Saturday, January 24, 2015

[Doujin Circle] Kanagawa Electrotechnics Laboratory

From now on, I'll also be featuring doujinshi circles from Japan to get you acquainted with other great games that aren't very popular outside of Japan. Just to familiarize you with the terms of what doujins and doujin circles are...

Doujinshi are basically works like manga, music, and games made by independent groups or individuals called 'circles'. They can be totally original works or based off a popular series. Doujin works are usually released at the Comic Market, a popular convention in Japan that focuses on doujinshi.

Circle: Kanagawa Electrotechnics Laboratory
Types of Games: Action, Arcade

They are a group of developers who mainly work on original action games. Though they did release a few fan works such as Homu Homu Cannon Blast (Puella Magi Madoka Magica), Gun Star (Lucky Star), and ROADROLLER! (Vocaloid).

The group is composed of four members: isao, the circle representative and programmer; NOCHI, the one in charge of directing routine activities; Gosuji, the previous representative who is currently away; and edge, the one who supports isao's unknown programs and who is also currently away.

Games Released:


Frenetic yokai-shooting action with 5 pixel heroines! 

Miko Blaster

This game is a side-scrolling shooter where each stage has a 3 minute limit. 
The journey to Surprise-Shaped Island takes place over 30 parts. 
Blaze hard through all 30 levels before each of your 3-minute boosters run out!

Homu Homu Cannon Blast

More Puella Magi fun! xD (That anime is so popular in Japan.. I swear I keep seeing doujins of it.)
Homura wields a massive gun! Help her blast enemies in this 2D Puella shooter.

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