Tuesday, November 18, 2014

[Review] Alyssa

Title: Alyssa
Developer: Berri
Released: 2014
Genre: Horror, Puzzle

Note: This is the original version. They're currently working on a revamped version of the game. See updates here.


Alyssa is a girl who lives in a mansion with her parents and two servants, William and Eleana. On her birthday, she decides to go for a picnic with her parents but they cancel, so she heads to their room to convince them and finds a demon there.


Honestly, I have several complaints about the game, but don't let this stop you from playing. Overall, it's still enjoyable. Anyway, the save point is in an annoying place, where there are 2 demons walking around. (Thank goodness they fixed this in the revamped version) You'd be forced to dash every time you try to save and also after you save, which is annoying.

After playing several RPGmaker horror games some things start to get old and nothing feels new anymore, so if you're like me, you may feel a bit bored with the game. The puzzles are nothing new. Some of them you might have already encountered in other games. What does make this game worth playing is its mystery. (Though at some point in the game the plot is already pretty predictable... until you get to the ending and you're like wtf) What really happened?

The art in the game is alright. Alyssa turned out to be an adorable looking loli. The customized tiles look pretty good too. William looks like a girl though. As for the music, I'm hearing some familiar tunes there. Fits the atmosphere fine.

That painting on the right is your save point and heal.
Oh, and look what's guarding it!

Yeah. Little girl can blow up trees!

Seriously, I was expecting William to suddenly stop his goody-two-shoes act and reveal himself to be the mastermind. I mean, he's the person you'd least suspect. Didn't happen so... The WilliamxAlyssa ship lives!! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ But then in the end---*gets shot for almost saying spoilers*

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