Tuesday, November 18, 2014

An Update on Black Diary

First off, we haven't given up on the game, just in case you're wondering. We've received reports of crashing and some errors, so we decided to re-do the script in a different language. Barnabas is doing case 1 while I'm working on case 2. Splitting the work like this slows down our progress but we're able to release the two cases at more or less the same time this way. As of this moment we've completed around 80% of it. There are also other factors contributing to the slow progress, but I won't go into that in detail cause a lot of it is personal.

Anyway, I hope you'll look forward to the updated case 1 and case 2! (And not kill us for the errors from the first release and the delay... but really, we apologize for that Dx)


So, here are some random art for the sake of making this post longer. lol

And some concept art of Dr. Cohen and Colette. Colette changed so much. Seriously. xD

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