Thursday, August 14, 2014

[Review] フリーゲーム「bury」

Title: フリーゲーム「bury」
Genre: Horror, RPG
Developer: 4段目の猫 (4cat)
Playtime: 2-3 hours
Console: PC


Bury is a game that has a lot of nursery rhyme references, so if you know your rhymes well, it will be an advantage for you in the game.

If you liked Ib or The Witch's House, you'll probably enjoy this game. It has similar puzzle solving stages where you meet strange characters like a cat with a fiddle, talking deer heads, and other talking inanimate objects. The game atmosphere and music really do remind me of Ib a lot. I love the music. It's very suitable for a riddle-solving exploration game.

As you progress through the game, the mystery behind the mansion deepens and you'll probably end up making theories as some stuff starts to become quite complicated.


Coco loses her most treasured notebook.

"Perhaps it's in that place..."

"But that place is somewhere I definitely shouldn't go to, right?"

Relying on those words, Coco goes off to look for her notebook.

You play as this girl named Coco who goes inside a mansion to look for her missing notebook. When she steps inside, she sees a shadow and follows it. As she searches for the shadow, she starts to meet strange characters who ask her to solve riddles. Soon, she encounters a little boy and an older man who join her in her quest for her notebook. Could these two be a key to solving the mystery behind the strange mansion?

After playing several games like these, 
it's not surprising anymore that inanimate objects are talking.

I've learned from every other RPGmaker game I've played
that red lips are dangerous. This one is no exception.

"Oh hey there, stranger! Let's go on an adventure together!
....Just don't suddenly stab me in the back."

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