About Azuneko Studio

Azuneko Studio is a game development team formed in 2014 that specializes in visual novel games. Members include Barnabas and Papina.

Future games released will most probably be either mystery, horror, or gore. Though perhaps we might sneak in some romance in there (though expect either horror or something added into it).

About Papina

Papina is a girl with many many hobbies like gaming, drawing, composing music, and translating Jap to Eng. She is currently obsessed with Corpse Party (which is pretty obvious with all the Corpse Party posts in this blog) and puzzle horror games.

She is the only main artist and game designer of Black Diary.


About Barnabas

Barnabas is an aspiring bodybuilder, poet, advocate of LGBT rights, and one-time cosplayer. His hobbies include reading, gaming, and studying whatever new topic interests him. Born under a full moon, he revels in the darkness. Be careful you don’t unleash his wild side. Awooo! 

 Date of Birth: June 9, 1989 
Zodiac Sign: Gemini 
Blood-Type: O 
Favourite Digimon: WereGarurumon

Games Released:

July 2014 - Black Diary Case 1 (PC and iOS)


December 2014 - Black Diary Case 2 (PC and iOS)


March 2015 - Black Diary Case 3 (PC)


October 2015 - Black Diary Case 4 & 5 (PC)


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