Tuesday, June 7, 2016

[Walkthrough] Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising/ Path of Heroes - General Tips

It's been a while since I posted any guides. Been concentrating on my manga, but now this game is distracting me so I will be posting a series of guides and tips for the mobile version of Ragnarok for my guildmates.

Anyway, this is a summary of some information I've gathered from playing.

Leveling Up Fast

- The fastest way to level is to do your main quests.

- It's much faster to level in a party, especially if you kill faster with them than going solo. According to this post in the forums, the exp split in a party is 85% for 2 members, and 75% for 3.

- Having all 4 classes makes a great leveling party. The priest can watch out for health and give buffs, casting sanctuary around the area where the tank stands. The knight can either act as a tank or lure monsters. The assassin can lure monsters and stun annoying vvs monsters that get lured along. The mage can spam high damage spells and kill everything in its path.

- If you prefer to go solo or have no one to party with at the moment, you can head to the home screen and do the solo dungeon. Level up your mercenaries so they can take on stronger monsters and kill faster. If you have the 3x EXP item, you can use it here. You can earn around 10% exp per run (though that depends on your level and the dungeon).

- If you're trying to complete a hard quest alone, you can change to channel 3 or above where there's usually a few monsters. This will reduce the chances of aggressive mobs gathering around you.

- To save up on pots, you can warp to town and recover there then warp back. Your health recovers faster in towns. I usually stock up on white potions and orange potions. I use white pots for emergencies only (cause they're expensive orz) and place orange pots in the auto slot.

Earning Zeny Early Game 

- The auction house is your best friend

- I don't know how applicable this is for the other servers, but I earned 1M zeny pretty fast selling pumpkins, runes, cards, and other food items. (That's a lot of farming though) Forging materials sell pretty well too, but you're better off keeping them to improve your equips.

- I prefer selling things individually because the auction tends to arrange the items according to the lowest price regardless of whether or not each item in bulk comes out cheaper than the individual item listed first.
Ex. One bread worth 2,000 zeny would still appear first compared to 10 bread worth 3,000 zeny.

- When I get rank 4 equips, I auction them. Rank 2 and 3, I dismantle them for runes.

- I like killing vs Bear Kings cause they drop both bread and bear hides for increasing your inventory slots

- Always check the market prices before registering them at the auction!

What to Hunt When Farming for Ingredients:

Lan Forta

Pumpkin - vs Angeling
Sweet Potato - vs Trained Wolf
Sandwich Bread - vs Forest Golem
Bread - vs Bear King, vs Wolf
Strawberry - Smoke Spore
Medical Root - vs Scorpion, Scorpion, vs Orc Warrior
Bellpepper - vs High Orc, vs Carnivore Flower
Carrot - Moon Bunnies
Grape - vs Thorn Spore, vs Legend Bigfoot
Cacao - vvs Smoke Spore, vs kobita


Fresh Bread - Kukukings
Fresh Meat - Zombie
Fresh Sauce - Goblin Champions, Zombie
Fresh Honey - Ghostrings, Ghoul
Fresh Yam - vvs Happy Ghoul

Ingredient Drops at Dungeons

Khoa Khoa - Strawberry, Cacao, Mushroom, Medical Root, Sweet Potato
Mino Mano - Bread, Bellpepper
Spirit Graveyard - Fresh Yam, Fresh Mushroom, Fresh Honey, Fresh Meat
Forgotten Monastery - Fresh Medical Root
Sunken Ship - Fresh Meat


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Do archer have quiver in that game? In Rovu?

Tofuegg said...

Apparently there is no quiver, only arrow for now.