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[Translation] Corpse Party 2U Scene: Yoshiki and Morishige's Costume Play

Because I must share this scene with the world.

From Corpse Party -THE ANTHOLOGY- Sachiko's Game of Love ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U - Chapter 0

I thank a.doosth for providing me with the raw text.

【Yoshiki】「After crossing this wooden board…… is another classroom, huh?」

On top of the classroom's desks are several mysterious cardboard boxes.

【Yoshiki】「What kind of trick could it be this time…… Hm? Morishige…… What are you doing?」
【Morishige】「So it's you, Kishinuma.」
【Yoshiki】「You're not going to proceed? Is this some kind of quiz?」
【Morishige】「No、it's something that makes you use your body rather than your head. Well, have a look.」

Morishige grabbed the box nearest to him、and showed its contents to Yoshiki。Placed inside it is a maid costume set 。

【Yoshiki】「What the hell is this? There are cat ears included with the maid outfit?Morishige... you... have this kind of hobby?」
【Morishige】「Of course not! That's why I'm troubled!」
【Yoshiki】「Troubled……then it's something else? When I open these boxes, they all contain costumes……」
【Morishige】「If we don't put on those costumes……」
【Yoshiki】「So this is why you couldn't proceed earlier.」
【Morishige】「It's according to Sachiko's explanation」
【Sachiko】「So that's how it is。Now, now, please face the next room and quickly choose one, Kishinuma.」
【Yoshiki】「Because it's her、she won't be kind about the clothes.」
【Morishige】「That is a huge possibility」
【Yoshiki】「Can we really not proceed unless we put these on?」
【Morishige】「I tried to get the door opened, but it doesn't budge.」
【Yoshiki】「As expected……」
【Yoshiki】「(It looks like we really have to follow Sachiko's rules……)」
【Yoshiki】「(Although it's for Shinozaki's sake、if I pull out an embarrassing maid outfit……)」

Yoshiki tried opening the lid of the box nearest to him。

【Yoshiki】「……wha.. 」

A white wedding dress was inside。

【Yoshiki】「Why do I have to wear this!!」
【Morishige】「Although I'm wondering if this was to see what choice we'd make if girls will come……It seems like this is just sexual harrassment.」
【Yoshiki】「You're also calmly analyzing the situation!?」
【Morishige】「Kishinuma。Between the maid outfit and the wedding dress, which would you prefer?」
【Morishige】「I think the wedding dress is preferrable.」
【Yoshiki】「Is... that so? Though I don't think the wedding dress is preferrable.」
【Morishige】「Then、how about we exchange costumes? I still feel reluctant to wear it but、we should change into the costume we prefer to wear.」
【Yoshiki】「Exchanging costumes huh……」

Morishige proceeds to exchange the costume he chose.

【Yoshiki】「No wait, isn't there some kind of rule that says exchanging costumes is pointless?」
【Yoshiki】「You're right。We're better off not doing that.」
【Morishige】「The rule definitely stated that it's absolutely necessary to wear the costumes we chose.」
【Yoshiki】「Ugh。So that means I have to wear this wedding dress no matter what.」
【Morishige】「As for me, this maid costume with cat ears……」
【Morishige】「……I knew it、we really have no choice but to put on the costume.」
【Yoshiki】「That's right。We should just hurry and give up。We can think of it as if we're doing some kind of play.」
【Morishige】「Drama, huh。If it's that, I suppose it solves our problem a little……」
【Morishige】「Although I'll probably commit suicide if Mayu sees me wearing this.」
【Yoshiki】「Well……I kinda understand how you feel.」
【Yoshiki】「(I'd also do the same if Shinozaki sees me……)」

【Taguchi】「Good morning, everyone。I'm Taguchi the assault reporter.」
【Taguchi】「Right now, I'm inside the room where the dress-up contest is taking place.」
【Taguchi】「Although I don't know how many female participants remain、Taguchi's heart is beating fast.」
【Taguchi】「Taguchi's heart is racing、Taguchi's heart is racing。It rhymes yet doesn't rhyme.」

【Yoshiki】「Wait, how do we even put on these clothes?」
【Morishige】「It looks like putting it on alone is impossible.」

【Taguchi】「Uh-oh、I've already entered the room。I think the voices I'm hearing sound male?」
【Taguchi】「Unfortunately, they seem to belong to two boys。And these two appear to be Kishinuma Yoshiki-kun and……Sakutaro Morishige-kun.」
【Taguchi】「Let's be still for a short while and see what happens.」

Meanwhile、at that moment。
The screen of the TV inside the auditorium continued to broadcast what was happening。

【Mayu】「S-Shig-nii!? Wearing a maid costume……What in the world happened!?」
【Morishige】「Kishinuma, sorry but could you pull up the zipper on my back?」
【Yoshiki】「Guess it can't be helped。Although I said I'll do it myself、I can't even put it on.」
【Morishige】「Ah。I'm almost done putting mine on, so I promise to help you put on yours when I'm done.」
【Yoshiki】「That's pretty exaggerated for a promise.」
【Mayu】「(W-Why are the both of them changing clothes together? And what's more, the costume Kishinuma-kun is putting on looks like a wedding dress?)」

The Yoshiki displayed on the TV stepped on the hem of his skirt and tripped。

【Morishige】「Be careful, Kishinuma.」
【Yoshiki】「S-Sorry。I've never worn clothes with a skirt this long before.」
【Morishige】「Well, you have a point。It would be scary getting used to these clothes……」

【Mayu】「Eeeh!? Why are they hugging each other?」

【Yoshiki】「Didn't something like this happen before? Except our circumstances now are reversed.」
【Morishige】「Reversed? There was a time when I fell over and you helped me?」
【Yoshiki】「Of course there was!」
【Morishige】「Ahh, you mean that time……The situation this time is exactly the same……」

【Mayu】「W-What do you mean? Shig-nii and Kishinuma-kun were that close!?」
【Mayu】「(Now that he mentioned it, there was a time when I saw both of them huddled close together on my way home……)」
【Mayu】「(I wonder if this is something I also shouldn't see like that time……)」
【Mayu】「If I'm not supposed to look, then I won't look! I won't look, ok? Shig-nii!」

If I close my eyes, I won't see anything scary。
Mayu closed her eyes。

【Morishige】「I knew it……Wearing these cat ears is also necessary?」
【Yoshiki】「Looks like it.」

【Mayu】「(C-Cat ears!? What in the world are you doing, Shig-nii!)」

【Morishige】「I'm thinking about how a respectable human would wear these…. Umm...Is this how it should feel like?」
【Yoshiki】「What's wrong, Morishige?」
【Morishige】「Come Ojou-sama、let's get you changed! I shall assist you!」
【Yoshiki】「Huh? What the hell are you saying……」
【Morishige】「My! What is with your language!」
【Morishige】「If you were discreet with your words at any time and place like a lady should be、you would always have nothing to say!」
【Yoshiki】「……hey。What happened to you?」

【Mayu】「(Shig-nii!? Could this be part of his acting? ……Uuu~、It worries me!)」

【Morishige】「There's nothing wrong with me! Why I am here is for Ojou-sama's sake!」
【Yoshiki】「Who are you calling an ojou-sama! The feeling of wearing a maid outfit makes you completely a maid?」
【Morishige】「What do you mean 'maid'! Don't say things I can't understand!」
【Yoshiki】「Hm? Have you come back to normal?」
【Morishige】「Ojou-sama, why do you say such mean things? Haa! Could it be that I've angered Ojou-sama!?」
【Yoshiki】「Huh? You've become weird again? No.... Well……However, I was thinking that it's disgusting.」
【Morishige】「Then please punish me!」

【Mayu】「S-Shig-nii, what are you saying!?」

【Morishige】「For hurting Ojou-sama's feelings, please punish me to your heart's content!」
【Yoshiki】「Even if you say 'please'...」
【Morishige】「My gosh! What in the world are you planning to do!」
【Yoshiki】「You……what the hell have you been saying since a while ago? I'm also thrown into confusion.」
【Morishige】「Ahh……how kind of you! Worrying about me in that manner……」
【Morishige】「Please do as you wish with me。I'll accept whatever punishment you give me!」
【Morishige】「Please, Ojou-sama! Punish me!」
【Yoshiki】「Err.. no, a punishment is kinda…… Gosh! Give me a break!」
【Morishige】「Please do something like that to me!」
【Yoshiki】「That's why……」
【Morishige】「Aah……Please。If I don't receive punishment from Ojou-sama, I think I'll go crazy!」
【Yoshiki】「Don't you think you're moving towards a different direction?」
【Morishige】「Uuu……To irritate you this much, this lady is cruel!」
【Morishige】「From receiving punishment from Ojou-sama just through imagination、an exciting feeling runs through my body even though warmth overflows from my heart……!」
【Yoshiki】「Y-You're crazy! What the hell is this... an S&M play!?」
【Morishige】「Kishinuma, what do you intend to do?!」
【Yoshiki】「N-No, I don't have that kind of hobby or anything……You've been all "Please punish me!" since a while ago!」
【Morishige】「Please……spank me on the butt!」
【Yoshiki】「You want me to spank your butt so you'll feel satisfied?」
【Yoshiki】「(Wait, could this be that? Like when Shinozaki started acting strange……)」
【Yoshiki】「Morishige, could it be that there's something possessing you?」
【Morishige】「Yes, it looks like it。Since a while ago, my actions don't seem to match what I intend to do……」
【Yoshiki】「It's that, huh.」
【Morishige】「Come, hurry up with my spanking! Come on!」
【Yoshiki】「Is it really ok to spank you?」
【Morishige】「Don't screw around with me, Kishinuma!」
【Yoshiki】「But if we satisfy the spirit through spanking, it might unexpectedly be able to rest in peace.」
【Morishige】「Hurry up with my spaaaaanking!」

【Mayu】「W-W-W-W-What happened to you, Shig-nii! You're not the same Shig-nii I know!」

【Yoshiki】「Morishige, it really is the maid costume's fault, huh?」
【Morishige】「I also... agree!」
【Yoshiki】「Then if we tear the maid costume, won't you go back to normal?」
【Morishige】「It's not the costume! Please spank me! Quick! Hurry up and spank my butt!」
【Yoshiki】「You kept talking about getting a punishment, but you just really want to be spanked, huh!」
【Morishige】「Who the hell would want to be spanked! Let's just go with your idea and tear this costume off!」
【Yoshiki】「Alright, I understand! Don't get mad at me for being a little rough, ok?」

【Mayu】「(I knew it. Closing my eyes makes me worried.)」

As Mayu struggled to open her eyes, she saw a terribly strange sight before her。
Yoshiki in a wedding dress is tearing the cloth off the chest of Morishige, who was wearing a maid costume with cat ears……!

Mwhahaha. The infamous CG.

【Mayu】「!? Shig-nii has……Nooooooo!!」

【Morishige】「For a moment, I thought about what might've happened to me……It's thanks to you, Kishinuma, that I'm saved.」
【Yoshiki】「After all, I'm also a victim of this。Getting your sanity back also really saves me the trouble, you know.」
【Morishige】「However, I don't think I'd recover if anyone else saw me act like that a while ago.」
【Yoshiki】「You did say you wanted your butt to be spanked、Hahaha」
【Yoshiki】「I understand。I'm not supposed to tell anyone, right?」
【Morishige】「If you understand, then everything is fine.」

There was a sound。There was a clear sound of something alive that's moving。
Morishige and Yoshiki simultaneously stared at the direction of the sound。

【Yoshiki】「Is someone around?」
【Yoshiki】「Is it just my imagination?」
【Morishige】「No, I'm certain there was a sound.」
【Yoshiki】「I see. Come out! I know you're hiding in here!」
【Taguchi】「A-A-Ah! I'm sorry。I didn't mean to provoke you or anything.」
【Morishige】「Who are you?」

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