Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Black Diary Full Version - New Features and Endings!

Instead of just plainly compiling all the cases, we decided to add more content to make the gameplay more interesting. These are the things we're working on adding into Black Diary's full version:

1. New Endings

This time, you will actually get to save certain characters from their fate, but that will depend on your choices. At least 3 new endings will be added into the game.

2. New Scenes In-Game and Extra Scenes

There will be new scenes added, as well as unlockable extra scenes. There will also be an extra chapter added, but it's more of an after-story.

3. Friendship Points

More choices will be added into the story, which affects the friendship between Colette and the other characters. Some of them will affect the ending, some will unlock new scenes, and they will also unlock new info about the character in the memo.

3. Character Info

Now you will know their last names. lol More information about a character can be unlocked by gaining friendship points.

4. CG Gallery and Music Room

A must-have for visual novels.

Collect all the CGs and background music! We'll also be throwing in some bonus tracks too.

5. Scene Library and Endings List

To help you keep track of the scenes and endings you might have missed out. You can replay scenes from the scene library.

6. Memo

Now you can re-read the excerpts from the Black Diary which you already encountered, Collect all the excerpts!

7. More CGs

Gotta have more to collect.

Look forward to it~!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

[Walkthrough] 絶対迷宮グリム Zettai Meikyuu Grimm ~Nanatsu no Kagi to Rakuen no Otome~

This is for the PSP version of the game.
For the correct choices per route, please refer to this site.
Or the links below.

ルートヴィッヒ Ludwig Grimm
ヴィルヘルム Wilhelm Grimm
ヤーコプ Jacob Grimm
ハーメルン Hameln
あかずきん Red Riding Hood
ラプンツェル Rapunzel
蛙の王子 Frog Prince
いばら姫 Rose Princess
いばらの王子 Rose Prince
夢魔 Muma/Incubus

Important Stuff You Need to Know:
- If you try to do Ludwig or Frog Prince's route during your first gameplay, you will get a SAD END. (Like me orz)
- Akazukin and Hameln's routes are available for the 1st round.
- You can only meet the Rose Princess and the Rose Prince during your 2nd gameplay.

Endings List

【ヤーコプ 新END】踊れ、魔の舞踏会
【ヴィルヘルム 新END】眼鏡の秘密は甘い嘘
【ルートヴィッヒ 新END】エンターテイナージョー
【いばらの王子 新END】茨の城の魔王樣

Sunday, October 18, 2015

[Translation] Uta no Prince-sama Music - Character Scenes

I just started playing this game cause I'm on a rhythm game spree. The scenes were pretty short so I decided to translate them for fun. I still have to unlock and translate the other scenes so this is all I have as of the moment.

Edit: This game totally killed my arm. @_@
If you're having trouble beating the game, I suggest getting 1 or 2 other people to play with you. I brought my PSP with this game during a sleepover and we ended up clearing a lot of the hard and some pro songs by assigning 1-2 buttons each. lol It's also way more fun playing with friends than killing your fingers all alone.

Seriously. Natsuki's songs cause such muscle destruction.


Episode 1

"I've come to pick you up. Are the date preparations complete?"
"Fu.. It looks like it's perfect. I think it's wonderfully coordinated."
”Well then, let's head out."
"For today, leave everything to me. Be sure to follow me properly, ok?"
"I will most definitely let you have fun."

Episode 4

"Good morning. It's a great morning, you know."
"Come on, please get up. Dream time is about to start."
"We decided that we'd spend the first day of each month together, didn't we?"
"*chuckle* It looks like you've finally woken up."
"First, let's have some breakfast."
"If we spend the morning lazing around, let's go out somewhere for lunch, ok?"

Episode 7

"It's a refreshing morning isn't it?"
"I wonder if it feels that way because you're beside me."
"I mean, look. The world is also this beautiful."
"So there are mornings like these too, huh."
”It became like seeing a 9 colored rainbow in the sky and walking on it."
"Hm? Is it weird?"
"That's right. It might be a bit like a fairytale."
"It's a far-off evidence."
"You're here with me. That makes me irresistibly happy."


Episode 1

”Fufu. It's fun to play tag in the garden maze sometimes."
"Haru-chan, where are you~? I'll find you immediately~"
"Hm~ Could you be here perhaps~ Or here..."
"Ah, so you were here all along."
"Haru-chan, fo--und you. Fufu. Gyuu--"
"You shouldn't run, you know, captured princess."
"Be quiet and allow yourself to be loved by me, ok? *kiss*"

Episode 3

"1, 2, 3... 1, 2, 3..."
"Hehe. Waltz is fun, right?"
"And then tuuuurn!"
"Aah! I'm sorry! I didn't expect you to fall..."
"A... yeah. Your face is near, huh."
"Are you ok? Does it hurt? Sorry."
"A while ago, our lips touched for a moment, right? Hey, can we do it one more time?"
"I'll be more gentle this time. Please..."
"Thank you. *kiss*"
"Hehe. I made your heart beat fast, didn't I?"
"Come, let's dance the Southern Cross waltz."

Episode 4

"Hm? What's wrong? Are you afraid of thunder?"
"It's ok, I'm here beside you. I'll protect you, ok? So don't be afraid. Don't be afraid."
”Ah. That's right. I'll sing near your ear."
"If I do that, you won't be afraid, right?"
"Come on, get closer."
"Then listen to my song..."

Episode 7

"I see... So it's the moon tonight."
"Going out once in a while to watch is nice. On top of that, it's also quiet."
"I'm starting to have the delusion that I'm the only person in the world."
"No... I was alone from the start."
"Within that darkness, wasn't I always alone like this?"
"Then why am I feeling sad...?"
"Eversince he met her, Natsuki changed."
"No, perhaps the one who changed is me. For me to have feelings like this..."
"She's a really strange girl."
"Natsuki's feelings for her. Even I feel like I understand them a bit."


Episode 1

"Ahh... The sky is radiant. What a nice weather..."
"It's a perfect day for a date, right? Hehe. Just the fine weather already makes me really happy."
"Don't you think so too? It's the best first day of the month, right?"
"Ah... But... having you beside me makes me happy the most. Shall we hold hands?"
"When I touch you like this, the moment when I feel your warmth is irrisistably lovely."
"If you feel happy, I don't need anything else..."
"It becomes something like that feeling."
"It might be a bit conceited of me."
"Hehe. But these are my honest feelings. If you feel the same way, I'll be happy."

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Black Diary Case 4 & 5 Released! The Final Cases

After a year of development, the Black Diary series is finally complete. It's been a long, fun ride. We would like to thank everyone who supported us (especially those who left encouraging messages on our page)! It's great getting to meet new people through game development. (^▽^)

You can download the last case from the Apple App Store here.

You can download the ED song Open Eyes here:

What's Next?

We'll be compiling all the cases into one full version and putting it up for sale on other game stores. We'll also be moving on to other platforms as well such as Android. The series may be complete, but we'll still work on improving the game.

Of course, we have new games in store, but no details will be revealed for now except for the pre-released OST below. I hope you look forward to our next work!

Monday, June 29, 2015

[Lyrics/作詞] Hatsune Miku - I Don't Want to Be a Good Girl 「いい子になんてなりたくない」


作詞・作曲・イラスト: Papina




完璧 完璧

今の私 ピエロみたい

褒められた 「いい子だね~」

嘘なのに みんなは

やめて やめて

もっと もっと 素敵なはず



Thursday, May 28, 2015

Papina's Life Update #11: Gradually Getting Deeper Into The Music World

CASE 3'S iOS VERSION IS FINALLY OUT!! *tears of joy* Well, it was actually out 2 days ago and Barnabas just mentioned it to me today.

I decided to lose the 'otaku' in the title because it makes me feel bad and aware of my obsession. Well, people usually refer to it as passion, but it's an obsession to me.

Anywho, my wrist hurts from all the music editing so I'll make this quick.

Azuneko Studio Stuff

The last chapters, cases 4 & 5 will be released together. The game script is about 70% finished. I'm around halfway through the images. I'll make a post with more detail soon when my wrist doesn't hurt.

What's the next game after Black Diary? Barnabas and I have two concepts in mind. He wants to make this comedy game set in our hometown. On the other hand, I want to make a cutesy dark game inspired by Kikuo's Gomene Gomene (this game is sure to be made cause I actually already drew all the concept art and sprites lol). If you've heard of the song, then yes. Prepare for some gore. More details to come when my wrist doesn't hurt.

Recent Works

Besides Case 3 getting released, I've mostly been working on music-related things, like Takane Papina's UTAU voicebank. I remade it from scratch since I purchased the mic earlier than expected. Again, I need to make sure I didn't miss out on any bad notes from the first screening and finalize the configurations, so it will be released after I do 15-20 songs or so (right now I did 6 songs).

I've decided to do some singing myself, so I can just do the vocals myself when I compose the opening and ending songs for my games. I honestly don't think I'm THAT good, but I'll do my best to push my skills to its lvl cap.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Random Facts About Black Diary

It's been nearly a year since Barnabas and I met up at a cafe and started conceptualizing Black Diary. So, I decided to post all the behind-the-scenes random info.

- Cohen's name is taken from Sander Cohen, an antagonist in Bioshock.

- Mikhail's personality is partly based off a character from one of Papina's novels, Ivan Korsakov from Rondo Capriccioso. Ivan's second name is Mikhail.

- Rondo Capriccioso is an actual novel. It was Papina's entry for NaNoWriMo 2010. The completed work can be found here.

- Rosalie was supposed to have a cat doll named Nekotara that kept her sane.

- Nora's personality is based off a real-life person who works at the hotel Barnabas' family runs.

- Winston was supposed to be a sporty girl, but Barnabas said there were too many girl characters so I turned him into a guy. His look is partially inspired by Yosaf from The Grey Garden.

- Tom is named after Papina's animator friend from Japan. They're both introverts.

- The song that plays during funny scenes "I am A Little Seahorse" was an unused track from an animation Papina worked on with a group before. It was supposed to play during a scene when the main character was staring at an aquarium with a seahorse in it.

- Case 2's bad end took a while to finalize. Papina, Barnabas, and Lyndon (Barnabas' brother) gathered together in the living room to brainstorm. One of the endings they thought of was that Colette goes crazy and ends up in the mental hospital.

- It took around 1 month for Papina to finish making all the graphics, dialogue, and music for Case 1.

- Harumi Hatsumi (the idol Mikhail is a fan of) is a parody of Hatsune Miku,

- Ayase's sprite was the first one made, followed by Colette.

- Papina made an unfinished horror version of Black Diary titled Afterschool Nightmare, which is set after the events of Black Diary. Mikhail, Rosalie, Jean, Nora, Peter and Shara stay late in school and tell ghost stories. Rosalie gets possessed by a ghost and starts going psychokiller mode.

Papina's Otaku Life Update #10: Living in the UTAU World

It's been a while since my last update, huh? I've been working on a lot of things (mostly music and game sprites).

But first off! My Corpse Party light novels finally arrived! Whee! I'm sorta confused about the timelines for them, but as far as I read the one on the left follows the events of Blood Covered. I might post up some summaries if the Heavenly Host forum members want it.

And the current game in my PSP is Persona 3 Portable! I swear this game made me experience a wide range of emotions. There should be more games with this kind of script writing.

Recent Works Released

After talking to Sango, the CV of Neko Kanochi, I decided not to switch the vocals and just keep the currently released version of the song Open Eyes for Black Diary's ending song.

Along with that, I'm also working on a voicebank to sing covers for me. I plan to make a clearer recording once I get my new condenser mic, but that'll be a few months from now. Takane Papina's voicebank won't be released until after I do 10 songs at least. I need to make sure the configurations and clips are just right.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

[Lyrics/ Eng Translation] IA - Electric Blue 「眠りの神の街」【AzunekoP】

Electric Blue 「眠りの神の街」
Electric Blue 「The City of the Sleeping God」



Kurayami ni machi no /himitsu ga kakusareteiru
Taihen na toki ni
Nemuri no kami wa doko ni iru?


"Aoi yousei no /ADOBAISU o kiite"
MASUKU o kabutta /so no hito wa iita
Seijyaku ga zutto tsuzuiteiru


Kono machi ga suki nandeshou?
Mijime na koto mo takusan aru kedo,
Shiawase mo aru


Ano heiya no naka ni
Kami-sama wa nemuri tsuzuketeiru
Aa, doshitara ii no?


Ano yoru, kuroi usagi ga /shounen no koe o nusumunda
Monogatari o mouichido /saisho kara hajimemasho ka?


Seijyaku ga tsuzuiteiru
Unmei tsunagaru


The city's secret is hidden inside the pure darkness
During troubling times, where is the sleeping god?

"Listen to the blue fairy's advice"
Said the masked person
The silence continues

You love this city, don't you?
There are a lot of things that bring misery
But there is also happiness

Inside that room
The god continues to sleep
Oh, what do I do now?

That night, the black rabbit stole the boy's voice
Shall we start the story again from the beginning?

Silence ensues
Destiny connects

Sunday, March 22, 2015

[Walkthrough] Akiba's Trip Plus PSP

I just started playing Akiba's Trip Plus on the PSP. Its sucks how every time I search for an English walkthrough for this game, I always see walkthroughs for Akiba's Trip 2 on the Vita instead. So, I'm using the Japanese wiki as my guide for this game. Here's the link to the site.

My Personal Money Making Schemes:

- Early Game: When you have access to the park, start a fight with one of the school girls, then run around and whack other people to start an angry mob. Soon, they'll start fighting each other and even wipe out some people but their items will still drop. So, you can finish off everyone or most of them by doing a strip combo after enough damage is dealt. Just make sure your clothes are strong enough to tank attacks (My chara's clothes had 22 and 18 def when I did this). Each school bag sells at around 700 yen, plus there are 500-1000 yen drops too. Warning: This will decrease the affection for Akiba people and Kageyashi.

- The building rooftop is also a good place to farm for money to buy skill books. Office lady enemies show up often and they drop money and a PC that can be sold for around 1000 something yen. Again, you can create an angry mob, deal enough damage and go on a stripping combo.

- Go to the building rooftop where that masked guy is and talk to him. Agree to fight 3 consecutive enemies. You get rewarded if you succeed. The reward depends on the rank of your opponents.

- Take missions that make you fight 30 people. Use items like ホットケーキ to increase your clothes' health so you don't have to stop and fix yourself often.

- Take the mission 深謝の知恵袋 (A Bag of Wisdom on Sincere Apologies) for any faction. There will be an angry mob. You're not supposed to fight back during that mission or else it fails, but for the case of just making money, you can fight and just retake the mission over and over. However, if you choose to fight, you will have to watch out for the police. Usually there's around 1-2 of them. If you choose not to fight, you can have at least one of them arrested. Then run near the arrested person and have the mob accidentally hit the police. The police will then join the fight, and you can just stand there and watch them beat each other up. Sometimes, 2 policemen will beat each other up, which is an amusing sight. I just run and collect all the drops.

- Co-existence Route: Fight 30 maidos in the mission メイドまみれ. You get 18,000 yen AND lots of maido outfits and weapons! Just remember to pick the weapons up every 5 drops or so cause if you leave them there for too long, they'll disappear.

- Late game for Co-existence Route: Right before you go to UD+ to meet the Queen, guitarists will spawn like crazy almost everywhere except Junk Street. You can use this chance to farm for upgrade materials and money to purchase skill books.

Important stuff you need to know:

- To upgrade weapons and clothes, you need Tungsten (タングステン) and Kevlar (ケブラー). You can buy Tungsten from the junk shop beside the Maid Cafe in the Alley (裏通り). If you sell a weapon that's +3, Tungsten +3 will appear in the shop. So, you basically have to farm for + items and sell them if you want them to appear in the shop.

- To be able to loot some clothes you strip, you need to purchase skill books.

- If your clothes are starting to get loose during a fight, you can press L to stop battle mode. Your clothes will go back to their full health after your character fixes them. Press L again to resume the battle.

- Affection for each power (Kageyashi, NIRO, and People of Akihabara) is affected by the number of people you strip belonging to each side. If you strip a lot of Kageyashi, they will immediately attack you as soon as they see you. The same with NIRO agents (although the ones in UD+ seem to always attack you anyway). For the people of Akihabara, they will immediately run away from you when they see you. So far, the affection didn't have much effect on the Co-existence and NIRO ending. I don't know yet if it does affect the Kageyashi ending.

- You can initiate a fight by pressing square near a person, continuously bumping into people, or hitting them while you're in battle mode. The bumping method works better for people with rare clothes. There's still a chance for them to run away, but it's better than pressing square.

Computer Parts

The ジャンクパーツ (Junk Parts) you collect can be given to Yatabe in exchange for money when he is at the HQ in the alley. You need to have all parts before you can do an exchange:


How to get them? Bump into people.

Strip Rock Paper Scissors

This game has so many mini games. Well, if you're missing some outfits in your collection, playing strip rock paper scissors with the guy standing in line with the life-sized cardboard anime girls at the roof might help you out. Just make sure you save before playing cause if you lose, it's game over.

Useful Items Info

Note: The effect will fade if you transfer to another location.

タウリミンX Taurimin X
- Temporarily increases attack by 2

ケバブ Kebab
- Temporarily increases attack by a random number

らーめん缶 Ramen Can
- Temporarily increases attack by a random number

おでん缶 Oden Can
- Temporarily increases attack by a random number

真心ゆで卵 Boiled Egg of Devotion
- Increases attack by a large amount

メイドクッキー Maid Cookie
- Increases either attack, health of clothes or item drop rate

絶妙ベーコンエッグ Superb Bacon and Eggs
- Increases health of clothes by a large amount

極上TKG Finest Quality TKG
- Increases rate of EXP acquisition

雑誌「smalt」Smalt Magazine
- Temporarily increases health of clothes by double

学習力向上ソフト Study Power Increasing Software
- Doubles rate of EXP acquisition

さくらんぼ Cherry
- Increases health of clothes

オムライス Omelette Rice
- Increases attack power
- Made with love by maido-san xD

ホットケーキ Pancakes
- Increases health of clothes
- Made with love by maido-san

宝くじ Lottery
- Gives you a chance to earn cash

正体不明 Unknown
- Description says "Once you eat it..."

Skill Books

For the list of Skill Books, the skills they're for and their location, please refer to this site.

Quick Side Missions Guide

*I'm writing and updating this as I progress in the game

- Side missions can be started by talking to that masked guy/information broker ( 情報屋 ) in the Alley (裏通り)
- Be aware of the faction the missions are from. They affect the "affection points" for NIRO and Kageyashi ( カゲヤシ ), which influence the ending.
 秋葉市民 = missions from the people of Akihabara
- Each mission has a time limit. To stay safe, finish all missions accepted before progressing the main story line.

秋葉市民 サブミッション
People of Akihabara Sub-missions

男の娘の苦悩 The Agony of a She-man
- The client wants you to beat up her little bro who's a transvestite. Apparently, after playing dress-up with him, he started loving wearing women's clothes.
- He's in Northwest Chuo-dori

デバッガー急募!Debugger Needed!
- Head to G3 (new location) and play Samurai Kitchen! Let's Cooking!
- Report to information broker
Note: If you clear it on Hard difficulty, you get Maid Cookies and earn the title "Debugger"

ダブプリを守れ Defend Dabupuri
- Gon-chan wants you to get rid of annoying fans that bother Dabupuri
- Head to UD+ and defeat 迷惑なファン

MPが足りない!Not Enough MP!
- Talk to that guy ( 種神 ) who's standing beside the maido that always stops you in the alley ( 裏通り ). He'll tell you that he needs 10 maido points.
- Go inside the maid cafe and play games or buy stuff there until you earn 10 MP
- Talk to him again.

撮影代行 Agent of Photography
- Meet 双山 at Northwest Chuo-dori ( 中央通り北西 ). He'll tell you that he's a huge fan of "Dirty Blood Princess" aka Dabupuri, but he can't get close to her cause his daughter-in-law is tracking him down with a GPS. So, he wants you to take pictures of her for him.
- Go to UD + and take pictures of Dabupuri ( ダブプリ )
- Go back to 双山 and give him the pictures

地を這うレンズ Lens that Creep on the Ground
- Meet Campaign Girl ( キャンギャル ) in front of the curry shop at the train station area ( 秋葉原駅前 ). She'll tell you about how there are photographers taking pictures at low angles. To make the models feel safe, she wants you to take down one photographer.
- Go to UD + and beat up the guy. Beware of police.
- Talk to Campaign girl again

逃げたスタッフを追え Chase After The Staff That Ran Away
- Go to the roof and talk to 綿鍋. (I find it funny how his name literally means Cotton Pot)
- Beat 'em up and add his funky clothes to your collection if you can.
- Talk to the information broker guy in the alley

またしても逃げたスタッフ The Staff that Ran Away Again
- It's Cotton Pot 綿鍋 again. He's still in the roof. And this time... what... the-- how'd he get all buff?
- Strip those fake abs off

アナザーワールド Another World
*Required to progress the main storyline
- Meet 新山 at Junk Street ( ジャンク通り )
- Beat up Goth Lolis at Northwest Chuo-dori ( 中央通り北西 ). There are around 3 of them. Beware of Police. If the police are too near them, I just leave and return until they're finally out of sight.
- Talk to 新山 again. He will teach you the art of crossdressing!
- Change into the Loli Goth clothes and talk to him again

頭痛の種 Cause of Headache
- Meet 匿名希望 at Junk Street. He's the guy with the shark head. Hard to miss.
- Beat him up

妹の味1 The Taste of a Little Sister 1
- Meet 志須谷 on the roof's bench area. He wants to know how it feels to be hit by a little sister. He doesn't have a little sister, so he wants you to tell him.
- Go to your sister's room, talk to her, and pick 「殴ってくれないか」
- Talk to 志須谷 again

妹の味2 The Taste of a Little Sister 2
- Meet 志須谷 in the same area. This time, he wants to know how it feels to dress up a little sister.
- Go to your sister's room and dress her up. (I went for the IT Witch Maria costume. Mehe)
- Go back and talk to 志須谷

ストーカー退治 Stalker Extermination
- Head to UD+ and beat up 双山. Beware of police.

これは呪いですか?Is this a Curse?
- Go to the park ( 芳林公園 ) and beat up the creepy miko girl ( わら子 )

ぼくのともだち My Friend
- Go to the park and beat up 球蹴

ノブくん改造計画 Nobu-kun Modding Project
- Talk to Yukari Hanako 由花子 at Northwest Chuo-dori. She's apparently in love with Nobu but thinks his sense of fashion sucks. So it's your job to teach him!
- Hand over either 「有能ジャケットと有能スラックス」、「紺の学ランと紺のスラックス」、or「メイドブラウスとメイドスカート」to Nobu.

For 「メイドブラウスとメイドスカート」"Maid Dress and Maid Skirt", you need the skill book メイド喫茶攻略入門編 "A Guide to Maid Cafes" which you can obtain by earning maid points at the cafe.
For 「有能ジャケットと有能スラックス」you need the skill book「出来るビジネスマン仕事術」which you can get at Southeast Chuo-dori ( 中央通り南東 ).

Note: The easiest and most amusing one is the maido outfit with cat ears. Mwahaha! You get to make the perv Nobu crossdress! >:D

- Go outside and go back in. Talk to Nobu again.
- Talk to Yukari Hanako

メイドまみれ Covered with Maids  (Coexistence Route only)
- Go to UD+ and beat up maidos
Note: Stop battle mode once in a while to prevent your clothes health from falling dangerously low

勝利の栄光を、君に To You, The Glory of Victory
- Talk to 安村 at the park. Pick 「お前の衣装をいただく」
- Strip him.
- Report to information broker

人捜し Searching for Someone  (Coexistence Route only)
- Talk to 紳士 "gentleman" on the roof. He will ask you to take pictures of Rui.
- Take Rui's picture by pressing L + O
- Give them to him

What's interesting about this particular mission is... this guy is actually an important character. This particular mission also affects the ending according to the wiki, but I'm not sure exactly how it influences it. Read below for spoilers lol
He'll mention that he ran away from his wife and child. Because of that, he came to regret it, so he's secretly trying to look for them. However, he needs a picture of Rui to see if she's really his daughter. At the end of the co-existence route, Rui's mother aka the Queen eventually tells her about how she was in love with a human, who was his father. They lived a normal life together with Rui. Those days were like a dream. However, when he found out that she was Kageyashi, he ran away. So that probably explains why she's up for wiping out humans.

カゲヤシ サブミッション
Kageyashi Sub-missions

デート所望 Date Request
(Needed to progress the main storyline)
- Go to the cafe in Junk Street and talk to Rui to start the cutscene

異次元転送 Transmission from Another Dimension
- Meet 森泉鈴 on the roof. She'll tell you she wants food cause she's hungry.
- Give 5 kebabs, 10 oden cans, 20 ramen, one omelet (from the maid cafe)
You can get the rest of the items from the convenience store in front of the station. Some NPCs like high schoolers also drop the items.

NIRO サブミッション
NIRO Sub-missions

ドアを開けるその前に Before You Open The Door
- Satoko wants you to take care of a deliveryman ( 配達員 ) kageyashi who's been causing trouble.
- Find him at Southwest Chuo-dori and beat him up
- Talk to the information broker

その他 サブミッション
Other Sub-missions

きれいなおねえさん Beautiful Lady
- So the information broker spotted this pretty girl at the park and wants you to get her e-mail address
- Go to the park and talk to her

チェリー収穫 Cherry Harvest
- Talk to the Servant ( 下僕 ). The Master will tell you that she wants you to bring her a cherry. According to the wiki, there are 3 ways you can complete this mission: Lure 1 of 2 high schoolers or bring actual cherries to her. I have no idea where you get the actual cherries, so I lured the schoolgirl.
- You will find a wandering school girl in Junk Street. Dress up in school clothes. Either a 「学ラン」and「ブラックスラックス」combo or a 「女子高生のベスト」and「女子高生のスカート」combo. Crossdressing will work too, no matter how suspicious you look. XD

Friday, February 27, 2015

Black Diary Case 3 Update

Development for Black Diary Case 3 is complete! It will be available in stores within a few weeks.

The school festival is drawing near and someone's been leaving copies of a deceased student's compositions around. Now everyone involved in the school play is afraid that they are being cursed by a ghost! It's up to Colette to unravel the secrets behind the mysterious school play phantom! But... they're not the only secrets she'll be unraveling.

... I think I added way more comedy into this case. lol

Stuff to expect:
- More of Jean Bellerose
- Another bad end
- Ayase still missing
- A cliche fireworks scene?!
- Tom being a suspect... again.
- Tom's secret
- Fighting games and RPG battles
- More references


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Black Diary Free Demo

I finally got around to fixing up the demo. Originally, we planned to release it once the full version is complete, but here it is anyway! xD

Random Case 3 screenshot:

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

[Walkthrough] Fate Extra CCC

These are the walkthroughs I'm using while playing the game. Special thanks to Kimiko-chan for linking me to the complete Jap walkthrough!

You should be able to get by with google's page translation, but if someone requests it, I can do a bit of translating for those parts that are kinda vague.

CHAPTER 1 隷属庭園 - Backyard of Eden 
CHAPTER 2 計算監獄 - Girl's Side Laboratory -
CHAPTER 3 愛憎唇紅 - Alter Ego / M -
CHAPTER 4 麻酔城塞 - Sick/Home Sink -
CHAPTER 5 血々純潔 - Iron Maiden Princess -
CHAPTER 6 快楽臨界 - Alter Ego/S -
CHAPTER 7 乙女ノ深層 - I love You -


As for the English translation of the dialogue (though only for Gilgamesh's route), you can refer to this site.

(I think this is for a different ending? I'm not sure. I'm translating this from the page in the Jap walkthrough cause it seems important xD)

Chapter 1

- Talk to Leo, buy the old school uniform and give it to Sakura

Chapter 2

- Talk to Sakura in the infirmary before going inside the Sakura Labyrinth to look for Gatou

- Sakura Labyrinth 2nd Layer 5F, BB Channel
You gain BB's SG1 if you answer 「なぜセンパイと呼ぶ?」"Why do you call me senpai?"

- Before going inside Rani's relief/that place where boss fights are held, go to the Labyrinth's entrance and talk to Sakura. Answer either 「みんなのために」or「君が辛そうだから」, "For everyone's sake" or " Because you seem happy about it."

Chapter 3

- At the beginning of the chapter, after the student council room event and before entering the labyrinth, Talk to Sakura in the infirmary (and obtain her medicine)

- After the war against Passion Lip, pick these choices:
「…………それは、できない」, "..... I can't do that"
「……トドメを刺さない」, ".... deliver the final blow"

Chapter 4

- After getting Jinako's SG1 and the student council event, talk to Sakura in the infirmary before entering the labyrinth.

Chapter 5

- Gaining BB's SG2 (you can increase it as you please?) <-- not sure what it's referring to

- After getting Elizabeth's SG1 and the student council room event, go to the infirmary and transfer the sacrament before going to the labyrinth.

Chapter 6

- After reaching the 16F, go to the student council room then to the infirmary and transfer the sacrament (30,000SM)

- In the student council room after clearing the 17F
Talk to Rani then go to the infirmary
Answer 「……それは、できない」"... I can't do that"

- 18F, inside M3
Answer「BBを心配する」"I'm worried about BB"

- After the battle with メルトリリス

Chapter 7

- After obtaining the legendary formal attire and before entering your room, go to the infirmary (acquire BB's SG3)
Warning: From here on, the events will be the CCC route
After entering your room, answer:

- Before entering Sakura's relief, answer


やきそばパン - Yakisoba Bread
Price: 150
Restores a minuscule quantity of the master's MP

カレーパン - Curry Bread
Price: 100
Restores a minuscule quantity of the master's MP

プレミアロールケーキ- Premium Jelly Roll
Price: 2000
Restores a small quantity of the master's MP

エーテルの粉末 - Ether Powder
Price: 100
Restores a minuscule quantity of the servant's HP

エーテルの欠片 - Ether Fragment
Price: 500
Restores a small quantity of the servant's HP

エーテルの塊 - Ether Shard
Price: 1500
Restores a moderate quantity of the servant's HP

魔術結晶の欠片 - Magic Crystal Fragment
Price: 2000
Restores a small quantity of the master's MP

薬酒の瓶 - Alcohol Bottle
Price: 3000
Restores a small quantity of the servant's MP

治療薬 - Remedy
Price: 500
Cures poison, paralysis and curse

リターンクリスタル - Return Crystal
Price: 300
Returns you to the old school building

 月海原学園の旧女子制服 - Tsukumihara's Old School Girl Uniform
Price: 98000

 おしゃれメガネ男子用 - Stylish Glasses for Men
Price: 20000
You can put on these glasses.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

[Review] World End Economica Episode 1

World End Economica episode.1 
Title: World End Economica I
Developer: Spicy Tails
Released: 2011
Voiced? No
Length: 10-30 hours


World End Economica is a visual novel written by the author of Spice and Wolf, Isuna Hasekura. It is released by episode. As of this moment, there are only 2 episodes released.

I'd highly recommend this for those who like slice of life and heartwarming stories. There's a bit of drama in it too, but it's the insightful kind.


Plot Summary:
*Warning! Contains spoilers!*

The protagonist is Yoshiharu Kawaura, who was born and raised on the moon.
Yoshiharu goes to a cheap internet cafe, Big Bull Cafe, and looks at the Lunar Stock Exchange, which is how he primarily earns money because it doesn't require him to break a sweat. His goal is to earn enough money and live in the center of the lunar city, where most of the rich moon people live. Once he learns from the clerk that the police are on the way inside, he makes a quick escape to avoid getting caught. Law states that those below 18 years old had to be part of an educational institution. Since Yoshiharu is below 18, he has to avoid the police.

He decides to have lunch at the Lunar Chinese Restaurant instead since he can't go back to the internet cafe. He turns on his PC again to continue where he left off. The waitress there asks him a bunch of questions, which he found annoying. Just as he was about to have dessert, the police enter the restaurant and have lunch there. The waitress helps him escape, so he takes off and arrives in some sort of atrium.

A dark figure starts searching his bag. He tackles the figure and finds out that it was a black haired girl. She contacts someone, and the waitress from the restaurant arrives. A tracking device was apparently placed in his bag by the waitress, allowing them to find him. The waitress, who introduces herself as Lisa, invites him to stay with her, saying that it's her 'hobby' to take in lost kids like him. He agrees to go with her. The black haired girl, whose name is Hagana, complains about being unable to stand because he tackled her earlier, so Lisa forces Yoshiharu to give her a piggyback ride.

They arrive at what seems to be a church. He takes a bath for the first time since he ran away from home. After his bath, he finds Lisa reading a book. They talk about Earth, Lisa's hobby, books, and religion. There, he reveals his real name to Lisa. Their talk is interrupted by Hagana who suddenly appears in somewhat revealing clothes, making Lisa scold her.

The next day, he gets back to his usual activity of trading stocks. He does not reveal to Lisa what he does on the PC, but she doesn't seem to mind as long as it's not anything illegal. With Hagana busy, Yoshiharu and Lisa have dinner together without her. Lisa tells him that he has to work for his meals and lodging, so she mentions a bunch of jobs Yoshiharu can do. The earnings from those jobs are way less than what he usually makes when trading stocks, so he declines. He takes out 200 moules and gives it to Lisa as payment for staying 20 days. She looks baffled about how he produced the money. He assures her that it isn't 'dirty' money. She then decides not to inquire further.

Yoshiharu makes a visit to Newton City to boost up his spirit. When he returns to the church, he hears the troubled voice of Hagana. He runs to the kitchen, which is now a mess, and finds a man there with her. Yoshiharu takes down the man and restrains him, thinking he was a burglar. He soon realizes that the man is a debt collector, who is there to collect the 200 moule interest. He pays the man and lets him go. Hagana asks Yoshiharu to help fix the furniture and cover up the scene. She finds 2 lilies missing from the vase, so she asks him to find 2 lilies. He uproots lilies from a nearby area and teaches her how to cut the stems. Afterwards, he spends the rest of the time in his room reading the news and checking his e-mail. An e-mail about an investment contest comes in. He saves it in case he decides to join in the future.

Lisa arrives with leftovers from the Lunar Chinese Restaurant. During dinner, Lisa finds out about the debt collector's visit. Hagane kicks Yoshiharu under the table before he could disclose any details about how the room was a mess. After dinner, Lisa makes a visit to Yoshiharu's room and invites him to her room while Hagana is in the bath. She serves him some alcohol (whooahh... giving alcohol to minors, eh, Lisa?) and begins inquiring about the debt collector's visit. After learning about everything, she tells Yoshiharu about the debt.

Lisa borrowed a book from the library for Hagana. They lost it, so they're forced to pay the fee, which is pricey because books are rare. And that's how they ended up borrowing money from the debt collector, Mr. Toyama. Hagane thinks it's her fault, so she gets upset when Mr. Toyama visits to collect the interest. She even went as far as offering to sell herself, which Lisa strongly opposes. As Lisa continues talking, she suddenly gives Yoshiharu a hug, which surprises him.

The next day, it rains. Hagana and Yoshiharu end up arguing about their clothes, so Lisa suggests that they go shopping together after the rain stops. It's a dull day for the stock market, so Yoshiharu has nothing better to do. Seeing this, Lisa suggests they bake cookies, so she makes Yoshiharu do all the work while she gives him instructions. In the middle of that, the doorbell rings, so Yoshiharu goes to get the door and finds a girl with glasses named Chris delivering vegetables. She is there to ask help from Hagana on some math problems. Then, he gets the idea of using Hagana's skills to help him with his trading. However, he does not ask because of Hagana's attitude towards him.

Later that day, he goes shopping with Hagana. Yoshiharu learns more things about Hagana as they talk and connect a bit for once. After a failed prank on getting Hagana to try out clothes from a colorful clothing store, they enter a normal store selling cheap clothes. Hagana goes on super haggle mode, irritating the clerk and making Yoshiharu uncomfortable. They manage to score a discount and Hagana pays for it all. When asking for Yoshiharu's share, she subtracts the moules saved from the haggle from his share. Yoshiharu insists on paying in full because she was the one doing all the haggling while he did nothing, but Hagana refuses to let him. This leads to Hagana kicking him and taking off crying. When he gets back to church, Lisa asks him why Hagana is crying. He learns that it was Lisa who told her to haggle as thanks for his help. When he gets to his room, he decides to sign up for the investment contest.

The next day, Lisa asks Hagana and Yoshiharu to eat lunch together. When they do, he tries to apologize, but Hagana gets angry and reveals why she didn't like him: because everyone else is doing their best to survive, while he just spends the day in front of his computer and doesn't work. (She's just jealous that Yoshiharu puts in less effort and earns more money than her. lol) Yoshiharu heads to his room and begins thinking about his life. With all the dull market days, he is unsure about where he is going in trading. Additionally, there's Hagana adding to his stress too.

Right in the middle of Yoshiharu's mental struggle, the doorbell rings. It's Mr. Toyama who is looking for Lisa, saying he has something important to discuss. He waits in the living room for Lisa's return. He and Yoshiharu have a decent conversation, making Yoshiharu realize that he's not a bad guy. When Lisa returns, they leave the room to speak in private. Afterwards, Lisa comes back with a serious look on her face.

The next day is a day off for Yoshiharu, since the stock market is closed. He heads out to look for Chris and asks her what Hagana likes. Before she could answer properly, they see Hagana approaching, so Yoshiharu leaves before he is spotted. He goes back to the church. A while later, he receives a call from Lisa asking him to prepare hot cocoa and a bath. She gets back and he hears Hagana's door slamming shut. Lisa tells him that Mr. Toyama wants the debt paid back in full. Hagana caught wind of the situation and confronted Mr. Toyama, so Lisa stepped in to stop her and Hagana's elbow accidentally hit Lisa's eye. Yoshiharu decides to help Lisa through the investment contest so she doesn't have to sell her precious books, but he needed Hagana's help. They head to Hagana's room where she is curled up in the corner crying. Lisa gives her a hug and explains what they decided on. Right after that, Yoshiharu begins teaching Hagana about the stock market.

They also spend the next day teaching Hagana about stocks. In the middle of the lesson, they spot Chris at the window spying on them and blushing, probably misunderstanding something. She takes off once Yoshiharu catches sight of her. They continue with the lesson.

Once Hagana learns all she can, she mentions that they need a programmer to build them a program for their calculations. They pay a visit to Serrault, a friend of Lisa's who is a programmer. When they follow the directions of where his place is at, Yoshiharu finds out that Serrault is the afro guy from the Big Bull Cafe, the cheap internet cafe he always visits. Hagana describes the program they want him to make, and he accepts.

While the program is being constructed, Yoshiharu does all the trading. Hagana wants the program improved, so she asks Yoshiharu to accompany her to the Big Bull Cafe (cause afros scare her lol). When they get there, Yoshiharu opens the booth Serrault is in and finds him sleeping while leaving a porn video on. In panic, he tells Hagana to wait outside while he wakes Serrault up and pull the plug of the monitor. A clueless Hagana soon joins them. After doing their business, they start heading to the church, but Yoshiharu tells her to walk home alone because he wants to eat out. Hagana tells him she wants to join him. They decide to buy bread and eat at the tunnel, since Chris usually eats there too. Hagana has a hard time moving herself up the tunnel, so Yoshiharu carries her. (omg XD) They savor the amazing view together until Chris arrives.

Finally, they test out the program. When the prediction works, Hagana breathes a sigh of relief. They start relying on the program and slowly increase their rank in the contest. Yoshiharu decides to try out the program in the real market despite Hagana's pessimism about its efficiency. The program does work and soon people who also owe money to Mr. Toyama like Chris' family hear of what they're doing, so they entrust their savings to them to use for trading.

Right around that time, Yoshiharu gets scouted by Barton from The Brittanica. He meets up with Barton in Newton City without informing Lisa and Hagana of the details. Barton was impressed with his performance during the first few days of the contest. Yoshiharu learns more about trading from him as they dine together in an expensive restaurant.

As the days progresses, Hagana's program improves and they begin relying on it so much. Yoshiharu loses his passion for trading and feels useless. He feels he has to catch up with the program or he will be replaced. He decides to see Barton again. Barton teaches him about getting insider information, and other predictors of the rise or fall of businesses, He also mentions that Yoshiharu's trading style became stabilized and wonders if he was working with one more person, which he terms as a 'quaint'. Yoshiharu admits that he is working with Hagana. Barton then advises him to part with her, because the essence of trading lies not in mathematics.

Yoshiharu decides to aim for first place in the contest, so he can give the money to Hagana and cover her living expenses before she enters the university. That way, he won't have regrets when he leaves to join Barton. Set on getting first place, Hagana and Yoshiharu work hard on trading. They end up sleeping together on the bed for a few days. Hagana asks why he wants to aim for first place. He mentions his intention to leave and follow his dream, which was to become an investor in Newton City and fund an expedition for Mars. Hagana starts crying when he tells her the money from getting first place is for her.

During the last day of the contest, Yoshiharu makes an attempt to raise enough money to get to first place, but it fails. Hagana is disappointed, but Yoshiharu tells her that it was a fun journey anyway.
 Suddenly, Mr. Toyama and Serrault show up. Mr. Toyama wants to entrust his money to them too. They explain that they only have one week to raise enough money to pay back the debts. So, Hagana and Yoshiharu get to work. However, things don't go well for them. There's not enough time for them to raise the money, so Yoshiharu asks Barton to invest in him, but his offer was declined. However, Barton gives him some 'insider info' about which stock to look out for.

Yoshiharu trusts Barton's hint, which causes them to lose all their money. Barton tricked him. Yoshiharu collapses and falls into a coma from the shock. He is hospitalized and wakes up 10 days later. Despite him losing all the money, Chris and those who entrusted their money to him still visit. Apparently, Barton stepped in and helped reduce everyone's debt to 50,000 moules, so they're safe for now. When Yoshiharu returns to the church in a wheelchair, they find out Hagana ran away. The game ends there.


This game was a roller coaster ride of relief, tension, happiness, and sadness. I like games like these that don't follow the cliche plot where the protagonist endures hardship then wins it all in the end. Rather, what happened was the opposite. Choosing to end the story that way must have been done on purpose to make readers realize that what can't be severed by money are the strong bonds you make with people who care for you.

I was drawn into the story right around when Yoshiharu/Hal starts living with Lisa and Hagana. Lisa was an interesting character. She was like a mother or older sister figure who held with her the remnants and values of Earth culture. Honestly, I wanted to slap Hagana several times for being so judgmental at the beginning. Right around the second half of the story, she became more likable. I particularly admire her genuine desire to help people paired with her straightforwardness. She and Yoshiharu make a great pair.

And now for the not plot related things...

I love the music in this game. It definitely gives a 'moon' or space-like atmosphere to it. It sorta reminds me of Terraria music though. The background music was utilized pretty well when the scene was tense.

There were a lot of CGs in the game. Well, it is a pretty lengthy game. I love the one where Hagana and Yoshiharu are on top of the tunnel, savoring the view. It was just perfect for the scene.

Overall, this game is worth playing. You don't just get entertainment, but also added knowledge on stock market trading and insights on life! I can't wait to play the next episode.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

[Review] Fantasy Maiden's Odd Hideout

Title:  Fantasy Maiden's Odd Hideout
Developer: Buriki Clock
Released: August 2014


Ange and Bernd, two childhood friends, head out into the woods and enter a house made of delicious treats where they used to play at when they were little. After spending the night there, they find themselves locked inside. Then, suddenly fairies appear along with their dead childhood friend Cynthia! Cynthia tells Ange to collect breadcrumbs. Once she has enough, the bird in the cage will show her the way.

They spend each day partying and collecting breadcrumbs until reality starts to gradually become apparent and Bernd starts acting suspicious. The secret Bernd is hiding from her actually is...?!


This game is one of those that are all cutesy and happy at the beginning, then horror and reality slowly comes in. Kinda like the game Patty and Mr. Miles except it actually gives you some closure.

The game is actually divided into 2 parts: one is Ange's side and the other is Bernd's side. Depending on how sensitive you are to feels, the heart-crushing moments start to come in right around the end of Ange's side.

So I was playing this game with my friend Toru... and we got stuck at the Poker mini-game cause we had so much fun gambling and buying Strawberry Jam from the Crow to raise Bernd-kouhai's affection level. xD

There are 3 endings, all of which are decided right near the end of Bernd's side. The true end is unlocked after seeing the bad end and the normal end.

A little tip if you've decided to play this game: Be sure to complete the puzzle picture in the first part, because you need it to see the true end a.k.a. Sunday End.

What to expect:
- Mini-quests
- Vampires
- Cute fairies
- Poker?! <--- Yes. You play poker in this game.
- Heart-crushing reality

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Papina's Otaku Life Update #9: World End Fates;Gate Extra

Okay, maybe merging those three titles into one wasn't such a good idea, but... *shrug*

I'm on game playing mode this week cause I have extra free time, so I am simultaneously playing three games right now. I'll probably make a review or walkthrough for some of them after I finish playing.

After leaving it sitting around in my computer for a while, I finally started on Steins;Gate. Special thanks to Yuki-senpai for giving me a copy as a gift! I'm still on Chapter 2, but I've already been absorbed into the story. I can't believe I got used to Rintaro's chuunibyou narrations. I swear. If this was a dating sim, he'd be the worst protagonist ever, but he'd be the most entertaining one. Speaking of dating sims, there's a spin-off romatic comedy PSP game for Steins;Gate. It's not English translated though, but I heard of a recent effort to produce an Eng patch. I'm gonna give that Eng patch a chance and wait before getting the game.

I heard Steins;Gate has some heart-crushing moments right around the end and some crazy plot twists (cause time travel makes stuff like that happen). Bring on the feels!

Another game I'm playing is World End Economica I. I've been wanting to play this game for a while now. Finally, I managed to obtain a copy. Yay! It's a doujin game by Spicy Tails about life on the moon. I like the whole concept of building a city on the moon.

Although this game isn't voiced, they make up for it with the art and story. There is an official Eng translated version available (yay!).

The last game was recommended to me by Kimiko-chan. Actually, it was Fate Extra CCC she was recommending, but I played Fate Extra cause it's in Eng. I was expecting real time battle, but it's apparently turn based with a rock-paper-scissors kind of gameplay. It's rather hard to explain in words so please refer to this video instead:

The Holy Grail War goes on for 6 weeks. You spend the week training and gathering info. At the end of the week, you have a boss battle. There are some surprises here and there like getting poisoned or getting locked out of the arena. Overall, it's entertaining. I just find the battle system kinda annoying cause if you don't keep a cheat sheet with you, you're forced to either memorize or guess the attack patterns of enemies.

And those are the games I've been playing. As for updates on Black Diary, Case 3 is around 70% complete. That 30% is just basically adding in the music, sfx, and character expressions. Everything else is pretty much done. It should be released before the end of this month. :3

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Aura Kingdom: Normal Monster Drops

These are the estimated drop rates of the normal monsters. The list is still currently incomplete and will be updated as I calculate the data.

Helonia Coast

Lv12 Forest Beetle
Broken Scale - 7.78%
Secret Stone of Despair - 8.89%
Crystallized EXP Dust - 1.11%
Valuable Chest - 1.11%
Crystallized EXP Fragments - ???

Lv14 Fruit Beetle
Crystallized EXP Dust - 12%
Secret Stone of Despair - 6%
Broken Scale - 4%
Crystallized EXP Fragments - 4%

Lv14 Wild Parrot
Secret Stone of Despair - 15%
Yellow Bone - 8.33%
Crystallized EXP Dust - 5%
Valuable Chest - 3.33%
Crystallized EXP Fragments - ???

Lv15 Bandit Tanuki
Coarse Cloth - 14.29%
Secret Stone of Despair - 10%
Crystallized EXP Dust - 5.71%
Valuable Chest - 2.86%
Crystallized EXP Fragments - ???

Crescent Hill

Lv21 Lunar Flower Dryad
Strange Smelling Nectar - 10%
Glimmering Secret Stone - 8.75%
Crystallized EXP Fragments - 3.75%
Valuable Chest - 2.5%
Small EXP Crystal - ???

Lv22 Drunken Flower Beetle
Scattered Petals - 11.32%
Crystallized EXP Fragments - 7.55%
Glimmering Secret Stone - 5.66%
Valuable Chest - 3.77%
Small EXP Crystal - ???

Lv22 Crescent Sprite
Little Explosion - 10%
Glimmering Secret Stone - 4%
Crystallized EXP Fragments - 2%
Valuable Chest - 2%
Small EXP Crystal - 2%

Cactakara Forest

Lv31 Moss Crab
Limpid Blood - 14.29%
Shining Secret Stone - 7.14%
Small EXP Crystal - 7.14%
Valuable Chest - 4.76%
Armor Fortification Scroll - 2.38%
Medium EXP Crystal - ??? (Most likely less than 2%)

Lv31 Grass Sprout
Dry Flat Seed - 12.73%
Shining Secret Stone - 7.27%
Small EXP Crystal - 5.45%
Medium EXP Crystal - 1.82%
Valuable Chest - 1.82%
Armor Fortification Scroll - ??? (Most likely less than 1.82%)

Lv33 Leathery Crocodile
Coarse Scale - 12%
Shining Secret Stone - 8%
Small EXP Crystal - 4%
Valuable Chest - 2%
Armor Fortification Scroll - ??? (Most likely less than 2%)
Medium EXP Crystal - ??? (Most likely less than 2%)

Lv37 East City Hunter
Magic Parchment - 10%
Shining Secret Stone - 10%
Small EXP Crystal - 7.5%
Valuable Chest - 2.5%
Weapon Fortification Scroll - ??? (Most likely less than 2%)
Medium EXP Crystal - ??? (Most likely less than 2%)

Demarech Mines

Lv41 Angler Bug
Viscous Sap - 12.12%
Armor Fortification Scroll - 9.09%
Medium EXP Crystal - 6.06%
Valuable Chest - 6.06%

Lv43 Ruins Parasite
Rotten Chitterlings - 11.5%
Medium EXP Crystal - 9.73%
Flawless Secret Stone - 4.42%
Armor Fortification Scroll - 1.77%
Valuable Chest - 0.01%

Thursday, January 29, 2015

What I Learned from RPGmaker Horror Games

1. There will always be a locked door.

2. Even if there's a knife or anything that could be used to stab and kill the antagonist, the protagonist will not pick it up and will use a less useful object instead.

3. There's almost always something useful in the library.

4. If there's an incinerator in the game, you will most likely use it to burn the antagonist, but you probably either have to do things to get it to work or go through a huge amount of trouble just to get to it.

5. In-game characters seem to have the habit of leaving notes filled with secrets for the protagonist to find.

6. When a statue or human-like object that used to be there suddenly disappears, it's probably gonna show up and chase you.

7. There's probably a secret passageway in the fireplace.

8. If it's a shiny object on the ground, it's probably useful.

9. It ain't a proper RPGmaker horror game without a chase scene.

10. When stuck, examine EVERYTHING... and save in between.

11. Being able to save the game anytime is a wonderful thing.

I'll add more to this if I think of other stuff. xD

Sunday, January 25, 2015

[Review] Tobari and the Night of the Curious Moon

Title: Tobari and the Night of the Curious Moon
Developer: Desunoya
Genre: Fantasy, Platformer


In this platformer, the heroine Tobari wields a Keystaff with which she can whack foes to get their magic. Use a wide variety of spells to help her unravel the mysteries of the Night of the Curious Moon!


I'm not into platformers, but I decided to try something new for once. Here, you get to play as Tobari and whack your way to the goal. If you manage to whack mages, they drop spells which you can use to freeze or fireball enemies in your way. You complete stages and slowly move up to higher stages. There is also a shop which lets you purchase useful items to help you complete the goal.

This game was rather relaxing for me when I played it after a day of stress. I sucked terribly at this game at first (mostly because I'm so used to having the space bar as jump and the X button as cancel). I don't recall seeing a guide on the controls (unless I just missed it), so here they are before you accidentally kill yourself on your first try because of the controls:

Space = Pause
Attack = Z
Jump = X

Saturday, January 24, 2015

[Doujin Circle] Kanagawa Electrotechnics Laboratory

From now on, I'll also be featuring doujinshi circles from Japan to get you acquainted with other great games that aren't very popular outside of Japan. Just to familiarize you with the terms of what doujins and doujin circles are...

Doujinshi are basically works like manga, music, and games made by independent groups or individuals called 'circles'. They can be totally original works or based off a popular series. Doujin works are usually released at the Comic Market, a popular convention in Japan that focuses on doujinshi.

Circle: Kanagawa Electrotechnics Laboratory
Types of Games: Action, Arcade

They are a group of developers who mainly work on original action games. Though they did release a few fan works such as Homu Homu Cannon Blast (Puella Magi Madoka Magica), Gun Star (Lucky Star), and ROADROLLER! (Vocaloid).

The group is composed of four members: isao, the circle representative and programmer; NOCHI, the one in charge of directing routine activities; Gosuji, the previous representative who is currently away; and edge, the one who supports isao's unknown programs and who is also currently away.

Games Released:


Frenetic yokai-shooting action with 5 pixel heroines! 

Miko Blaster

This game is a side-scrolling shooter where each stage has a 3 minute limit. 
The journey to Surprise-Shaped Island takes place over 30 parts. 
Blaze hard through all 30 levels before each of your 3-minute boosters run out!

Homu Homu Cannon Blast

More Puella Magi fun! xD (That anime is so popular in Japan.. I swear I keep seeing doujins of it.)
Homura wields a massive gun! Help her blast enemies in this 2D Puella shooter.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Building a Corpse Party Book Collection

The Corpse Party Series has a lot of released books including manga, fanbooks, and light novels. It can get pretty confusing while you're starting out with the series and you're not sure which book is supposed to go first in terms of events. I'll attempt to sort them out and provide information on each one of them here, so you (and I) can have a quick guide/master list on which books to get next for your collection.


Corpse Party Blood Covered
No of volumes: 10 (Complete)
Artist: Toshimi Shinomiya

This manga series follows the events in the game Corpse Party: Blood Covered

Corpse Party Book of Shadows
No of volumes: 3 (Complete)
Artist: Mika Orie

The events here happen after Blood Covered. It follows the events in the game Corpse Party Book of Shadows.

Corpse Party Blood Drive
No of volumes: 1

The events here happen after Book of Shadows. It is a prequel to the game Blood Drive and comes with the limited edition of the game.

Sometimes, you'll find them sold individually by those who ordered the limited edition.

Corpse Party Hysteric Birthday 2U
No. of volumes: 1 (Ongoing)
Artist: Tsubakurou Shibata

The events here take place in an alternate timeline. Full of fanservice and comedy.

Corpse Party Another Child
No of volumes: 3 (Complete)
Artist: Shunsuke Ogata

This is a spin-off manga with Tamaki Minase as the protagonist. Characters from the original Corpse Party also make cameos.

Corpse Party Musume
No of Volumes: 3 (Complete)
Artist: Mika Orie

Events here happen in an alternate timeline. This time, with a new character included and much ecchi. If you're not into fanservice, you might want to skip this one out. Otherwise, go get the whole collection

Corpse Party Coupling x Anthology
No of volumes: 1

A collection of short stories by different artists. More focused on comedy and on certain pairings like NahoxKibiki, etc.

Magi-cu 4-koma: Corpse Party
No of volumes: 1

A collection of romantic comedy 4-komas (4 paneled comics) done by different artists.

Corpse Party Cemetery0 ~The Creation of Ars Moriendi~
No of volumes: 3 (Complete)
Artist: Ichihaya

This manga is a prequel to the series. The main protagonist is Naho. The story focuses on her investigations.

Note: This manga is the hardest to find in the series. (Besides that limited edition Blood Drive manga) I suggest checking eBay. I spotted the whole series being sold there once.

Light Novels

Corpse Party: Blood Covered... Repeated Fear (Top)

This is the first volume in the set.
Main characters in this volume are Naomi, Seiko, Yoshiki and Ayumi.

Corpse Party: Blood Covered... Repeated Fear (Bottom)

This is the second volume in the set.

Main characters in this novel are Naomi, Satoshi and Yuka.

Corpse Party Blood Covered... Repeated Fear "Truth and Falsehood of Relationships" 

Corpse Party Cemetery0 

Another hard to find light novel. For this one, I also suggest checking eBay. Sometimes, this book pops out there.

Fan Books

Focuses on the game Corpse Party Blood Covered... Repeated Fear

Focuses on the game Corpse Party Book of Shadows

Corpse Party Blood Drive

Focuses on the game Corpse Party Blood Drive.