Saturday, February 7, 2015

[Review] Fantasy Maiden's Odd Hideout

Title:  Fantasy Maiden's Odd Hideout
Developer: Buriki Clock
Released: August 2014


Ange and Bernd, two childhood friends, head out into the woods and enter a house made of delicious treats where they used to play at when they were little. After spending the night there, they find themselves locked inside. Then, suddenly fairies appear along with their dead childhood friend Cynthia! Cynthia tells Ange to collect breadcrumbs. Once she has enough, the bird in the cage will show her the way.

They spend each day partying and collecting breadcrumbs until reality starts to gradually become apparent and Bernd starts acting suspicious. The secret Bernd is hiding from her actually is...?!


This game is one of those that are all cutesy and happy at the beginning, then horror and reality slowly comes in. Kinda like the game Patty and Mr. Miles except it actually gives you some closure.

The game is actually divided into 2 parts: one is Ange's side and the other is Bernd's side. Depending on how sensitive you are to feels, the heart-crushing moments start to come in right around the end of Ange's side.

So I was playing this game with my friend Toru... and we got stuck at the Poker mini-game cause we had so much fun gambling and buying Strawberry Jam from the Crow to raise Bernd-kouhai's affection level. xD

There are 3 endings, all of which are decided right near the end of Bernd's side. The true end is unlocked after seeing the bad end and the normal end.

A little tip if you've decided to play this game: Be sure to complete the puzzle picture in the first part, because you need it to see the true end a.k.a. Sunday End.

What to expect:
- Mini-quests
- Vampires
- Cute fairies
- Poker?! <--- Yes. You play poker in this game.
- Heart-crushing reality

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