Friday, November 7, 2014

[Walkthrough] Alyssa

Note: This is the original version, not the revamped

After Alyssa mentions something about looking for William

- Talk to knight statue blocking the kitchen
- Enter Alyssa's room
- Go to library and read a book on defeating demons
- Take Lantern inside library
- Examine sacred fire near the entrance
- Throw sacred fire on tree in Alyssa's room
- Examine bookshelf in Alyssa's room
- Get gallery key from the farthest room
- Unlock the room next to it
- Examine painting of woman
- Talk to knight statue
- Take vase in kitchen
- Go outside and fill up vase
- Throw water on sacred fire

Piano Room

- Take key from table

Don't pull ribbon in piano room
Don't pick up letter (unless you want to see End 2)

- Go to the library and read the books you were unable to reach (2nd shelf from the right, 2nd row)

Eleana and William's room

- Examine paintings
- Examine bookshelf
- Examine painting in Eleana's side of the room, press button
- Pick up Weird Key

- Go inside the room with many chairs, unlock door at the top
- When in the strange dimension, head up to the door
- Passcode: 26
- Pull switch located at the right-side area (should be visible as you head right)
- Exit through the right

2 of the choices below lead to the game freezing when you encounter Eleana and William. So, you can't see endings 3 and 4. I haven't tested it out myself (cause I got discouraged from continuing after getting the 2nd ending) but I assume the 3rd choice would lead to ending 1.

I need to save my family!
I've figured you out! - game freezes
I have a secret weapon


Note: The developer uploaded a file that lets you see all four endings. You can download it here.

Ending 1: Faceless

Ending 2: Sacred Justice
- Pick up letter

Ending 3: Unloved

Ending 4: A Loving Family

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