Friday, January 9, 2015

Papina's Otaku Life Update #7: Aura Kingdom

I've been sick this week, which sucks cause I can't do any work. Now that I recovered, I am once again distracted from my work. Buuut, at least I get to talk about it here since this is a game blog.

So I've been playing Aura Kingdom lately. I'm currently hooked, probably because it reminds me of Dragon Nest so much except without the overly repetitive dungeon. I can't help but compare the two because of all the similarities in graphics, game play, and character upgrades.

I don't want to get into long boring details, so I'll just summarize them into points:

Stuff I Find Awesome

1. Quests galore! 

Hidden Quests, Main Quests, Daily Quests, and Achievements... Will I ever run out of things to do? (Still too early to tell.)

2. Loyalty Points

You know how you really need this item but it's only sold in the cash shop so you're either forced to use real money or spend a lot of in-game cash just to obtain it? The game uses Loyalty Points, which you earn from quests and achievements, as currency for a separate shop that also sells cash shop items. It may be harder to obtain costumes, but hey... I'm able to easily expand my inventory slots so I'm pretty happy.

3. Easy Leveling

I feel like this game makes leveling easy. I know it usually is easy to level at early stages, but this game provides so many opportunities to speed up leveling with the many daily quests (including repeatable hidden quests that don't require much work) and XP bonus charms included in the daily login.

4. Convenient Auto Run

Are you too lazy to look for this NPC or monster for a quest? Just click on the quest objective and it takes you there automatically. So convenient.

5. Free Permanent Costumes

Well, costumes are basically your actual clothes. If you take them off, then your chara is left in his/her underwear. At early levels, you already have access to some nice costumes to add to your wardrobe.

6. Interesting Quest Objectives

It's not just the usual "Kill 500 slimes" or "Talk to this guy" then "Talk to this other guy". There are actually minigames (more like sneak missions) that come with some quests

7. Eidolon Buddies to Kill Stuff for You

Eidolon are like your pets that follow you around. They have skills which you can control. You actually can sit back and let them do the killing if you're that lazy.

Stuff I Don't Find Awesome

Before I go off into a rant about how they nerfed my class, the Ranger. I will point out the things I have observed from my end. Do note that it is possible that some of the things I mentioned is caused by lag.

Most of my complaints have to do with the battle system. I find it annoying that most of the Ranger's skills have to be charged for max damage. Uncharged attacks barely hit hard. In my previous experience playing as an archer in other games (except Monster Hunter), most skills don't necessarily have to be charged to deal good damage. Maybe charging would have been fine if they didn't require 4-10 seconds. Also, I find it really annoying how you have to click on a single target to do AoE skills. It's not a highlighted area you can select. Having to select a target before you can even use the skill causes a delay, which sucks cause I want aggressive hoards to die fast. So far, I only have a few AoE skills. I'm hoping the rest aren't the same way.

Additionally, the cooldowns are also annoying. There's a cooldown after I use the skill AND after the shot is released. And if that's not enough to annoy you, once you activate the skill there's a delay between the time you activate it and the moment it hits the target. That makes it hard to time things for combos with other party members.

Shorter version of above: Many things about the game's battle system slows you down (at least for the ranger).... that or I'm so used to fast-paced battle systems.

And now for some screenshots....

And here's my eidolon friendzoning another eidolon lol

I want to get on that ship


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