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Rune Factory 4 Town Events

Note: Town events are random.
This post will be updated as I unlock the other events.

Shiny Memories

So there's this bird that built a nest on top of the entrance to Frey's room. Soon, the bird causes trouble for residents by stealing their stuff. Blossom recognized the bird as Twinkle, who used to stay in town years ago when she was still a little girl. Since it's impossible for Twinkle to still be alive, Blossom thinks it's Twinkle's grandchild.

At the general store, the bird swoops down and steals Blossom's pendant, which was one of her treasured heirlooms. Doug gets angry and says he'll get it back for her, but Blossom insists that he doesn't go after the bird because he might get hurt. Doug goes to the nest to retrieve it anyway. As he climbed to the top, his foot slips, making him fall. Suddenly, a mysterious force catches him, saving him from injury.

Blossom scolds him and says that Doug's safety is more important than the pendant. She adds that she did the same thing as Doug when she was still a little girl when Twinkle stole her mother's pendant. She fell and got injured, which was why she insisted that Doug leaves the pendant alone.

The Running Sign

One night, the townspeople notice that there is vandalism all over the houses. Everyone starts to suspect that Dolce might be behind it. After Frey talks to Dolce, a talking signpost suddenly appears and greets them. Dolce immediately suspects that Pico is the one behind all this, so she chases the signpost around town.

The vandalism outside the inn.

The townspeople get amused by Dolce's attempts at trying to catch the signpost that they don't find Dolce as hard to approach anymore.

Soon, Dolce finally corners the signpost that runs to the lake. Suddenly, Pico appears to Frey and Forte who are standing outside the clinic. They're surprised  to find Pico with them when Dolce ran all the way to the lake. Pico then tells them that she just threw the signpost for Dolce to chase after. lol In a short while, Dolce appears and puts on a "What would I do without you, Pico?" drama, touching Pico's heart and making her show herself to Dolce. Then, Dolce goes:

Smart move, Dolce! xD

She proceeds to squeeze Pico, who goes "I'm dying! I'm dying!" but Dolce just replies "You're already dead. You can't die a second time." and doesn't stop. Forte then says that Dolce and Pico aren't as scary anymore. Funny thing. She still denies the fact that Pico is a real ghost. xD

Don't Fall For It, Vishnal!

When Frey wakes up in the morning and talks to Vishnal, he mentions that he's sad about knocking over a bucket while cleaning. He wonders why he ends up messing up when he tries so hard. Frey either cheers him on or tells him he sucks (I picked the cheer him on option). lol

When Frey heads to Bado's shop, he tries to sell her a statue that supposedly makes you awesome at stuff. No matter how much Bado tries to convince Frey, she just doesn't buy it so he gives up.

Later, Frey talks to Vishnal and finds out that he bought the statue from Bado. He actually fell for it and believed that owning the statue would make him better at what he does. So, Frey breaks to him the news that he's been tricked. Vishnal gets shocked and goes off to find Bado.

You're right. I won't believe it.

I'm sorry, Vishnal. It's a scam.

When Frey catches up, Vishnal is smiling again, so she assumes that everything has been settled. However, Bado only told him that the statue houses a guardian spirit. (Bado WHY?! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ) So Vishnal happily runs off with his statue.

Someone please arrest Bado.

I am thinking of ways to kill you.

Frey tries to convince Bado to take the statue back and give Vishnal his money back, but he refused. After a few days, Vishnal suddenly becomes better at doing things. OMG. He actually managed to make non-failed dishes!


So Vishnal enjoys a few days of failure-free activities. He believes that the statue really caused his success, so he offers flowers to it and stuff as if it's some kind of religious icon. One morning, he accidentally breaks the statue, and then... he's back to sucking at things again. He's devastated but Frey tells him that it was because of him and not the statue that he was able to succeed. He immediately recovers and goes "I'll do my best!"

A Performance Without an Audience

Margaret tells Frey that she wants to have a big performance on stage one day. Later, Dolce tells Frey that there's someone who wants to hear Margaret perform, so Dolce requested Frey to bring Margaret to Obsidian Manor. Frey brings Margaret there and Dolce shows up suddenly soon after, which scares Margaret.

Margaret wonders why no one else is around, but Dolce tells her that the one who requested her performance is already there. Suddenly, a lady appears onstage and tells Margaret that she was the one who wanted her to perform, but the score for the song seems to be missing. Frey doesn't know how a score looks like so she brings Margaret along, who is apparently really afraid of ghosts.

As they look for the score, Frey hears two people talking. One is a girl named Marina and the other is a guy named Julius. Marina approaches Julius, who is a violinist, and tries to talk to him. Frey and Margaret move to another location and hear them again.  Marina tells Julius that she's glad that they're able to easily converse now.

As they, keep moving, they hear Marina and Julius once more except this time, they're having an argument. Marina is complaining about how Julius is always busy with his music. Julius tells her to leave because he has to finish this one composition. Marina storms out feeling hurt.

Finally, Frey and Margaret find the score. Margaret recognizes the piece. Apparently, it's the same one she always plays at Porco's restaurant. She learned the song after leaving the Elven kingdom.

They return to the stage and Margaret starts her performance with a speech, saying that the song she's about to play is made for someone special to the composer. As Margaret plays the song, Marina says something like "So this is the piece you wanted me to hear". Julius appears and tells her that the song conveys his feelings for her. They happily thank Margaret and disappear together.

Dolce then fills everyone in on what was happening. Julius was a composer who made a song for Marina's birthday. He was to pick her up and perform for her onstage then tell her something important after. Unfortunately, he died in a landslide as he was on his way to pick her up. For centuries, Marina waited to hear the song Julius made while Julius waited to let Marina hear the song. Dolce tells Margaret that thanks to her help, she finally reunited the couple.

Margaret feels embarrassed about being afraid of them. Dolce tells her that she could keep the original score and take care of it. Margaret then asks Frey if she could stay in the concert hall for a while. When she finally exits the mansion, she tells her that she wants to compose a song for someone special one day like what Julius did.

Someone Has the Wrong Idea

Arthur and Frey talk about how things are going with princess duties. Volkanon happens to pass by and hears their conversation. He misunderstands what he hears and assumes that Frey wants to give up the throne. Determined to not let that happen, he does a bunch of things to keep Frey's motivation: pretending to be a villager asking for directions (though it was sooo obvious that it was just him), leaving cans everywhere for Frey to pick up, and hanging on to the cliff where Margaret's house stands so Frey can "save" him (though he was the one who pulled himself up). Finally, he tells Frey that she shouldn't give up the throne. Frey tells him that he misunderstood the conversation. Happy to hear that she had no plans of giving up on being princess, he sheds manly tears in relief.

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