Tuesday, February 17, 2015

[Walkthrough] Fate Extra CCC

These are the walkthroughs I'm using while playing the game. Special thanks to Kimiko-chan for linking me to the complete Jap walkthrough!

You should be able to get by with google's page translation, but if someone requests it, I can do a bit of translating for those parts that are kinda vague.

CHAPTER 1 隷属庭園 - Backyard of Eden 
CHAPTER 2 計算監獄 - Girl's Side Laboratory -
CHAPTER 3 愛憎唇紅 - Alter Ego / M -
CHAPTER 4 麻酔城塞 - Sick/Home Sink -
CHAPTER 5 血々純潔 - Iron Maiden Princess -
CHAPTER 6 快楽臨界 - Alter Ego/S -
CHAPTER 7 乙女ノ深層 - I love You -


As for the English translation of the dialogue (though only for Gilgamesh's route), you can refer to this site.

(I think this is for a different ending? I'm not sure. I'm translating this from the page in the Jap walkthrough cause it seems important xD)

Chapter 1

- Talk to Leo, buy the old school uniform and give it to Sakura

Chapter 2

- Talk to Sakura in the infirmary before going inside the Sakura Labyrinth to look for Gatou

- Sakura Labyrinth 2nd Layer 5F, BB Channel
You gain BB's SG1 if you answer 「なぜセンパイと呼ぶ?」"Why do you call me senpai?"

- Before going inside Rani's relief/that place where boss fights are held, go to the Labyrinth's entrance and talk to Sakura. Answer either 「みんなのために」or「君が辛そうだから」, "For everyone's sake" or " Because you seem happy about it."

Chapter 3

- At the beginning of the chapter, after the student council room event and before entering the labyrinth, Talk to Sakura in the infirmary (and obtain her medicine)

- After the war against Passion Lip, pick these choices:
「…………それは、できない」, "..... I can't do that"
「……トドメを刺さない」, ".... deliver the final blow"

Chapter 4

- After getting Jinako's SG1 and the student council event, talk to Sakura in the infirmary before entering the labyrinth.

Chapter 5

- Gaining BB's SG2 (you can increase it as you please?) <-- not sure what it's referring to

- After getting Elizabeth's SG1 and the student council room event, go to the infirmary and transfer the sacrament before going to the labyrinth.

Chapter 6

- After reaching the 16F, go to the student council room then to the infirmary and transfer the sacrament (30,000SM)

- In the student council room after clearing the 17F
Talk to Rani then go to the infirmary
Answer 「……それは、できない」"... I can't do that"

- 18F, inside M3
Answer「BBを心配する」"I'm worried about BB"

- After the battle with メルトリリス

Chapter 7

- After obtaining the legendary formal attire and before entering your room, go to the infirmary (acquire BB's SG3)
Warning: From here on, the events will be the CCC route
After entering your room, answer:

- Before entering Sakura's relief, answer


やきそばパン - Yakisoba Bread
Price: 150
Restores a minuscule quantity of the master's MP

カレーパン - Curry Bread
Price: 100
Restores a minuscule quantity of the master's MP

プレミアロールケーキ- Premium Jelly Roll
Price: 2000
Restores a small quantity of the master's MP

エーテルの粉末 - Ether Powder
Price: 100
Restores a minuscule quantity of the servant's HP

エーテルの欠片 - Ether Fragment
Price: 500
Restores a small quantity of the servant's HP

エーテルの塊 - Ether Shard
Price: 1500
Restores a moderate quantity of the servant's HP

魔術結晶の欠片 - Magic Crystal Fragment
Price: 2000
Restores a small quantity of the master's MP

薬酒の瓶 - Alcohol Bottle
Price: 3000
Restores a small quantity of the servant's MP

治療薬 - Remedy
Price: 500
Cures poison, paralysis and curse

リターンクリスタル - Return Crystal
Price: 300
Returns you to the old school building

 月海原学園の旧女子制服 - Tsukumihara's Old School Girl Uniform
Price: 98000

 おしゃれメガネ男子用 - Stylish Glasses for Men
Price: 20000
You can put on these glasses.


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Can you translate Saber Route?
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By the way thanks to the CCC Route and the jap walkthrough link
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Yes, the in-game dialogue
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Sadly, I don't have time to translate all the dialogue. I have to prioritize my other projects. It would be easier if I had the raw text so I wouldn't have to open up the game.

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I can't acces infirmary.. Sakura is always on meeting room..

And, how to obtain BB 2nd SG?

Kuro Neko said...

You can enter the CCC route if you finished one other routes. And SG for BB and Kiara will be open in CCC route.