Saturday, October 18, 2014

[Lyrics/Eng Translation] Asymmetry - Kagamine Len/Reol [Giga-P]

Song: Asymmetry
Vocals: Reol [No Title-] / Kagamine Len [No Title+]
Lyrics: L.Petty
Producers: Giga-P, Reol
Release Date: Aug 17, 2014

Len version of the song here.
Reol's version here.


Doshite sekai wa mawaru no?
Doshite inochi wa kizamu no?

Kyou mita yume no hanashi kara
Tooku de hikaru hoshi no kanashimi made

Moshi kimi to aeba
Kyoumi ga ubawareru to
Nandomo nigeta saki ni
Warau omokage

Ima no watashi de wa
Nanimo kamo sutete
Subete sasagete mo mata
Imi o sagashite mo
Hito o tasukete mo
Nanimo kawaru koto naku
Sadame no mama
Sugaru dake de

Doshite ashita o miseru no?
Doshite kinoo wa suteru no?

Kyukutsu sugiru kokoro kara
Shoki mo kyoki mo nai
Sakuryuku made

Futo omoidashita
Kimi no ano yokogao
Nani mo tenitsukanai
Hibi ga hajimaru

Ima no watashi de wa
Te o nobasu koto mo
Yurusareru wake ga naku
Nani ka kanashite mo
Kimi mo mitsukete mo
Nani mo kawaru koto naku
Sadame no mama
Sugaru dake de

Yakunijuu oku no naka kimi ni kaketa
Kitai to ka
Shitsubo to ka
Wasureru hodo
Onaji dake kimi no watashi ni

Moshi mo hitotsu dake
Negaeru no naraba
Houn no sukoshi
Kimi no soba ni
Ikasete yo
Ikitai yo

Ima no watashi nara
Nanimo kamo sutete
Subete sasagetara hora
Kimi ga itekureru
Koko ni itekureru
Sore dake de kawari dasu
Sadame no mama
Ano watashi ni

English Translation:

Why does the world revolve?
Why does life come to pass?

From the talk of the dream I saw today
The sadness of a bright star still shines far away

If I were to meet you, you would steal away my attention
And wear a smiling appearance that  ran away many times before.

The me now throws away anything and everything
Still gives everything up, searches for meaning, and helps people
Remaining unchanged uneventfully
I end up clinging to the current state of my fate

Why are you showing me tomorrow?
Why are you throwing away yesterday?

A heart that's constrained and hardened
Employs a scheme that allows neither sanity nor madness
Suddenly, I remember your profile
Being unable to concentrate on anything
My days begin

The me now extends a hand not for the sake of forgiveness
Letting my tears run dry and searching for you
Nothing changed eventfully
Just clinging to the current state of my fate

Out of two billion, you are the one I hold feelings for
To the extent of forgetting hope and despair
It’s the same way for you with me

If I can have one more wish
Just let me go to your side
I want to go there

If it’s the me now
I'd throw away anything and everything
If I give everything up
You will stay
You will stay right here
That’s what I'll get in exchange
To the current state of my fate
To that me















Anonymous said...

This helped me a lot! However I noticed a few mistakes (?) this is just based on what I hear in Reol's version:
Wagau omokage should be Warau omokage
Sudaru dake de should be Sugaru dake de
Doshite kinoo wa suberu no should be kinou wa suteru no
Kyoki mo kyoki mo nai should be Shoki mo kyoki mo nai

Charlene de los Reyes said...

Thanks for the corrections! I appreciate it. :) I'll edit the lyrics after doing the Eng translations, just so I can double check them. Though I do agree that "Warau omokage" makes more sense than "Wagau omokage" xD

Kwek Min Yih said...

Pardon me if I'm wrong, but I think mawaru (in the first line) most likely means to rotate or to spin rather than round, as the other first two lines of the verses contain verbs. I found a page with kanji lyrics, though I'm not sure whether it's accurate. Here's the link if you're interested:
Once again, sorry if I'm wrong, my japanese isn't exactly up to standard XD

Charlene de los Reyes said...

Oh yes. My bad. I keep mistaking mawaru as an adjective when its actually marui. You are correct. Thank you for the correction and also for the link! :) I'll check it out and update the lyrics after I finish up some translations.

Frank Miller said...

this will further proved to be more handy.

Patsy Halter said...
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Patsy Halter said...

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No Anime No Life said...

It'd be awesome if all the parts of this game were translated atleast after stories Fragment's Note AS -無料版- by ULLUCUS HEAVEN Inc.

No Anime No Life said...

From Japanese to English

Vanphi Nguyen said...

I just noticed that the 2 beginning questions are missing from the kanji lyrics.

hao c said...
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hao c said...

u are so awesome, I look for everywhere, hardly can find the lyric until saw your work, with translation. really nice work. By the way, I like this song so much and reol so much lol.......