Friday, January 16, 2015

Online Anime TCG Games! My Deck Can't Be This MOE!

Ok, so at some point I was bored and had the strangest urge to go play a Trading Card Game (TCG) online. (Cause real TCGs cost lots of money Dx) Anywho, I traversed the interwebs in search of the perfect game to cure my psychic emptiness.

My first stop was an old game I used to love: Sword Girls Online. But... to my dismay, the old site closed down. There's a new site, this time you're required to download the software. Before, you didn't have to. You'd just play it directly on the browser. I probably tried it out at a bad time cause their server was down, so they made the players use a backup server. The lag was terrible.

Anyway, game play wise, I find it pretty good because you can develop your own play style, combos, and you're required to actually have a good strategy to defeat dungeon bosses. It's challenging, just the way I like it. And to add to that, the art is just simply adorable! I wouldn't mind spending money on the real cards if I ever make a visit to Korea. ... if they still sell them that is.

Next up! I found Shikihime Garden. The art is pretty simple, but cute nonetheless. I love how you can decorate your garden and feed your himes. Early game, you don't need much strategy, just kill and lvl your himes. Mid game, you'd need to start balancing your team by putting enough of each type of hime. You'd also need to learn when to switch out a hime during battle.

What I don't like about this game is the grinding. If you want good cards, you need to grind, grind, and grind. I have no patience for grinding. Well, Sword Girls needs grinding too, but at least you're entertained with trying to come up with the next move and all.

This time, I went looking for games for android. I wanted to download Million Arthur, but nooo.. it's unavailable in my region, so I ended up with Ayakashi Ghost Guild.

If you're too lazy for lots of strategy and you just want to collect pretty cards, then perhaps you might like this game. Battle happens in just a second. Barely any strategy. You might argue that ayakashi have skills and all, but that barely helps unless you have moolah and went off to buy cards with super useful skills.

What I like about the game is the story. I must admit. I found it entertaining, especially for that one event with the carnival. Another thing I like is the art and music. I really love the music. When I first played the game, it was what caught my attention first. Those I mentioned are pretty much the only things that are keeping me playing occasionally. I mean, it's a game designed to make you buy stuff to increase power. Playing without buying makes the game way harder and often just discourages you from continuing. If you've been playing free browser games like those, you'd get what I'm talking about.

And so, after playing 3 games, I didn't want to play any more online TCGs. Some people recommended Hearthstone, which sorta reminds me of Magic: The Gathering, but I'll probably save that for later. Right now, I'm contemplating on trying out Weiss Schwarz and building a Madoka deck.

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