Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Black Diary Full Version - New Features and Endings!

Instead of just plainly compiling all the cases, we decided to add more content to make the gameplay more interesting. These are the things we're working on adding into Black Diary's full version:

1. New Endings

This time, you will actually get to save certain characters from their fate, but that will depend on your choices. At least 3 new endings will be added into the game.

2. New Scenes In-Game and Extra Scenes

There will be new scenes added, as well as unlockable extra scenes. There will also be an extra chapter added, but it's more of an after-story.

3. Friendship Points

More choices will be added into the story, which affects the friendship between Colette and the other characters. Some of them will affect the ending, some will unlock new scenes, and they will also unlock new info about the character in the memo.

3. Character Info

Now you will know their last names. lol More information about a character can be unlocked by gaining friendship points.

4. CG Gallery and Music Room

A must-have for visual novels.

Collect all the CGs and background music! We'll also be throwing in some bonus tracks too.

5. Scene Library and Endings List

To help you keep track of the scenes and endings you might have missed out. You can replay scenes from the scene library.

6. Memo

Now you can re-read the excerpts from the Black Diary which you already encountered, Collect all the excerpts!

7. More CGs

Gotta have more to collect.

Look forward to it~!

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