Saturday, December 20, 2014

[Review] Yanderella

Title: Yanderella
Developer: CHARON (Nekofuji Kaoru)
Genre: Eroge-styled Horror Adventure


Yatarou, the main character, is a handsome hikikomori.
One day, he has a reunion with his former best friends Honoka and Hinata.
However, a warped love triangle lurks behind the happy days the three of them spend together.


I really expected this to be the usual RPGmaker horror game with chase scenes and puzzle solving, but it turned out to be something near a visual novel dating game with some killer yandere girls. Pretty refreshing I must say.

What caught my attention for this game was the paint-esque art. I still don't know how to magically manipulate paint to create two moe anime girls, so I've come to appreciate the art style of this game. I find it hilarious that Yatarou's face doesn't change all throughout.

As far as I know, there are 3 endings: one where you don't get killed, one where Hinata goes cray-cray, and one where Honoka goes cray-cray. You unlock these by choosing whether you give the bear to any of them or keep it to yourself.

Despite this being lighter than the usual horror, there are still a bunch of things that scare me in this game. One moment it's all normal and lovey dovey then-- BOOM. Yandere horror comes in like a jump scare. The last scenes in the game were the best. The music that plays is just perfect (For Honoka's ending, a very familiar song plays). I enjoyed it too much. I still can't decide which ending is better/the lesser evil, but I'd have to say Hinata's was more brutal.

What to expect:
- Lots of choices, hilarious ones
- Story/Dialogue-heavy because it's like a VN
- Zero chase scenes (Ok, maybe there is one but you don't have to control the character)
- Dramatic lovey dovey music
- Dramatic yandere music
- Ero scenes?! (Not really.)


The most difficult choice in the game.

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this game fucking sucked