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I'll do my best today too~!」
CV: Papina

Name:貴音パピナ (Takane Papina)
Gender: ♀
Age: 19
Height: 160cm
Weight: 45kg
Hair color: Brown
Eye Color: Red
Likes: soymilk、glasses、friendship
Dislikes: Failure

Takane Papina is a very cheerful and optimistic girl。

I made Takane cause I needed an extra vocalist for my games' insert songs. Synthetic voices are honestly easier to work with than my own voice.

I intend to release songs composed specifically for Takane, so please look forward to them!

・Twitter: @azunekop (I post music updates here. You can also contact me here. 全部は日本語だけどwすみません)
・DeviantArt: papina
・ YouTube: Papina
・Nico Nico Douga: user/42519542/mylist

Original Songs


The following guidelines should be read by all who wish to use the voicebank。

○ The public distribution of music made using Takane Papina's voicebank is allowed。
○ Using Takane Papina's voicebank for political campaigns, slander, or defying public morals is definitely not allowed!o( ><)o
○ Using this voicebank for commercial purposes and for R-18 works is also not allowed。
○ We are not responsible for any damages or loss caused by the use of Takane Papina's voicebank。
○ You are free to distribute your own oto.ini configuration for this voicebank。
○ Please do not redistribute this voicebank without linking this page!
○ For any questions, please contact Papina. (See links above)

貴音パピナVer.1.01 Voicebank Download⇒ こち

Please let her sing with Tsuine Owata!(〃▽〃)

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