnngggg!!
And even if I know they're not carrying good items for me to steal, I thoughtlessly stole another cursed item!!

P: Just throw that thing away, you idiot!

Zombie 1: AaAaaA...

P: When one of these guys catch sight of you, the rest come swarming.

H: Hey, hey... They're rapidly appearing.

Zombie 1: AaAaaaA....

Zombie 2: AaAaaaA....

M: I'd like to save up a lot of MP. I'll leave this to Hero and Thief.

H: It can't be helped then...!! Let's go, Thief!

T: Got it!

M: Yes, I want to go home.

Don't push yourself... (+20 - pick this)
You really want the grimoire that much? (+0)
Are you ok? (+10)

M: Fufu.. Are you worried about me?
It's very unusual of you to be concerned.
For the sake of my own research, for you to get to know me more.
The two main reasons why I want the grimoire sealed here.
In addition to that, there's something I'm concerned about.
If we leave alone the magic that can interfere with the underworld, I don't know what influence it will have on this world.
If that's the case, we can't just leave it alone.
Ah, that's right. Everyone who's a hindrance, will you cooperate on an MP recovery while subjugating zombies?

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