Wednesday, October 29, 2014

[Review] Patty and Mr. Miles

Title: Patty and Mr. Miles
Genre: RPG, Comedy
Developer: BrownSugar
Console: PC
Playtime: 1-2 hours

Patty and Mr. Miles is a pretty short game with cutesy graphics and a town that reminds me of the Pokemon town maps. You can fish to earn money or increase your stats, and farm locos that you can use to heal yourself during battles (though really, it isn't necessary to even farm locos just to progress or win boss battles). There are also short side quests available when you talk to the other villagers.

Behind the cutesy exterior is a dark past waiting to be uncovered. Well, if you play the After Story that is. You can totally just stop at the main story and save yourself from the feels and all the weird stuff that happen in the after story. Sometimes, you're just better off not knowing.

I'd recommend this game to people who like the whole 'cute but violent' theme and who are into games with dark back stories. What I love about this game are the graphics and the comedy. I like how you can choose to either waste time by exploring and doing other things or head straight to the ending. I just wish they made the story lengthier and with more character development.

"We're not terrorists. Really."


One day all the heads of the guys in the village got turned into animal heads including Miles'. They suspect that it's the wizard's doing so Miles and his girlfriend Patty head over to the Wizard's Tower to ask the wizard to reverse the so-called 'curse'. There, Miles discovers a secret about the wizard...

-After Story-

Miles and Patty become mayors, so they start having responsibilities like taking requests from the villagers. As they fulfill their duties, Miles begins to remember bits and pieces of his past. Then, things start falling apart...

Because the village needs one so badly!

Mini Guide:

You don't really need a walkthrough for this game, considering it's pretty straightforward, but here's some random info I managed to take down from playing. It's incomplete since most things available aren't necessary to even complete the game and I like saving time soo...


1. Catch giant fish - John
- Just head to the second fishing lake and drop your line right in front of the sea dragon's face. Make sure the bait is right in front of its mouth.
- Go back and talk to John after

2. Convince Daryll not to move - Patricia
- Go to castle
- Talk to Jacob (merchant guy)
- Talk to John
- Bomb castle
- Reward: Veggie Box

3. Farming - Vince


I must admit. I am really terrible at fishing, but I managed to catch a bunch of fish that raised their stats high enough to easily KO bosses with a few moves. So, here are some fish and their corresponding stat increases:

Eel - HP
Sake - Defense
Ei - Special Attack
Beta - Attack


??? badge - found in the tower (I forgot what the pic on the badge was, but this one you'll definitely encounter)
Ghost badge - found in the well
Snowman badge - found in the well

I love this couple. So cute!

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