Sunday, July 20, 2014

List of RPGmaker Games Set in a Dream-like World

Note: This list isn't in a particular order. I'll update this every time I encounter a game that fits this category.

1. Yume Nikki

You explore the world of Madotsuki's dreams and encounter strange stuff.
Yay for s'plorin'!

2. Off

A surreal game where you "control" a batter to purify this strange world.
You also fight specter things with your hula-hoop buddy.

3. Dreaming Mary

You explore the world of Mary's wonderful dream and meet adorable creatures...

4. Toilet in Wonderland

This game is like Yume Nikki on crack. Nuff said.

5. Alicemare

This is like... Alice in Wonderland with a male Alice, some psychological stuff, and puzzles.

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