Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Azuneko Studio's Black Diary Case 1 is Released!

Title: Black Diary Case 1
Developer: Azuneko Studio
Release Date: July 2014
Platform: PC, iOS
Type: Visual Novel


Colette is a high school detective who investigates a series of unusual mysteries that take place within the school. As she solves cases of missing students, an obsessed stalker, a play-sabotaging phantom, and a suicidal literature-lover, she starts to uncover bits and pieces of an even bigger mystery whose mastermind could be someone just by her side. Is the truth uncovered real? Or is it all just part of someone's plan?

This whole game is actually divided into cases. Right now, only the first case is released, which is about an hour of playtime (that is if no detours were taken).

The main character is the cheerful fried-eggs-loving girl named Colette Leblanc who is such a danger magnet that she gets hit by a ball in the head and ends up in the infirmary. There she meets Dr. Cohen, a creepy doctor whose smiles are a rarity (except around Colette of course), who challenges her to solve mysteries around the school. Colette accepts and her first task is to prove Tom Hamilton innocent.

Case 1 is divided into 2 parts, the first is all about helping Tom clear his name. The second part is the real deal, which is about a pianist named Risa who went missing on the night of the test of courage (which is pretty much that whole exploring an abandoned school building at night). So you go around, gather info, and finally piece together what happened that night. 

At times, you have to argue with some characters. The game employs a 'life' system, where you start off with 5 lives and lose one every time you pick the wrong choice. So, you're better off paying attention to details.

Black Diary also has a set of quirky characters like the justice-obsessed student council president Mikhail and the carrot-sporting Nora. Of course, there are normal ones too like Colette's best friend, Ayase, who acts like a mother figure, and the unfortunate Tom, who always ends up in people's suspect list. (lol. Poor Tom.)

Nope. Danger magnet Colette will always head to danger.

Nora defending her choice of TV shows.


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