Thursday, August 21, 2014

Papina's Otaku Life Update #4: Kenshin Movie and More Corpse Party

I should be doing more important things right now like making the CGs for Black Diary case 2

The opening song of Mekakucity Actors is stuck in my head (hence the title). I really like the art style of that anime so I'll probably make some fanart soon.

I'm still switching between playing Corpse Party 2U on my PSP and playing Rune Factory 4 on my 3DS. xD At this rate, I'll take even to longer to finish both games. /facepalm

I just watched the new Kenshin movie (Kyoto Inferno) yesterday night. I ended up going home at 1am because there was a storm and the movie ended pretty late too. Nevertheless, it was a good movie. The fight scenes were really cool, though I think they made it too dramatic. I guess I 'm just so used to watching old samurai series like Zatoichi. Comparing the new samurai movies with the old ones, I can say ”Wow. There's a lot of improvement!” Though I feel that the new ones are drifting a bit farther from reality. And what's with the excessively dramatic background music during normal scenes?

I can't wait for the next part of the movie!

Now let me fangirl for a bit.... (´,,•ω•,,)♡ Ahh. Souji is so adorable!

As for translation stuff I'm working on, my friend Tsuki lent me her Brothers Conflict Short Stories book so I can translate it for her. I'll be prioritizing that though I can't help but do random short scenario translations from Corpse Party 2U because the scenes are just really hilarious and I want to everyone else who loves Corpse Party to understand it and laugh with me. xD

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