Sunday, October 4, 2015

Black Diary Case 4 & 5 Released! The Final Cases

After a year of development, the Black Diary series is finally complete. It's been a long, fun ride. We would like to thank everyone who supported us (especially those who left encouraging messages on our page)! It's great getting to meet new people through game development. (^▽^)

You can download the last case from the Apple App Store here.

You can download the ED song Open Eyes here:

What's Next?

We'll be compiling all the cases into one full version and putting it up for sale on other game stores. We'll also be moving on to other platforms as well such as Android. The series may be complete, but we'll still work on improving the game.

Of course, we have new games in store, but no details will be revealed for now except for the pre-released OST below. I hope you look forward to our next work!

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Anonymous said...

Could you please release this for PC? I enjoyed the previous chapters, but I don't have an iPhone.