Sunday, November 30, 2014

[Walkthrough] Stray Cat Crossing

For demo v0.2

Finding out the dog's name

- Read diary in right room
- Get all 3 test tubes, fill them up with the 3 chemicals
- Melt swan
- Pick up roll of film
- Examine projector and play film
- Take egg (just in case but you don't need it to complete demo v0.2)
- Talk to baby face
Dog's name: Faust

What does the ram eat?

- Read diary
- Drink green potion
- Examine corpses
- Talk to baby face
- Examine wall in front of ram
- Take peanut
- Crack nut
- Open ram mouth using key
- Talk to baby face and show him the hearts

The Perfect Song

- Read diary
- Use blue potion on bird
- Talk to baby face
- Go to left room
- Hold bird near piano
- Talk to baby face

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