Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Black Diary: Design your own Ayase shirt!

Ayase's sprite is now up on the Spreadshirt marketplace. You can create customized items using the design like totebags, phone cases, etc. Just check out the link below!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The City of the Sleeping God: A mystery novel with hackers, androids, and urban legends

I recently just published my NaNoWriMo novel from last year. Overall, it took around one month to write (because NaNoWriMo) and two months to edit. It's not so bad for a 70k word novel. Quite a lot of work squeezed into three months though.

I'd recommend this book for:
- People who love mystery
- People who like insightful dialogues
- People who like subtle romance
- Otaku (I placed in a lot of random references only anime otaku will understand)
- Haruki Murakami fans (Oh yeah, I added Murakami references too)

Topics this book also deals with (just a heads up):
- Suicide
- Death (the terminal illness kind)


Once there was a city loved and protected by the god Sariya. One day, the god vanished mysteriously, leaving the city in the hands of those who wish for chaos. Strange events and an online bulletin board site bring together a mix of different characters: A mute detective investigating the incidents surrounding an urban legend called the Black Rabbit, a suicidal cellist whose first love appears before him again as a completely new person, a girl with a terminal illness who claims that there’s a giant goldfish in the sky, an android singer in search of her creator, and a feisty girl who vowed to stop all suicide attempts within the city.
Can they prevent the city from being destroyed? What are the true motives of the cyber terrorist group that’s causing trouble?

There are 2 main POVs in this novel: Viola, a girl working for the detective agency, and Daniel, a high school boy recruited by the underground hacker group Unknown. Rather than having a single main character, I wanted to show several perspectives and opinions on a single event.

I'll discuss the characters in more detail on another blog post.

You can get a copy of the novel here:


It's also available on Kobo, Barnes and Nobles, and Google Books.