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[Translation] Dot Kareshi -We're 8bit Lovers! 1 (Part 1)

This game is called ドットカレシ-We're 8bit Lovers!- Ⅰ~でんせつのおとめ~. It's an otome game/ dating sim where the heroine gets sucked into a game she used to play and finds that the characters hold a grudge against her now cause of all the stupid things she did back when she still played the game. To get back to her world, she has to complete one quest.

There are 4 guys to choose from: Magician, Priest, Hero, and Thief. You can only pick one quest, and the quest you pick automatically leads you to a specific guy's route.

Dot Kareshi is a short game (around 1 hour gameplay for your first play), which is why I agreed to translate it. Despite it being that short, it's packed with a lot of comedy, so it was a pretty enjoyable game. xD

Hero: "Of course, you're coming with us, right?"

I made this translation for my friends so they can understand the game dialogue. I'm still noob at translating so some parts may be too literal or perhaps translated wrong.

* = temporary translation while I look for a better sentence to replace it with
--- = idk

Hero: Hey, are you awake?
Ah, so you've somehow returned to us. Do you know where this is?

Magician: It doesn't look like she knows.

Thief: Eh? Does that mean she also doesn't know who we are?

M: Really?  Do you remember us and this scenery?

T: Hey, how is it?

Somehow I remember
I don't know
Don't tell me... that game? (pick this)

T: Awesome! I knew that if it's you, you'd definitely remember! Yaa- It's love isn't it? Love!
 To put it bluntly, this is that game you played before(?). Inside unlimited quest that is.

M: What's with that stupid look? How about looking a bit more happy?
You're finally inside the world of that game you love.

H: It's impossible to be inside the game world? Haha! Accept the truth.
In fact, aren't we right in front of your eyes?

Priest: .... Your head doesn't feel good so you can't accept the truth?
 Hey, Thief, pinch this girl's cheek, will you? So she can immediately accept reality. *

T: Then, I shall do it immediately.
How is it? Does it hurt? Do you understand now that this isn't a dream?
I knew a girl's cheek is soft. Touching it feels nice~
Ahahaha. Sorry, sorry. Did it hurt? Your cheek was just so soft that it felt nice touching it.
but thanks to that, you understand that this isn't a dream, right?
Do you finally believe what we're saying?

P: Why you're inside the game? You... You don't remember how you got inside the game?

T: We've always been watching from here. Look up at the sky.
You can see your room, right?

H: While you're playing the game, when we're following your commands, we've always been watching you.

P: ...Though it's really been a while since we've seen you ever since you abandoned the game.

H: We finally get to advance in the game... or so I thought. It looks like there's something different about the situation now.

M: Yes. there's something different from the usual.
If it's like usual, what we'd see is just your appearance playing the game.

T: Besides that, we saw where you entered from your room.

H: It was also fun watching you change your clothes there.

P: Fufufu~ What we've seen is now unaffected by defenselessness. It's good [nugipuri] isn't it? (Urk. must fix this D:

T: We saw as far as your cute underwear. You unexpectedly looked slender in them?

M: Just kidding. You stayed in your uniform, right?

H: If you had gone into the game in the middle of changing*, I would have enjoyed seeing you strip.

P: --- When you returned to your room, it looks like you noticed that the game immediately activated.

M: You must have been surprised, right? A game you haven't played in so long suddenly activated.

T: How we saw you changing your clothes was a lie though.
We saw that while you were inclining your head as something terribly strange was happening, you moved closer to the game.*

P: Humph. It's because you nonchalantly moved closer that this mysterious sort of thing happened.
Don't go near suspicious things. Have you finally learned that?
If the wind is this cold... Something bad might happen to you, you know?
As things are right now, even if we're stuck traveling together, you shouldn't complain, alright? Heheh~

H: Hey, hey, Priest. Don't do what you did just now. The conversation won't proceed.

M: That's right. First, we should explain everything to this girl.

P: Yeah, yeah..

T: No we shouldn't, while she's unprepared! When Priest sees aa (lol wat). His hands are fast.

P: You said it.

T: Ahahaha. [It's a bit troublesome?]/[He's like a hornet's nest] (I'm unsure which meaning he's using, but they more or less imply that Priest is troublesome) Let's get back to the conversation.

M: *sigh*

T: So, we'll return to the conversation. You... do you remember?
When you touched the game, a light came out with a 'pikaaa'.

H: At that moment, this place became connected to your room so you finally ended up here. Do you understand?
Huh? Why do you say that? I don't know the answer to that.

M: We've been explaining since a while ago that we're different from how we used to be.
When we thought about it we've become like this.*
Why did this happen? I don't know how you can go back to your world.

T: Well, well, don't look so troubled.
I don't think this world is too bad, you know? There are a lot of fun things here.

H: Rather than talking about how you got here, why don't we talk about all the various concerns that piled up?

M: Ah! that's a nice idea. I think I also have a lot of things to talk to you about.
.... We might as well ask your body. There are various and fun sensations

T: Hold it, we won't let you run away. I also have a lot of different things to talk to you about. Various things, yes?

P: ... That's right. Having a thorough talk with you once might be good

H: Don't look so scared. We just have a few things we want to talk with you about.
Even if you resist it's useless, you know? Do you think you have the power to stop my actions?

P: Isn't that right? Now that this happened, it must be god's guidance.
Shall we carefully accompany her?

T: Ahh.. look, this girl's getting shocked. She's getting all stiff. We should let her go
No, no. I'm fine. I too have some things I want to do with you after all.

M: Fufu. Why everyone's eyes are looking at you like that? You sure have a clueless face.
"The culprit may forget, but the victim doesn't." says it well.

T: You really know nothing about this? Hmm. That's a problem.

M: Then, we should start talking. As we stand before your eyes right now... Do you not notice something?

A bit
It's like your personalities became warped. (pick this)

M: YES. That is correct.

H: I'm supposed to be the good hero who vowed to defeat the demon lord for others' sake, you know?
 The reason why our personalities became like this is your fault!

P: Why are you giving an "Eeeh" face? You're only one who could have done this.*
The reason we changed is because of you, you know?

T: That's right. This is because of all the stupid things you kept doing.
Our real personalities are now gradually getting warped.

H: Huh? You don't remember the horrible things you did?

M: Hoho~

P: Hahaha. Then why don't we remind her?
Do you remember Ludia's Tower when the enemy who is weak to physical attacks appeared?
Do you somehow remember what you did that time?

H: We challenged the final boss, physical attacks became ineffective so we immediately ended up with a game over, right?

T: Our party's main battle potential was in the Magician's offensive magic and Hero's sword.
When the hero's sword can't do any damage, then we'd lose.

M: The problem was after that
Frankly speaking, when we took a quest from an old man at the bottom of the tower,
You forgot that I could reduce the enemy's physical defense with my magic.
Do you remember?
Don't deceivingly smile at me like that! That was the scene where I could have taken the center stage!

P: When we were in the tower area, you leveled us up intensely, but in the end we were overpowered by the enemy.

M: Please give me back my turn! By all rights, I expected you to see that event movie!

H: That's not all... I...

M: How pitiful

P: .... I sympathize with you.

T: Umm.. yeah. Hero is the most pitiful of all.

H: You... You must surely remember what you did.
My... My name....

I forgot
Of course I remember! (pick this)
Just Lotus root (renkon)

H: Ah, of course! If you had forgotten that nickname you gave me, I would have raged.
You...!! You kept the other characters' default name!!
I'm the only one you gave the nickname "Pickled Radish" to!

M: Pickled Radish... Pfft...

P: Pickled Radish *smile*

T: Pfft.. haha... You have no idea how much laughter we had to hold in.

H: You weren't holding it in! Don't laugh at me, you guys!!

M: Hahaha. I mean, it's because it's Pickled Radish! Pickled Radish! Of course we'll break into laughter!

T: Hahaha. Right?

P: Hahaha... The hero, Pickled Radish! Hahaha! That sounds appetizing!

H: Geh.

H: Why Pickled Radish? There are plenty of other names that are cooler...
Even if you intended to do it, it was diminishing. You weren't even playing the game before dinner.*
Nevertheless there's no Pickled Radish.

M: Well, if a person is given that nickname, they'd normally sulk.

H: I've strayed from the right path.

P: Looks like he strayed.

T: He strayed.

H: That's not all. You thought of another idea from the item recovery in the guidebook.*
My hobby became searching other people's houses, breaking their pots as I walk!

P: Don't give me that 'Waa!' look. Oi, oi... You did that sort of thing to Hero.

H: Don't give me "Sorry"! Apologizing can no longer help me recover.

P: Well, I can understand why you want to avoid troublesome quests as much as possible though.
I occasionally find it such a pain. There are times when I think "Ah. Taking a break would be nice".

T: No, no. Priest, you should do your job. If you don't, we can't do advance guard.

P: Hmph.

M: Right now, Priest is fine. The problem is you. You.
It's true that there may be a lot of troublesome subquests, but you'll be at a disadvantage at this rate.
It was also the same in Ludia's tower when you missed my movie.
Besides that, there were also a lot of other things you missed like our important episode.

P: For example, you... you don't know why I became a priest, do you?

There was such a backstory?
I don't know
.... Sorry (pick this)

P: Fu~ How meek of you.
Are you slowly starting to understand how much you've put us through?

H: We want you to take responsibility. Isn't it natural to think that?

T: That's sounds nice. Responsibility. Responsibility for making us become like this. Thoroughly accept it.

M: All our accumulated resentment... You'll definitely take it, right?

P: You finally came here. We can not only see you, but touch you too.
We'll let you experience a lot of different things personally. Plenty of it.

M: How you're going to take responsibility? We'll carefully teach you how to take responsibility from here on.

T: I think the reason why you were brought into this world is to resolve things that need to be resolved.
So, to start with, why don't we do all the unfinished quests?
Yaa~ I knew having a girl in the party is nice and brilliant! The tension is going away!
How should I put it... when we see you from inside the screen and when you're here in person, you're cute.

H: .... Perhaps. While we saw her from inside the screen I thought she had the face of someone with a terrible personality.

M: When I think about it, she has a small build. We've always looked up to see her from inside the screen.
Seeing her from this angle is a fresh view.

H: You've always been controlling us from high up when you're playing. This time, you're with us in flesh and blood.

M: Even if you're part of the party, there's nothing you can do. You can't help being a burden.
Can you even participate in a quest?

H: Ah? When you return to your original world, you'll definitely follow a walkthrough diligently for the subquests?

T: "So please... I want to go back to my original world"?

P: ...... We told you we also don't know why you were brought here.
It's not that I'm saying it's impossible for you to leave.
But if that's the case, will you be fine all by yourself in this world?
Fufu. This is the world of Unlimited Quest, you know? Monsters are normally always around.
Ah, that's right. Doesn't this area have nice high leveled monsters that come out?
This is already the demon lord's castle vicinity.

M: You're right... If you're with us, we can protect you.

T: The clothes you're wearing now can easily be peeled off because it's made of cloth. When a monster attacks, you'll be in a pinch.

M: It looks like you'll get easily burned by fire attacks, and freeze from ice attacks.

H: Your clothes don't seem to have any defense power, nor stamina.

P: In the blink of an eye, you'll be left naked after your clothes get ripped violently.

M: Even with that frightened look on your face, it will be alright. If you're with us, you'll be safe until the end.
So, what are you going to do?

H: You'll definitely go with us, right?

M: Fufu.. It's good now that you've understood. Well then, shall we head back to town?

H: We can think about what quest to take next as we walk.

T: I wonder what's left for my quests.

P: You'll know when you check the bar's list. Walking back to town is a pain, but it can't be helped. The fun starts now.

H: Come on, let's go!

H: Oi, what's wrong with you? Looking around absentmindedly.

H: Huh? You stopped because there are a lot of things here you've never seen before?
.... What a strange girl. Happily and thoroughly looking around.

T: Looking from outside the screen and looking from inside it... Well then, aren't those two views different?

P: So it's like that. Actually... how you're right in front of our eyes in flesh and blood is in itself fresh.
..... After all, I can touch you like this. Heh. Why are girls' bodies so soft? Hm?

T: Huh? Priest is nonchalantly sexually harassing her again!
Look, it's dangerous for you to be defenseless. I'll protect you. Come here... Into my arms!

P: ... Oi, isn't what you're doing more sexually harassing?

M: Good grief. What are you guys playing around for?
You too. Don't play along with them.
..... Until I came along you would have been played with*

H: Oh right. It's fine even if you go with me to the bar, but a said cargo/house I want to forget
Check our status once.
I think you'll understand if you see it. As we are now, we have good stats to start with.
Don't tell me you forgot?

M: I told you not to play around. And right after I said it.... what do you think you're doing?
Let's review. This place is a village called Capella which is right near the demon lord's castle.

T: Feels like we're on the verge of the final boss battle and ending?
Who knew that you'd stop playing the game at this point.

P: You intended to keep yourself from playing the game until exams finished?
Well, I wonder. You might have completely forgotten about the game and left it as it is.
You stopped playing right at this point. Did you even consider our feelings?

H: With that timing, a new game came out. We were thrown out at the second round. After all, a new guy would run, right?*(erm..)

M: A person like you is a really terrible woman.

T: Right now it's certainly just for our convenience.
Can you really keep that promise?
Even if a new game comes out, you'll prioritize our game and clear whatever is unfinished?
Since you went through the trouble of coming here, let's have fun playing!

Of course! (+10 Thief) -pick this

T: Ahaha. If you say it like that, I think I can believe you.
I also like playing with you.

P: ..... Well, even if you'll say that you don't want to play, it can't be helped.
You might have been in the player position until now, but this time we're in control.
We'll play with you a lot.

H: You can have a great adventure now that you've entered the world of the game you admire.
You shouldn't you be satisfied? Be happy about it! Come on, come on, come on.

M: Ah, don't tease her. Even if we say it's a great adventure, don't worry. You don't remember?
In this village, you maxed out our stats and levels.

T: You might have ignored the subquests, but you leveled us up through field battles, which is pretty amazing.

H: Only seeking strength as you continue... Are you some kind of trainee monk? It's like you imposed a quota?
Don't smile like you're dodging the question! Or rather.. don't deny what you did!

P: But now you understand why we say it's safer to be with us, right?

Yeah, it's amazing (+5 Priest)
I'll rely on you. (+10 priest) -Pick
You can also defeat the demon king, right? (+0)

P: Huh? Even if you rely on us, whether we save you or not depends on whether we feel like it.
When you need restoration magic, I expect you to do you best in revering me.

H: By the way, maybe that small display on the upper left is your status... I think.

T: "Eh?" Why are you that surprised? Now that you're part of the party, of course there'd be a status display.
Ah, lucky! Your status has your three sizes written down.
Your bust size is... what is it? Ah, just as I thought you do have some.

P: It's pointless to hide it. The numbers are displayed on your status, so it can be found out.

H: Why are you trying to close the status screen? Isn't it fine for us to know your three sizes?

M: You're right. the intracranial measurement's numerical gap is practically non-existent.*

T: Eh- But I knew that when I see the figures like this, my real feelings emerge.*
The more I think about how your bust size is agreeable, I feel like I'm fluttering. Yes.

P: Heh.

T: Eh, Priest, what's with that scornful laugh? And that dull, uninterested face? You also find it very interesting, right?

P: You don't get anything at all, huh? The most important part is the variation between the bust's top circumference and under circumference.

T: ...!!
I-It's true that the bust's top might be the only part that's big and the under is practically non-existent, so the bust would be just like a thick log.
(Translator's note: /facepalm. I can't believe I'm translating this..)

P: And that's how it is. So, what's the measurement of your under?

T: You don't have an answer... how cold! If it's like that, it can't be helped.
Hmm.. Hmm... Now I see.
I'm not like Magician who can tell the measurements just by looking, so that's why I had to touch you.
My hands are skillful, so even if my job is a thief I won't lose to him.

P: So, what are your thoughts after touching them?

T: Let's see..
Requesting me not to say anything... I can't decline your request, huh.
And there you have it. It's my and this girl's secret only.

P: Tch.

M: Why your three sizes are displayed on the status screen, you ask.
Even you know our height and weight, right?

H: Normally, our heights and weights are written on the user's manual, right?
You can even check our individual status screens.

T: Or rather when you complete a quest, more personal information comes out.

M: It really does increase. Though I want it to stop revealing more about my dark past.

H: I know right? Small gossip! And things like my failures when I was a kid. I wish they'd stop putting it down.

M: And that's how our complaints go.
Putting that aside, when I look closely at your stats, they're rather disastrous.
Ah! I'm not talking about your three sizes. It's your HP.

H: Woah. Seriously? Your HP only has two digits.
Even Magician and Priest who have no physical strength have HPs with four digits.

P: This area's monsters can cause hundreds worth of damage with just one blow, you know?

T: Which means...

H: If you get hit once by the enemy, you'll die.

M: Normally, Priest can cast a resurrection spell with his white magic in the village church but...

H: ......

M: ......

T: .......

P: ........

H: .... Will resurrection magic have an effect on you?

M: How far does this world's laws have an effect on someone from a different world?
This is an extremely interesting research topic. I certainly want to do an experiment.
Would you like to try being my experimental subject?

 Ermergerd. I liek experiments.

M: Even if you're shaking your head that hard... Well, if we conduct it together, we will probably have a chance to get results from it.*

P: Whatever kind of corpse there is, if there is a corpse, I'd resurrect it in any way I can ... is what I'd like to say but....
Do you want to give it a try?
Don't restrain yourself. My white magic is the best in this world, you know?
.. Tch. If you don't like it that much, I'm not going to resurrect you when you die.
If you want to be resurrected, kneel before me. During that time, you'll cling to me lamenting about your mistakes and sins of the past.

T: ... but if she dies she won't be able to repent though.

H: Don't say "The quests now are scary. I knew it's impossible!"

M: I understand that you'd feel uneasy after seeing your disastrous status but...
If you have a look at our stats, you can rest easy, right?

T: That's right! We're going with you, so it'll be alright!

H: We're going to protect you, because we'll clear the quest together.

P: ...... Well, these guys are excellent walls. If they do advanced guard, we'll clear the objectives with them as fine physical walls

T: Don't say such a scary thing!

P: But it's the truth. You're with those kind of people, so don't have such a miserable look on your face.

H: well then, let's check the bar for any quests we can take.
...... Oh, but before that, let's make a stopover.
I'm sure it was this way...
I think it was this house.

M: Hm? Standing around in this place... is something wrong?

T: Eh? Why is it natural to break into people's houses?

P: You're seriously asking that? Haven't you been doing it until now? ITEM SEARCHING.

H: I'm pretty sure this house's pots have restoration items, which is why we're breaking in.

T: Yes, yes. keep struggling. However, I understand how you feel. Trying this out now gives you wonderful feelings of guilt, right?

M: "However, it's that kind of method."

H: Come on, just join us already!

-Inside house-

H: Pot... Pot... Ah! Found it. 1... 2... *break* Huh?

T: Hero, what are you doing?

P: Quit playing around.

H: I'm not playing around! Huh? I wonder why...
You little... *attempts to break pot*

M: ...It's not breaking. Give it to me. I'll try breaking it.

M: Lightning Spell!

H: .... Haa? Smoke is coming out, but there's not even a single crack on it!

P: What the hell are you guys doing? Hand it here. *swings staff*
I used full swing on my staff and it still didn't break?

T: Eeeeehh? What?! How?! I want to try breaking it too! I'm next! 1...2.... *break*
It's seriously not breaking! I used all my strength when I threw it on the floor. It's still not broken!

P: Instead.. it's the floor that's broken.

H: Well, with our stats at maximum, the floor would break if we hit it with a blunt weapon using our strength.
But... why didn't the pot break?

M: I wonder what could be going on. I don't sense any spell protecting it from damage.

H: .... There's no curse on it either.

T: Hmm... it doesn't seem like a trap either. It's status is also 'An ordinary pot commonly found in private houses'.

H: An unbreakable pot that's not protected by a spell, nor cursed, nor a trap?
Is this pot of orichalcum quality?

M: During the first time you tried to break it, a restoration item certainly came out of it, right?

T: Yes, yes. A good number of fine restoration items.

P: If we hold it upside down and shake it, won't its contents fall out?

H: ... Damn. Breaking pots inside people's homes and seizing its contents is the true pleasure of a hero...
Don't look at me with those eyes! Moreover... you're the player that made a person become like that!

T: .... Eh? Isn't that a restoration item?

M: .... You're right. It looks like some kind of paper, but it doesn't seem to be a magic skill scroll.

P: What's that item? Debug list?

H: Debug list? What is that? I haven't heard of such an item.

M: There's also something written on it. Let's see...
Bug Details: In extremely rare occasions, the player gets sucked into the game. It's a serious bug.

P: Client Support: Though it may be called a rare instance, I believe there is a method in getting out.

T: Company's Note on Debugging: The method of getting out is explained below.
Some of our firm's staff went missing, but they were able to return after clearing a quest in the game.
In dealing with the worst case scenario, make sure to refer to this record.

P: Also, when the bug mentioned above happens, please watch out for interlocking bugs.
... what the hell is this?

H: That means the reason why you're here and why this pot won't break is all because of a bug?

M: It's most likely so. Perhaps, other unusual things might also happen.

T: Like an enemy's HP not going down even if we cut or hit it?

H: .... What a nightmare.

P: I don't think it will go that far, but it might be good for us to mentally prepare for it.

M: You're right. We're lucky to have a lot of knowledge.*

T: We'll probably be able to figure out right away what's a bug and what's not right.

H: Just maybe. We were able to obtain this strange information while searching for items so.....
As things are, you have no problem with taking a quest with us, right?

M: I think you'll definitely have no problem with it. Our advantages and disadvantages complement each other.
For the sake of returning to her original world, completing a quest is necessary.
We want her to clear the quests she left unfinished, so
.... There's no problem with it, right?

No problem
I feel kinda uneasy about it.
Yeah, I'll rely on you. (+10 Magician)

M: ..... It doesn't feel bad having you rely on us.

H: Well then, let's go to the bar!

P: Got it.

T: Let's go!

P: ... ah? Why are you suddenly stopping?
Someone is around?
It's not unusual to see people here. This is a house where people live, you know.

H: Don't worry. Being a Hero, I am exempted from the laws of this world.
I'm allowed to do almost anything like doing whatever I want to people's houses.

M: I've heard from a villager that this particular house has no information worth exchanging.
Let's hurry up and leave.

H: Right? Come on, let's go!

-At the Bar-

Bar Master: Yo. Welcome!

H: Pardon our intrusion.

BM: It's been a while. What's today's business about? Wine? Food? Or is it a quest?

H: Wine and food will do for now. Do you have anything you want to eat?

That's not the case! (+0)
I'll pass.(+5)
I'll finish the quest (+10 Hero)

H: It's true that the quests have piled up. Hmm.. then I'll have to control myself for now.
And so that's how it is. Today we're here to take a quest.

BM: Sure thing. The quests I can give you have piled up quite a bit, you know?

T: As usual, it's a massive quest list, huh...

P: That's cause someone didn't work on finishing the quests and made it all pile up.

M: This quest list is already as thick as a grimoire.
How long has the oldest quest on the list been in there? When I think about it, it's startling.

T: Waa, seriously? The oldest quest is from the first town you enter, where you have to eliminate slimes to control the outbreak.

P: I have no interest in such a small fry quest.

H: Hm? What's wrong, Priest?
It's like you have a serious look on your face.

P: That paper mentioned that if this girl completes a quest, she'll return to her original world, but...
Doesn't that mean she can only clear one quest?


T: Eeh?!

M: No way...!!
Indeed... that paper didn't mention any more details about what happens after a quest is cleared.

T: That means it doesn't matter what kind of quest it is. She just has to clear one so she can get back to her original world?

P: That is a possibility.

H: ............

M: ............

T: ............

P: ............
You guys... Which quest did you intend to take with her?

H: A quest for the hero, "Obtaining the Legendary Hero's Sword", right?

M: I intended to take the "Obtaining the Legendary Grimoire" quest.

T: I thought of taking the most difficult quest for the thief.

P: I intended to take whatever quest on obtaining restoration magic for the priest.

H: .... but, it's possible that this girl can only take one quest.

M: We all share the feelings of wanting to make some progress on our quests.

T: Yeah, yeah. I wanted to let this girl know more about me.

H: If that's the case then... we'll just have to let her choose.

P: Let her choose?

H: Why are you so surprised?
Even if you arrived in this world, you're still the player.

P: .... That's right. It's just as Hero said. We're letting this girl choose.

T: Agreed! If we talk it out ourselves, we would never come to an agreement.

M: That's right... That is most understandable.

H: So there you have it. Who's quest do you want to do?

- At this point, the story splits into the specific routes so I'll cover them in a separate post-

... Phew. Finally finished the first part. Zzz..Zzzz..Zz...


Audrey Denniel said...

So Good I hope you will update soon the next parts of the game.

Charlene de los Reyes said...

I have good news and bad news. Good news is that I managed to unpack the script files for the game so now I'm working on replacing the Jap text there. Bad news is that the font looks terrible and I don't know how to change it yet. xD