Thursday, July 17, 2014

Random Thoughts on Corpse Party

Random Thought #1: That anatomical model is everywhere! 

Did you notice how it's almost always in the game (except Book of Shadows and Dead Patient)?
And it's almost always the one that chases you!

Corpse Party -Rebuilt-

Nothing dangerous. It just stares at you...

Corpse Party If

It's slow in this game. 

Corpse Party Zero

My dearest sister Shiho, I will save you!
... so you have to run away from it while coming up with an idea to get rid of it.

Random Thought #2: That blood stain on Ayame's butt is so Ayumi-esque.

Remember Corpse Party Blood Covered? Ayumi had this red stain on the back of her skirt. This time, Ayame from Dead Patient has one too. Could it mean something?! Dun dun dun...

Random Thought #3: It's the Hasegawa sisters!!!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to screenshot it, but when you get to the basement in Corpse Party Blood Covered, you'll find Kaori and Shiho's name tags there and a poster on the wall which was addressed to Shiho (If my memory is correct... If not, then it's the other way around).

Random Thought #4: A fate worse than friendzone...
Getting a bad ending when trying to confess.

I feel sorry for Yoshiki, cause the game automatically goes to a bad end if he tries to confess to Ayumi in Blood Covered. Moreover, the ending it leads to is one of the worst endings where everyone dies, the cray cray drama-ful one where Ayumi burns Naomi's paper charm and kills her later.

Random Thought #5: For a minute there, I almost shipped Yoshiki and Morishige!

So there's this extra scene in Corpse Party: Blood Covered... Repeated Fear where Yoshiki accidentally steps on Shig's glasses, so he has to "take responsibility" (Oh my. Such otome-game-cliche line!) and lead Shig home. Since Shig can't see anything, he stays really close to Yoshiki. LOL

.... I apologize for the not-so-clear pictures. I still have to figure out how to take proper screenshots with my PSP.

That overly used reasoning: "It can't be helped!" XD

Hahaha.. Poor Mayu! XD

Just to clear up the misunderstanding, I'm not a yaoi fan. If you hand me a yaoi manga, I'll end up either laughing at it or admiring the art style. In this case, Yoshiki and Morishige are just so hilarious together especially with Yoshiki going all tsundere. XD HAHAHAHA. Oh, how cute.

~List of Corpse Party Games I've Played~
1. Corpse Party -Rebuilt-
2. Corpse Party Zero
3. Corpse Party If
4. Corpse Party Crossfear
5. Corpse Party Blood Covered... Repeated Fear
6. Corpse Party Book of Shadows
7. Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Chapter 1

.... I can last all day just writing about this series. lol

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