Sunday, October 18, 2015

[Translation] Uta no Prince-sama Music - Character Scenes

I just started playing this game cause I'm on a rhythm game spree. The scenes were pretty short so I decided to translate them for fun. I still have to unlock and translate the other scenes so this is all I have as of the moment.

Edit: This game totally killed my arm. @_@
If you're having trouble beating the game, I suggest getting 1 or 2 other people to play with you. I brought my PSP with this game during a sleepover and we ended up clearing a lot of the hard and some pro songs by assigning 1-2 buttons each. lol It's also way more fun playing with friends than killing your fingers all alone.

Seriously. Natsuki's songs cause such muscle destruction.


Episode 1

"I've come to pick you up. Are the date preparations complete?"
"Fu.. It looks like it's perfect. I think it's wonderfully coordinated."
”Well then, let's head out."
"For today, leave everything to me. Be sure to follow me properly, ok?"
"I will most definitely let you have fun."

Episode 4

"Good morning. It's a great morning, you know."
"Come on, please get up. Dream time is about to start."
"We decided that we'd spend the first day of each month together, didn't we?"
"*chuckle* It looks like you've finally woken up."
"First, let's have some breakfast."
"If we spend the morning lazing around, let's go out somewhere for lunch, ok?"

Episode 7

"It's a refreshing morning isn't it?"
"I wonder if it feels that way because you're beside me."
"I mean, look. The world is also this beautiful."
"So there are mornings like these too, huh."
”It became like seeing a 9 colored rainbow in the sky and walking on it."
"Hm? Is it weird?"
"That's right. It might be a bit like a fairytale."
"It's a far-off evidence."
"You're here with me. That makes me irresistibly happy."


Episode 1

”Fufu. It's fun to play tag in the garden maze sometimes."
"Haru-chan, where are you~? I'll find you immediately~"
"Hm~ Could you be here perhaps~ Or here..."
"Ah, so you were here all along."
"Haru-chan, fo--und you. Fufu. Gyuu--"
"You shouldn't run, you know, captured princess."
"Be quiet and allow yourself to be loved by me, ok? *kiss*"

Episode 3

"1, 2, 3... 1, 2, 3..."
"Hehe. Waltz is fun, right?"
"And then tuuuurn!"
"Aah! I'm sorry! I didn't expect you to fall..."
"A... yeah. Your face is near, huh."
"Are you ok? Does it hurt? Sorry."
"A while ago, our lips touched for a moment, right? Hey, can we do it one more time?"
"I'll be more gentle this time. Please..."
"Thank you. *kiss*"
"Hehe. I made your heart beat fast, didn't I?"
"Come, let's dance the Southern Cross waltz."

Episode 4

"Hm? What's wrong? Are you afraid of thunder?"
"It's ok, I'm here beside you. I'll protect you, ok? So don't be afraid. Don't be afraid."
”Ah. That's right. I'll sing near your ear."
"If I do that, you won't be afraid, right?"
"Come on, get closer."
"Then listen to my song..."

Episode 7

"I see... So it's the moon tonight."
"Going out once in a while to watch is nice. On top of that, it's also quiet."
"I'm starting to have the delusion that I'm the only person in the world."
"No... I was alone from the start."
"Within that darkness, wasn't I always alone like this?"
"Then why am I feeling sad...?"
"Eversince he met her, Natsuki changed."
"No, perhaps the one who changed is me. For me to have feelings like this..."
"She's a really strange girl."
"Natsuki's feelings for her. Even I feel like I understand them a bit."


Episode 1

"Ahh... The sky is radiant. What a nice weather..."
"It's a perfect day for a date, right? Hehe. Just the fine weather already makes me really happy."
"Don't you think so too? It's the best first day of the month, right?"
"Ah... But... having you beside me makes me happy the most. Shall we hold hands?"
"When I touch you like this, the moment when I feel your warmth is irrisistably lovely."
"If you feel happy, I don't need anything else..."
"It becomes something like that feeling."
"It might be a bit conceited of me."
"Hehe. But these are my honest feelings. If you feel the same way, I'll be happy."


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