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[Review] Patty and Mr. Miles

Title: Patty and Mr. Miles
Genre: RPG, Comedy
Developer: BrownSugar
Console: PC
Playtime: 1-2 hours

Patty and Mr. Miles is a pretty short game with cutesy graphics and a town that reminds me of the Pokemon town maps. You can fish to earn money or increase your stats, and farm locos that you can use to heal yourself during battles (though really, it isn't necessary to even farm locos just to progress or win boss battles). There are also short side quests available when you talk to the other villagers.

Behind the cutesy exterior is a dark past waiting to be uncovered. Well, if you play the After Story that is. You can totally just stop at the main story and save yourself from the feels and all the weird stuff that happen in the after story. Sometimes, you're just better off not knowing.

I'd recommend this game to people who like the whole 'cute but violent' theme and who are into games with dark back stories. What I love about this game are the graphics and the comedy. I like how you can choose to either waste time by exploring and doing other things or head straight to the ending. I just wish they made the story lengthier and with more character development.

"We're not terrorists. Really."


One day all the heads of the guys in the village got turned into animal heads including Miles'. They suspect that it's the wizard's doing so Miles and his girlfriend Patty head over to the Wizard's Tower to ask the wizard to reverse the so-called 'curse'. There, Miles discovers a secret about the wizard...

-After Story-

Miles and Patty become mayors, so they start having responsibilities like taking requests from the villagers. As they fulfill their duties, Miles begins to remember bits and pieces of his past. Then, things start falling apart...

Because the village needs one so badly!

Mini Guide:

You don't really need a walkthrough for this game, considering it's pretty straightforward, but here's some random info I managed to take down from playing. It's incomplete since most things available aren't necessary to even complete the game and I like saving time soo...


1. Catch giant fish - John
- Just head to the second fishing lake and drop your line right in front of the sea dragon's face. Make sure the bait is right in front of its mouth.
- Go back and talk to John after

2. Convince Daryll not to move - Patricia
- Go to castle
- Talk to Jacob (merchant guy)
- Talk to John
- Bomb castle
- Reward: Veggie Box

3. Farming - Vince


I must admit. I am really terrible at fishing, but I managed to catch a bunch of fish that raised their stats high enough to easily KO bosses with a few moves. So, here are some fish and their corresponding stat increases:

Eel - HP
Sake - Defense
Ei - Special Attack
Beta - Attack


??? badge - found in the tower (I forgot what the pic on the badge was, but this one you'll definitely encounter)
Ghost badge - found in the well
Snowman badge - found in the well

I love this couple. So cute!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

[Walkthrough] フリーゲーム「bury」

Tip: This game requires you to examine things a few times before you make any progress

First Riddle

- Answer to puzzle: cherry
- No. to take from the basket: 5

Blue Shoe Puzzle

- Pick up Tiny Round Boy from the room to the right
- Hit blue shoe and put in Tiny Round Boy
- Catch Tiny Girl inside an unlocked room
- Get Red Book Key from the newly unlocked room with lips
- Unlock farthest door with Red Book Key
- Examine shelf with a little boy sitting on top
- Go down and examine footstool twice
- Push it to the shelf w/ the boy and get Tiny Thin Boy
- Go out of room and get Bundle of Herbs from the nearest stand
- Go to the room with lips and examine lips
- Get Silver Spoon
- Examine the pie to obtain Tiny Baby
- Go back to the blue shoe and examine

Meeting the little boy

- Go to the room that connects to the room w/ the pie but go back out after the short cutscene
- Go back to entrance hall and examine the things blocking the stairs
- Go inside the room with the ghosts (connected to the room with the spider and pie) and give them the Butter Pot
- Go back to entrance hall and enter the door at the top left, go inside the first room nearest to the door

The Cat and the Fiddle

- Talk to the cat with the fiddle, pick "I certainly do"
- Talk to the dog
- Exit room and enter the second to the last room alone
- Talk to irritated girl
- Go back to the room where the ghosts used to be and take Moon Mirror from the wall
- Talk to the cat with the fiddle
- In the room with lips, examine large rose near fireplace
- Go to room with cherry seeds and grab scissors on wall
- Examine large rose
- Talk to irritated girl
- Go outside, go back in and examine fireplace
- Examine dresser
- Give Cow Ornament to cat with fiddle
- Talk to dog

Dinner Table with Dolls

- Use Gold Key on door at the bottom door in the east hallway
- I'll leave the pictures below for the solution:

- Approach boy inside newly unlocked room, answer "Not Particularly"
- Go to main hallway

Meeting Lyell

- Go inside east hallway (you should hear footsteps)
- Run into room where Lyell is when ax girl appears
- Run to main hallway
- Approach boy eating pudding
- Examine frying pan
- Catch Ladybug
- Examine spider web

Hickory Dickory Dock

- Approach girl drinking tea
- Examine feather on the floor
- Talk to guy who lost his eyes
- Flush toilet
- Doll puzzle: (from L to R) W, N, S, E
- Get Clock Wind-up Key from box
- Examine bookshelf near the fireplace inside the room with lots of bookshelves
- Examine clock, turn clock key
- Catch mouse
- Examine toilet
- Examine eye balls on floor, "Stare at Lyell" - must be done twice
- Go to kitchen and examine jug of water and detergent
- Talk to guy who lost his eyes
- Approach thorns

Reuniting with the little boy

- Use turnkey on music box
- Examine closet several times
- Examine egg bowl several times and take White Egg
- Examine folding screen
- Answer to torso puzzle: TREE
- Take Golden Fruit
- Examine planter

Lyell alone

- Enter newly unlocked room on the 2F west hallway
- Examine bed twice, pull out
- Talk to stuffed heads
- The House that Jack Built puzzle: farmer, cock, priest, man, maiden, cow, dog, cat, rat, malt
- Examine painting
- Use Floral Key on locked room
- Examine things until control switched to the other party

The Children Wake Up

- Go to 2F East Hallway, enter newly unlocked room
- Go inside master's room with a note on the table, examine crumpled paper on floor
- Hide in fireplace

Note: I gave  the scissors to the boy earlier in the game

- Head to east hallway, examine strange bee thing

As Coco
- Examine the paper in the room

As Lyell
- Take paper doll chain (on the floor after all the cutscenes)
Note: You won't be able to obtain the paper doll if you answered rudely when you were with Lyell and the boy.

Note: Do NOT remove the pedestal blocking the 1F west hallway

- Take cherry seeds
- Show cherry seeds to weird stranger
- Use keyring on locked door

Location of all the Shiny Objects:
- main hallway
- 1F east hallway (2)
- cherry seed room
- area with the boy eating pudding
- room with spider web
- room with pool table
- room with lips
- 2F main hall (3)
- 2F near stairs where butterflies used to be
- 2F west hall
- room where the torsos used to be
- room with stuffed animal heads
- room where the children slept
- room with the dolls and potato seeds
- area with the bridge and music box
- room where the mouse ran up the clock

After Collecting Shiny Objects

- Go to the room with the closet where the boy hid earlier. There should be a candle there. Examine it after getting all the shiny objects.
- Go to the stairs area where the butterflies used to be for a cutscene
- Go outside the door in the room where you found Coco's notebook

End 1 - Bury - True End
- Follow the walkthrough above

End 2 - Remain Buried
- Exit through the top door right after getting the notebook

End 3 - Bury The Past

Ending Conditions

12/22/14: Ok, Apparently there's a third ending which allows you to access a bonus playroom after. Thanks to Dyoti for pointing this out.

Since I haven't gotten the last ending yet, here are the conditions for all endings taken from 4 cat's site which I translated to English.


When the notebook is filled up, there's an item you have to obtain before following Coco. (If you have it, a cutscene will follow)

To obtain the item, you have to satisfy the two requirements below. 
Condition 1: Put up a favorable impression when the little boy and two people are there.
Condition 2: Don't wreck Lyell's good spirits too much. (Restrain yourself from rude behavior and disregarding warnings.)

There's no need to walk around back and forth to obtain the item. Only, when you control Lyell, you cannot obtain the item between the time when he starts searching for "that room" and before you obtain the notebook.


Follow Coco out the door while the notebook's pages are still incomplete. (When you collect all the pages, Lyell will say something to himself.)


Fulfilling the two requirements below is necessary:
Condition 1: Don't put up a favorable impression when the little boy and two people are there.
Condition 2: When Lyell has not yet read the memo on top of the table in the annex, end the game with the stuffed animals

Extra info for END3: To unlock the door inside the room with the stuffed animals, don't read the memo in the room where the boy hid. Read the 2 notebooks, one inside the pink room and another in the master's room.

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Papina's Otaku Life Update #5: GigaP's Voice is Awesome x Anthology

I've been caught up doing translation work for Corpse Party mangas (Besides working on Black Diary). We just released the Eng translated first chapter of Corpse Party: Coupling x Anthology, a manga that focuses on some popular pairings from Corpse Party. The first chapter is Naho x Kibiki~ So, if you're up for reading it, it's over here.

Besides that, I've been fangirling over GigaP, his voice, and his latest album No Title! (Which was released on my birthday. OMG. It's fate! xD) I absolutely love the songs in that album~ Here's one of my favorites:

I just posted the lyrics to it too in this blog. You can have a look at them here.

If there's one light novel I would love to translate, it's Misao. I still have to obtain a copy of it though. It seems kinda lengthy, but I find the story intriguing for some reason.

I want cold somen noodles~

[Lyrics/Eng Translation] Asymmetry - Kagamine Len/Reol [Giga-P]

Song: Asymmetry
Vocals: Reol [No Title-] / Kagamine Len [No Title+]
Lyrics: L.Petty
Producers: Giga-P, Reol
Release Date: Aug 17, 2014

Len version of the song here.
Reol's version here.


Doshite sekai wa mawaru no?
Doshite inochi wa kizamu no?

Kyou mita yume no hanashi kara
Tooku de hikaru hoshi no kanashimi made

Moshi kimi to aeba
Kyoumi ga ubawareru to
Nandomo nigeta saki ni
Warau omokage

Ima no watashi de wa
Nanimo kamo sutete
Subete sasagete mo mata
Imi o sagashite mo
Hito o tasukete mo
Nanimo kawaru koto naku
Sadame no mama
Sugaru dake de

Doshite ashita o miseru no?
Doshite kinoo wa suteru no?

Kyukutsu sugiru kokoro kara
Shoki mo kyoki mo nai
Sakuryuku made

Futo omoidashita
Kimi no ano yokogao
Nani mo tenitsukanai
Hibi ga hajimaru

Ima no watashi de wa
Te o nobasu koto mo
Yurusareru wake ga naku
Nani ka kanashite mo
Kimi mo mitsukete mo
Nani mo kawaru koto naku
Sadame no mama
Sugaru dake de

Yakunijuu oku no naka kimi ni kaketa
Kitai to ka
Shitsubo to ka
Wasureru hodo
Onaji dake kimi no watashi ni

Moshi mo hitotsu dake
Negaeru no naraba
Houn no sukoshi
Kimi no soba ni
Ikasete yo
Ikitai yo

Ima no watashi nara
Nanimo kamo sutete
Subete sasagetara hora
Kimi ga itekureru
Koko ni itekureru
Sore dake de kawari dasu
Sadame no mama
Ano watashi ni

English Translation:

Why does the world revolve?
Why does life come to pass?

From the talk of the dream I saw today
The sadness of a bright star still shines far away

If I were to meet you, you would steal away my attention
And wear a smiling appearance that  ran away many times before.

The me now throws away anything and everything
Still gives everything up, searches for meaning, and helps people
Remaining unchanged uneventfully
I end up clinging to the current state of my fate

Why are you showing me tomorrow?
Why are you throwing away yesterday?

A heart that's constrained and hardened
Employs a scheme that allows neither sanity nor madness
Suddenly, I remember your profile
Being unable to concentrate on anything
My days begin

The me now extends a hand not for the sake of forgiveness
Letting my tears run dry and searching for you
Nothing changed eventfully
Just clinging to the current state of my fate

Out of two billion, you are the one I hold feelings for
To the extent of forgetting hope and despair
It’s the same way for you with me

If I can have one more wish
Just let me go to your side
I want to go there

If it’s the me now
I'd throw away anything and everything
If I give everything up
You will stay
You will stay right here
That’s what I'll get in exchange
To the current state of my fate
To that me