Sunday, August 21, 2016

Noctis Noir: A new game-themed light novel series!

You can grab a copy at Amazon!

Or if you want to read it for FREE, you can sign up for Amazon's 30 day trial for Kindle Unlimited and read it there!

If you don't have the mobile Kindle app yet, you can download it here:

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

[Walkthrough] Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising/ Path of Heroes - General Tips

It's been a while since I posted any guides. Been concentrating on my manga, but now this game is distracting me so I will be posting a series of guides and tips for the mobile version of Ragnarok for my guildmates.

Anyway, this is a summary of some information I've gathered from playing.

Leveling Up Fast

- The fastest way to level is to do your main quests.

- It's much faster to level in a party, especially if you kill faster with them than going solo. According to this post in the forums, the exp split in a party is 85% for 2 members, and 75% for 3.

- Having all 4 classes makes a great leveling party. The priest can watch out for health and give buffs, casting sanctuary around the area where the tank stands. The knight can either act as a tank or lure monsters. The assassin can lure monsters and stun annoying vvs monsters that get lured along. The mage can spam high damage spells and kill everything in its path.

- If you prefer to go solo or have no one to party with at the moment, you can head to the home screen and do the solo dungeon. Level up your mercenaries so they can take on stronger monsters and kill faster. If you have the 3x EXP item, you can use it here. You can earn around 10% exp per run (though that depends on your level and the dungeon).

- If you're trying to complete a hard quest alone, you can change to channel 3 or above where there's usually a few monsters. This will reduce the chances of aggressive mobs gathering around you.

- To save up on pots, you can warp to town and recover there then warp back. Your health recovers faster in towns. I usually stock up on white potions and orange potions. I use white pots for emergencies only (cause they're expensive orz) and place orange pots in the auto slot.

Earning Zeny Early Game 

- The auction house is your best friend

- I don't know how applicable this is for the other servers, but I earned 1M zeny pretty fast selling pumpkins, runes, cards, and other food items. (That's a lot of farming though) Forging materials sell pretty well too, but you're better off keeping them to improve your equips.

- I prefer selling things individually because the auction tends to arrange the items according to the lowest price regardless of whether or not each item in bulk comes out cheaper than the individual item listed first.
Ex. One bread worth 2,000 zeny would still appear first compared to 10 bread worth 3,000 zeny.

- When I get rank 4 equips, I auction them. Rank 2 and 3, I dismantle them for runes.

- I like killing vs Bear Kings cause they drop both bread and bear hides for increasing your inventory slots

- Always check the market prices before registering them at the auction!

What to Hunt When Farming for Ingredients:

Lan Forta

Pumpkin - vs Angeling
Sweet Potato - vs Trained Wolf
Sandwich Bread - vs Forest Golem
Bread - vs Bear King, vs Wolf
Strawberry - Smoke Spore
Medical Root - vs Scorpion, Scorpion, vs Orc Warrior
Bellpepper - vs High Orc, vs Carnivore Flower
Carrot - Moon Bunnies
Grape - vs Thorn Spore, vs Legend Bigfoot
Cacao - vvs Smoke Spore, vs kobita


Fresh Bread - Kukukings
Fresh Meat - Zombie
Fresh Sauce - Goblin Champions, Zombie
Fresh Honey - Ghostrings, Ghoul
Fresh Yam - vvs Happy Ghoul

Ingredient Drops at Dungeons

Khoa Khoa - Strawberry, Cacao, Mushroom, Medical Root, Sweet Potato
Mino Mano - Bread, Bellpepper
Spirit Graveyard - Fresh Yam, Fresh Mushroom, Fresh Honey, Fresh Meat
Forgotten Monastery - Fresh Medical Root
Sunken Ship - Fresh Meat

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Download Black Diary's OST for Free!

I decided to just release the tracks for free. This download includes 18 game soundtracks (including some unused ones), and 3 bonus tracks from my vocaloid albums.

You can use these tracks for any non-commercial work.
I'd appreciate it if you'd add my name in the credits though. ^^

Download Here.
^ Mediafire download

Random photo just to take up space.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New Manga Release! The Society of Fujoshi Cat Ladies

Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life

The daily lives of a group of fujoshi and their two guy friends.

Fujoshi (腐女子) = lit. "rotten girl", someone who enjoys reading BL/Yaoi (content involving romance between two males)

Manga-ka Notes:

The characters are basically based off my friends and I. We had so many funny manga-esque moments that I couldn't help turning it into a series. It started out with me making a few pages for them to read until I finally decided to just release it to the public.

I have plans of releasing a Japanese version once I decide which site to put the manga on.

I hope you'll enjoy reading the rest of the series!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Black Diary: Design your own Ayase shirt!

Ayase's sprite is now up on the Spreadshirt marketplace. You can create customized items using the design like totebags, phone cases, etc. Just check out the link below!

Check out our Spreadshirt Shop for other products! We'll be adding more in the future.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The City of the Sleeping God: A mystery novel with hackers, androids, and urban legends

I recently just published my NaNoWriMo novel from last year. Overall, it took around one month to write (because NaNoWriMo) and two months to edit. It's not so bad for a 70k word novel. Quite a lot of work squeezed into three months though.

I'd recommend this book for:
- People who love mystery
- People who like insightful dialogues
- People who like subtle romance
- Otaku (I placed in a lot of random references only anime otaku will understand)
- Haruki Murakami fans (Oh yeah, I added Murakami references too)

Topics this book also deals with (just a heads up):
- Suicide
- Death (the terminal illness kind)


Once there was a city loved and protected by the god Sariya. One day, the god vanished mysteriously, leaving the city in the hands of those who wish for chaos. Strange events and an online bulletin board site bring together a mix of different characters: A mute detective investigating the incidents surrounding an urban legend called the Black Rabbit, a suicidal cellist whose first love appears before him again as a completely new person, a girl with a terminal illness who claims that there’s a giant goldfish in the sky, an android singer in search of her creator, and a feisty girl who vowed to stop all suicide attempts within the city.
Can they prevent the city from being destroyed? What are the true motives of the cyber terrorist group that’s causing trouble?

There are 2 main POVs in this novel: Viola, a girl working for the detective agency, and Daniel, a high school boy recruited by the underground hacker group Unknown. Rather than having a single main character, I wanted to show several perspectives and opinions on a single event.

I'll discuss the characters in more detail on another blog post.

You can get a copy of the novel here:


It's also available on Kobo, Barnes and Nobles, and Google Books.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

[Translation] ロボットやめたい I Want to Stop Being A Robot - A mobile game that will give you nightmares

My friend Tatsu requested this translation. It's such a creepy and disturbing game by COCOSOLA despite its simplicity.

If you're interested in the game, you can check it out here. It's made by the same person who did Alpaca Evolution (a less creepy game, but still gets creepy later on).

I want to stop being a robot.
I want to become human.

Even if it's just my form, I want to change.
Even if it's just my outer appearance, I want to become human.

I want to get along with humans.

If everyone works together,
I can surely become human.

What's it like to live as a human?

(From the game description in Google Play)

No. 1

Year 2013. When the robot woke up, he longed for humans.
He wanted to become close to being human. He wanted to get along with humans.
He thought he should start by making himself look more human.
He intended to get the cooperation of humans of the world, remodel his body, and become a bit closer to being human.

No. 2

The robot now is planning out the control circuit in his neck.
To have a more human-like appearance, first he must attach a head.
His moving ability may become a bit affected.
That is where his whole control circuit is gathered.
However, because his neck and head aren't connected well, it can easily become disconnected.

No. 3

A robot with an attached torso.
Because his data on balancing still isn't enough,
It was uneasily decided, but he feels pretty good.
"Am I human?" he asked the system. Without an answer of "No", he felt relieved.
At present, he is in the middle of testing out his walking motion.

Monday, January 11, 2016

[Lyrics/Translation] IOSYS - 宇宙変身クライシス!Universe Transformation Crisis!

Ever since Tom Kubot introduced me to Iosys, I've been hitting their songs on repeat. Apparently, they're pretty famous among otaku in Akiba.

This is a really random song.

Universe Transformation Crisis!

世界が 世界が 知恵の輪で
グルグル ガチャガチャって
絡み合ってて フラクタル
ピンチなチャンス クライシス デンジャラス

The world is, the world is
Turning round and round, and cluttering as a puzzle ring
Be intertwined, fractal
A predicament kind of chance  Crisis   Dangerous

ある日目覚めたマジマジ 鏡をのぞいて呆然
あたまに生えてる感覚 隣りも周りも恥じらい

One day when I woke up, "No way! Seriously?"
I peered into the mirror and was overcome with surprise
The emerging feeling within my mind was shyness beside and around me.

どこからどこまで わたしなの あなたなの
何から何まで 変わっていけばいい

Wherever it's from and to whatever extent it goes
Is it me? Or is it you?
It's ok if you transform into anything and everything

宇宙が 宇宙が 闇鍋で
ぐつぐつ ぱちぱちって
はじけちゃってて おいしくて
安全神話 クライシス

The universe is, the universe is
Simmering and popping as a stew in the dark
Burst open! Delicious
Safety myth crisis

世界が 世界が 知恵の輪で
グルグル ガチャガチャって
絡み合ってて フラクタル
ピンチなチャンス クライシス デンジャラス

The world is, the world is
Turning round and round, and cluttering as a puzzle ring
Be intertwined, fractal
A predicament kind of chance  Crisis   Dangerous

その日驚きハピハピ 生徒も先生も全員
こころに感じた興奮 空気も視界も新鮮

That day, the student, the teacher, and everyone was surprised with happiness
I feel excitement felt in my heart
Even the atmosphere and my field of vision is fresh

いつからいつまで 昔なの 未来なの
ここから向こうへ 進化を続けよう

How long and until when? The past? The future?
From here on, let's continue progressing towards beyond!

歴史は 歴史は 主観的
マーブルな シャッフルして
気持ちしだい 楽しくて
先祖返りも パラダイス

History is, history is subjective
Do a marble shuffle
It's fun depending on the feeling The answer of the ancestors is also paradise

命の 命の 摩訶不思議
メープルな 優しさで
繋がっていく 運命の
螺旋な道は パラダイス ダイナミックス

Life's, Life's profound mystery
Connected by maple kindness
Fate's spiral path is paradise dynamics

変わってく 心と体を Yeah Yeah
楽しむくらいの気持ちで Wow Wow
受け入れちゃえばいいんじゃない? Aha Aha

A transformed heart and body Yeah Yeah
Isn't it fine to accept them Wow Wow
With feelings that are just about enjoyable? Aha Aha
ドゥリドゥリドゥーリ ドゥーリドゥッドゥッ ×4
変身済みだよ 丸ごとね!

Dangerous security! BC! Tasty benzene! Breakfast!
Douri douri douri Douri dou dou x4
The transformation is finished! It's complete!

魅力が 魅力が あふれてる
生きてる 喜びを
表わそうよ ハイテンションで
踊ればみんな カタルシス

Charm is, charm is overflowing
Reveal your living delight 
If you dance with high tension
Everyone will fall into catharsis

愉快な 愉快な 人生さ
とことん 楽しもって
宴の夜 続いてく
ラストはまだよ カタルシス クライマックス

A pleasant, A pleasant life
Is fun until the end
The night banquet continues
The last isn't here yet   Catharsis   Climax


1. 知恵の輪 [sae no wa] = this could either refer to that wire puzzle where you have to try and separate two wires or where you form a circle, hold hands, and try working together without letting go
2. 闇鍋 [yaminabe] = a stew eaten in the dark, ingredients are brought by each member
3. ぱちぱち [pachipachi] = sound of something hot that bursts or popping
4. 紀元前 [kigenzen] = refers to the BC years or pre-era