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Rune Factory 4 - Hidden Items and General Tips

I'm getting pretty obsessed with this game. But meh.. *shrug*

This is the info I gathered from spending a lot of time playing the game. xD

Hidden Items and Free Items

- When Volkanon asks you if you've been eating everyday, say "No." and he will give you a free Fruit Sandwich
- Examine the two plants near the entrance inside Porco's Restaurant while Porco is around.
- Examine the shelves/kitchen beside the entrance (the one with fruits) while Margaret is around.
- Examine the northwest area on the 2nd floor of Blossom's house while Blossom is in the room.
- Examine the southwest and northwest shelves at the General Store with Doug and Blossom around.
- While having people in your party, go take a bath. There's a chance of them giving you a free item. (Credits to Toru for discovering this)

Increasing Crafting Skill

This is how I boosted my crafting skill and earned some cash early game:

Equip clippers and head to the forest. Start clipping wool off woolys until you gather a bunch of yarn. Go to your crafting table and start making a ton of yarn. Those sell around 80g each so if you ship 10, that's around 800g which isn't as much but it can still get you around 80 turnip seeds. Your crafting level should slowly increase if you keep crafting yarn everyday from your own monster wooly's fur (you can get around 2-3 per day from just having 1 wooly).

It gets less effective as you increase your level, but then by the time you reach 15+ you'll probably have a bunch of other recipes you can randomly craft and upgrade. I guess upgrading is another way to speed up your leveling.

Shop Guide

I suggest selling cooked meals in the shop. I noticed that they usually end up getting sold at a higher price. Here's a comparison:

Item -------- Price if Shipped --- Prices Sold in Shop

Glazed Yam ------ 644 --------- 1078, 1058
Boiled Spinach --- 95 ----------- 160, 169
Fried Eggs ------- 536 ---------- 628, 790
Milk Porridge ---- 380 ---------- 580
Heavy Spice ----- 180 ---------- 200, 207

Pink Cat --------- 110 ---------- 113
Yarn ------------- 80 ----------- 84

When an offer is made, just accept it for the sake of leveling. As you increase your level in bartering, you'll get the Sell with a Smile skill which lets you use RP to increase the prices. It's a handy skill to use when you want more profit.

The best time to sell is during festivals when everyone is gathered at the plaza. They will all flock to your shop. xD I love festivals.

I hate it when it rains though. >_> Barely any customers.

Defeating the Mamadoodle

Special thanks to Toru for discovering this strategy while borrowing my game. lol

Early game, you're still too weak to do significant damage to the Mamadoodle but there IS a way to defeat it. Though it works better when there's just one Mamadoodle.

First, make a bunch of failed dishes. You'll need at least 5, but carry more just to be safe. Next, find 2 people to join your party who will be your meat shields (Yes. MEAT SHIELDS.) Toru used Clorica and Nancy. Since you're planning ahead, I suggest equipping them with weapons that do continuous attacks like double blades or fists. DO NOT take Bado with you. He is the laziest companion ever. He won't attack at all.

Now you head to the cave where there's just 1 Mamadoodle. If you chose the right people for your party, they'll attack it. The Mamadoodle usually attacks only when you're not attacking it, so the weapons that do continuous attacks should buy you some time. Your role is to throw failed dishes at it until it dies. Do it as fast as you can because your meat shields can get knocked out any minute.

I will end this section with a quote from Toru: "Failure will lead to success!"


- At the buddy battle festival, don't pick a wooly to be part of your team. >_> They don't fight at all.

Random Fun Things to Do

Here's my to-do list for Rune Factory 4:

- Mass produce cat ears and give them to everyone in town so they'll all wear cat ears
- Upgrade equips with stat-decreasing stuff and give them to Bado cause I hate Bado.
- Collect boss monsters and make them do farm work for me

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