Friday, August 15, 2014

Rune Factory 4 - Arthur's Events

I accidentally ended up dating Arthur. How did that happen? I pressed 'I love you' for the lolz while he was at 7 hearts expecting him to think I was kidding but he ended up accepting. LOL Well, I planned to marry him anyway. xD Mehehe...

OMG. He says the cutest things. My heart melts every time he says stuff that makes him embarrassed. (/∇\*)。o○♡ Argh. Mah heart!

He gets embarrassed a lot cause he has no experience in dating, which isn't surprising since he spends most of his time doing business and other paperwork.

Date Events

Porco's Restaurant

Porco greets Frey and Arthur and treats them to a meal. As both of them sit down and eat, Frey notices that Arthur seems kinda nervous. She decides to tease him and asks him to go 'Aaah'. He then shyly goes 'Aaah' and she feeds him. He decides to feed her too and enjoyed seeing her turn red and stuff. (Ermergerd so cuteヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ)

Ahaha... uhh... yeah. ( ・ㅂ・")

He really is embarrassed~ 

OMG so adorable. WHY. \(//∇//)\


Flower Shop

Frey and Arthur head to the flower shop where Arthur suddenly says that he'll try to look for his own favorite flower. Frey decides to give a gift (there's also an option not to), and it turns out they were both thinking the same thing.

So dere! I'm getting a heart attack! (ෆ`꒳´ෆ) ˡºᵛᵉ❤⃛


Frey and Arthur head to Bado's shop where they make badges. Bado decides to leave them alone in the shop. They tell him that he doesn't have to leave. Then Bado's all like:

Once Bado is out, Arthur makes a joke that they should show him what they're made of. Frey gets surprised. Arthur then becomes embarrassed and tells her that he's just kidding.

So, they proceed to make badges. At the end of the date, they exchange badges.

Daily Conversation

- Arthur says he went on a business trip and picked out a present for Frey, which is a pair of spectacles (Ahaha... not surprising).

- There was also another time where he just suddenly went "I love you." then "Are you surprised by my sudden confession?"

*To be updated as I progress through the game

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